My Main Issue with How Not to Summon A Demon Lord

The isekai genre has certainly become almost like the big blockbuster tv anime genre of recent years. Each season is racked with a new isekai show, if not more than that, all in an attempt to capture the money making and popularity of something like Sword Art Online or Re:Zero. Why wouldn’t they? It has been proven to work. Yet with the influx of more and more shows within the genre there becomes an issue with quality control or rather coming up with a specific schtick to differentiate it from the crowd. Sometimes that means throwing in a smart phone, sometimes it is meta humour and sometimes it is taking a NEET and shoving them into a game world where they are all powerful yet lack any social graces. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord has an idea similar shows before (this year mind you) and decides to go for a more comedic route.

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Evil or Live – First Impressions Mean Everything Sometimes and can Indeed (unfortunately) indicate quality

First impressions sometimes are very important. When going into an anime or looking for something to watch, there are particular things we look for in order to determine the potential of a show. The aesthetics are one thing. If a show is noticeably weak in its design scheme and overall art style, people will gladly pass over something that will be an uphill battle for affection from the get go. I mean look at the hill CGI anime need to climb in order to get recognition or even initial viewership. One of the other big elements I think plays into a show more than perhaps the synopsis is the title. A title needs to be snazzy or roll off the tongue so to speak. Something like Naruto is easy to say, easy to remember and quite simply nice to say. We can hear the punch of each syllable, Na-Ru-To. It makes us feel something on our initial viewing and can quite possibly stay in our mind longer because not only does it roll of the tongue it is also the name of the main character. A title needs to make sense while sounding nice so long-winded ones like “What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?” often come off more annoying to remember and hence why people shorten it. It feels dull because it doesn’t get to the point and roll off the tongue, plus it lacks coherency or directness with what it wants to portray (or perhaps a bit too direct…). Image is everything, and how we view something is very important. So what happens when we get a show like Evil or Live and how does its image help to cause problems for the initial viewership?

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Young Justice Season 2 – Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen

Due to the promise of the first season, I quickly decided to hop onto the second. Young Justice showcases some great characters that are easy to fall in love with in its first season. With a finale that promises more galactic problems for the Justice League in the future and the potential for Apocalypse showing up because of his weaponry being used in some episodes. There is a grand design at work that the second season has time to work on. Wait a second, there is only 20 episodes this time? Also there is a bunch of new characters joining the team. This is okay so long as it doesn’t, oh dear it also is five years after the first season. There is certainly a hill to climb for this one with foreboding choices in both narrative and production. This could work though, we have seen time gaps work quite well especially in returning series like Samurai Jack in its final season. Will Young Justice’s second season overcome what could easily be perceived as hurdles?

There will be spoilers for Young Justice’s first season. You have been warned.

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Young Justice Season 1 – The Right Time for a Change in the Guard

The world of superhero media nowadays is astonishing. We have entered an age where it is everywhere and never is it more prominent is in the television shows. We have live action and animated superhero shows for both adults, teenagers and children. I mean of varying quality, but I remember before when I was younger we had only a few shows about superheroes like The Justice League, Batman and Batman Beyond. There were others of course like Spiderman, but there was this feeling of all these shows hitting the same demographic except for the odd one that transcended that. Parents can still have fun watching these with children, but after a certain time one would feel awkward watching them. It was as if they’d outgrown them which I always felt odd since the stories they told were simple enough to understand but at times had complex storylines and themes. Nowadays with the boon we have something like Young Justice coming out and fitting that young adult market much like the Teen Titans kind of did before it. Yet does this become one of those shows that it feels situated in a specific age range or does it transcend that?

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Ash vs the Evil Dead Season 1 – The King of Camp is Back

Ever since being introduced to the Evil Dead series back in my 12 Days of Halloween I have been itching to return to it. I long to see the parody it has become in the subsequent titles in the series, yet I decided to move past the two films to jump into the television series. Ash vs the Evil Dead is the newest chapter of Evil Dead following an old and graying Ash through his adventures to seal evil yet again. I am always a fan of reviving cult classics, especially with the notion of aging the characters to have it be more reflective on their journey. You can’t rehash the same things over and over again, so a show taking that extra step of reviving itself needs to be more complex on how it handles its lead. This is odd though since I don’t know how much has changed since Army of Darkness or Evil Dead 2, so I’m going into this one a tad bit blind to part of the series. Often these types of continuations, especially shows that don’t take themselves seriously like Ash vs the Evil Dead, are able to be watched without the need of the prequels being watched. Will this prove to be the case, or will I be a bit out of my element in terms of this show? While that is a big question, I think a bigger question is that in this day and age where camp is rung out for nostalgia exploitation purposes does Ash vs the Evil Dead have a place in this landscape?

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Fargo Season 1 – Two Brilliant Villains for the Price of One Sam Hess

Remakes of old films have run rampant recently, adapting whatever they feel like they can get more mileage out of. Lethal Weapon, Shooter, Training Day, so many police procedural and undercover shows popping up and while some may succeed in being entertaining none have so far captured so clearly the magic of the original property. Having just come off of the brilliance of watching the delicious dark comedy of the original Fargo, I had decided to jump right into the anthology series based off of it in the hopes of it capturing just a small bit of why I loved Fargo. It is hard to deny the importance of Fargo in the Coen Brothers library as this odd crime tale that shot film stardom. It is hard to find another film that so accurately depicts the magic the Coen Brothers have towards filmmaking as Fargo was. How does a television series of the film stand up to the original without having either brother attached to directing it?

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12 Days of Halloween…The REVENGE! – Scream (TV) Season 1

You know what I dislike more than midterms, the fact that it halted my continuation of this event! Curses! Well luckily it’s all over for a tiny bit, enough for me to continue. I will catch up on the days I missed and it will most likely carry over into November. Well without further ado let’s get back to the fun!

Scream is my defining horror film as a horror fan, primarily the very reason why I decided to enjoy what was horror. Discovering it young, it was one of the first films I had watched without my parents’ permission and the blood probably did give some frights. Skip to when I was about 15-16 and here it came up again. I didn’t remember it well, but I was still oddly excited by the prospect of watching it. I understood the meaning of it, and I enjoyed it. It was defining moment as a fan of horror and Wes Craven became an inspiration for me. Seeing this man create some of the more iconic horror films blew me away especially with the kind person he was searching for actors who were trying to start to make it. Now you probably understand why this Scream television series had a lot to overcome for me as there was no way I could not be heavily critical of it. Despite having high hurdles, is Scream still a show worth at the very least checking out?

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