Mario Party Celebration – Top 10 2 vs 2 Mini-Games

Mario Party

There are few times when teamwork is necessary in Mario Party. I mean this isn’t a game where teamwork thrives purely because of the competitive nature inherent in its standard mode of play. So asking two rivals to make a momentary truce is ludicrous but necessary.  That being said, these 2 vs 2 mini-games bring in that very element that escapes Mario Party often in its standardized game mode and that is co-op. Often if you are teamed with an opponent who is winning you can find one teammate try to “sandbag” the other thus throwing the game. When sportsmanship is in play these games come alive however creating fun moments of teamwork. By throwing away the desire to see the other lose, you can find new life in these games and some of the best are found in this very type of mini-game.

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Mario Party Celebration – Top 10 Duel Mini-Games

Mario Party

The fires of competition abound! Everyone who has played a Mario Party knows about the duels that take place in the final five turns. The dangers of losing everything to the underdog in one quick swoop whether it be a boatload of coins or a star. These mini-games spark a competition within you and should test your limits with everything potentially on the line deciding the victor of a game of Mario Party. Duel mini-games are often the defining moments of a single game of Mario Party and they need to be concise, simple and intense games to pull off a feeling of accomplishment that could come from a game defining move. Now without further ado let’s dive into my top 10 duel mini-games in Mario Party!

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Mario Party Celebration – Top 10 4 Player Mini-Games

Hello again after a break needed to work on my essays and prepare for my exams, which I still have a lot more in the coming weeks unfortunately. With that being said, I thought it was about time to gush about a game series that has always near and dear to my heart and the one the defined my childhood as “That one jerk who always wins”. I am of course (much like the title of the post suggests) talking about the icon of party games, Mario Party.

Mario Party.jpg

Coming back after the daunting workload and hearing about the new Mario Party: The Top 100, I thought it was time to return the roots of my love for a medium. To discuss a series that is near and dear to my heart and childhood whimsy I have towards gaming to this day (even if nowadays the series is fizzling out). Nintendo has made its mark on the map for creating family friendly experiences in video games, and Mario Party is probably the one reason why that’s so. A game designed to be played in a group, Mario Party is a part of that quintessential line-up of mini-game video games that overtake any party atmosphere I am hosting much like Mariokart and Pokemon Stadium 2. These games are designed to bring joy (and torment) to those who decide to pick it up and the sense of achievement when you are crowned the superstar against tough opponents is satisfying to say the least. So I thought to myself, why not describe my top 10 games from the five core mini-game categories Mario Party is known for and touch upon my two favourite games in the series for a fun little marathon meant for nostalgia in a time where nostalgia is needed. So sit back and enjoy the first part of my Mario Party Celebration with my Top 10 4 Player Mini-games.

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My Top 10 Mega Man X Boss Themes

Ah boss themes…the climax of any given playthrough of a game. They become the rallying cry of your journey to vanquish your foe or the faint whispering in the back of your head that you may be out of your league. Boss music often leaves us with a sense of courage or dread as we enter into that moment where our skills will be tested like none before and Mega Man X is a series filled with bosses mind you. One could actually say that is pretty much most of what the formula for a Mega Man game is.  And what is pivotal in getting you into either a sense of dread or excitement when facing a boss? Well it’s true that the gameplay and pattern is a factor, but it’s also the music. The boss battle music to me is a crucial part of why some bosses are memorable and Mega Man X has a great selection of music for that very purpose. So let’s get to my top 10 Mega Man X Vs themes!

WARNING that there will be spoilers for the Mega Man X series. Even though these should be well known by now, might as well put out a precaution because I’d rather not get “Oh I didn’t know you fight “insert villain here””. You have been mildly warned.

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My Favourite Naruto Shippuden Openings, The End of a Generation

This is my final openings post on the Big Three and taking this journey back through my childhood as an anime. Naruto is something that gave me one of if not the most touching moments I have seen on television in my youth. It is one of the moments that helped propel me to where I am today attempting to be a screenwriter because I want to be able to do just that. Maybe touch the heart of someone watching, even if its just one. So to have Shippuden, the latter half of Naruto, end…it just feels like the generation is just about over since Bleach already ended and One Piece is past its halfway point. It is about time to say goodbye to a generation, and welcome the new one. The Big Three was a part of my start, but new fans may find their start with something new like Boku no Hero Academia. It was great to take this little trip back to my childhood, but sadly all good things come to an end and I couldn’t think of a better ending than with my favourite Naruto Shippuden’s openings.

Just a reminder that I will be spoiling a lot of Naruto Shippuden, or key moments in Naruto Shippuden so be warned.

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My Favourite Naruto Openings, The Start of a Generation

I was a part of the generation that deemed three shounen anime under a grand title due to their popularity. They were called the “Big Three”! DUN DUN DUN! It is not as impressive as it sounds as many denounce the quality of all three anime quite easily these days, more of a contrarian fad to dislike them. I covered One Piece and Bleach already, but the leader of the pack that I have yet to cover is the “Believe it” poster-boy himself Naruto! I have a history with Naruto, I mean in my generation of anime watchers who hasn’t. It has become almost a mainstream pulp culture icon recognizable by those not in the anime sphere even to this day even if they can’t pronounce it correctly. Naruto was a phenomena for a while, and still continues to be (to a lesser extent) today. So why not travel back into the past on one of the more controversial of the Big Three and dive into Naruto’s openings! Because you better believe that I am going to enjoy just another added dose of nostalgia.

Reminder that yes there will be spoilers about Naruto. Obvious ones nowadays, but still might as well put the warning up just in case. You have been warned.

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My Favourite One Piece Openings, A Journey Still Worth Sailing

After really enjoying the experience I went through with the Bleach openings, I thought I might continue down this trajectory. Tackling classic openings or just talking about openings in general seems to be a fun pastime to me. A good opening allows you to see the heart and soul of the animators who put their time and effort behind it. The same goes with openings that have no effort behind them. I found an appreciation for openings throughout my years of watching seasonal anime, always looking for the best of the season. While I may get to that in due time I think I’ll continue to hearken back to my past with another well known shounen anime.

One Piece is a journey I am still traversing as an anime/manga fan. It continues to have powerful moments that make me turn my head in amazement as to how something so long hasn’t run into a plethora of problems for me. I have never seen a collection of openings that go along a journey with a show, having dips and dives in tone the longer the show goes on and changing the mantra of its openings as well. That mantra might be a bit overdone…using the same opening song three times, but it is a memorable classic. Now let’s take yet another journey into an childhood shounen classic of mine, One Piece. This time I am only going to go over my top 10 favourites from the series, the list will get a tad bit too long if I started going through every single one of them now.

Reminder that this will cover important parts of One Piece’s plot, you have been warned.

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