Kuzu no Honkai and Modern Anime Sexuality


In the modern age of anime where sexuality is never shied away from, Kuzu no Honkai manages to subvert carnal desires into a more dark and painful place.

The Brilliance of Iok Kujan and Hate Watching


Tragic for all the wrong reasons, Iok Kujan manages to be someone who causes devastation the more he hunts after his unreachable goal.

Why Grimoire of Zero is my Ideal Fantasy Setting

Grimoire of Zero 1d_zps4wgfakdg

My favourite type of fantasy setting is one you can get lost in. The idea of it feels surreal and you can immerse yourself into not only the story but the world around it almost acting like a secondary character of sorts.

One Room vs Hand Shakers

So instead of dedicating my time to two posts where I will just state that the respective show is not worth the watch as a general recommendation, I thought it might be more fun to compare and contrast what each show did right and wrong.

 Koe no Katachi – Emotions vs “Objectivity”


Pure objectivity doesn’t really exist even if you think it does, it’s because we are a quilt of our experiences. Different threads from across our lifetime help to define who we are. Yet why do we strive to be objective, why do we not just let our emotions go on a magical ride on Falkor in the Neverending Story?


General Thoughts

Caught in the Middle on Being an Anime Fan


Anime is anime, you are you, and those things may seem different over the course of time but still hold true to the same basis. If anime changes, it changes. If you change, you change. Simple as that, a label shouldn’t define what type of fan you are.



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