Ace Attorney (2012) – The Best Example of a Costumed Ball in the Courtroom

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is one of the more predominant visual novel adventure game series in gaming. The iconic poses, the objections, the distinct character designs and the over the top reactions, there is no way one who has come across such a series can really forget it especially when it has entered the pop culture space with memes and gathered quite the following outside of Japan. I have to be honest, I came into this knowing the first game in and out. I feel like for one to sometimes understand the adaptation, one must know the series well enough to see where the director or producer is coming from. Especially when that director is best known for his outrageous ideas and spectacle like Takashi Miike. The vision of Miike is clear throughout the film, but does this film have enough passion to make it a worthwhile movie worth viewing outside of the fanbase?

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Why Grimoire of Zero is My Ideal Fantasy Setting in Anime

There is one show, besides sequels, that I continuously enjoy week in and week out and that is Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho also known by Grimoire of Zero. This seems to come as a surprise to me as so far I have not been convinced on anime in a fantasy setting. Why is that? Well let’s take a look at an example of what I consider bad fantasy settings and what I consider a good fantasy setting by examining two series, before tackling why Grimoire of Zero could be one of the hidden gems of Spring 2017. For the bad portion (and this is my opinions and not in a general context) let’s take a look at Drifters and its faults and for the good portion let’s take a look at Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis. This won’t be a “WHY GRIMOIRE IS THE BEST THING EVER!” type of post, but rather trying to explain the potential of what this series could become. Explaining what I think an effective fantasy setting within anime should be and how Grimoire of Zero has the makings of being one of the better fantasy anime. Also it gives me a good chance to talk about Drifters…because I haven’t taken my shot at that series yet and this could be a great chance to finally let out some of my feelings for it in a more productive manner.

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Merry Christmas to All!

Well its time for the Christmas post marking my return to blogging after my chaotic exam period. So many essays and exams cramping up my hands…and of course I go right back to it with even more writing. That being said to those of you who have stayed with me while I ramble on about shows and the like I thank you so much. Its always worth it when people take the time to read the posts you make and even if no one reads them i’ll still make them in the hopes that someday someone might. Sharing opinions about the entertainment medium as a whole is something we all should. Film, Anime, Visual art, Music, anything really should be shared and it truly is a Merry Christmas when we can all stand together and just be happy to be fans of something. To show who we are as people, to show what defines us.

That is what is truly special about blogging to me. I get to see so many different kinds of opinions different from my own that make me rethink my own thoughts, to see things from a different angle, or just make you smile about someone sharing their passion. It truly warms the heart, and I hope that you guys continue writing into the New Year and I’ll do the same. So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or just be happy celebrating what you want. There is something magical about the end of the year, and the lights truly create something special to behold.

Hope you are happy wherever you are!