Finally here we are…a CONTACT PAGE! Finally! Thanks to Prattle for reminding me that I should do this sooner rather than later. Well mostly just a page for those, if they decide to hit me up they can. Whether they want to chat (politely mind you, I often don’t respond to hostility), say hello, or want to offer me a new anime to watch or an antagonist to feature on The Hunt for the Great Antagonist. All are welcome! HUZZAH!

For Anime/Television/Film Recommendations: Spoiler-free.

I also wouldn’t mind a link to the series to check it out. Know that I will try to get to them when I can.

For The Hunt for the Great Antagonist Recommendations: Spoiler-free.

This is difficult especially since to talk about some antagonists there are spoilers about their reveal. Unless it is obvious please use the anime and mention that it is an antagonist, going into something with potentially negative emotions can often guide one’s opinion. I try to go in blind to avoid things like that. Just mention that it is a primary or secondary antagonist or mention the episode number of their grand reveal and it will all be good!