Another Update Post – Slight Hiatus Bedridden during Exams

So I have unfortunately dropped off the face of the blogsphere for a bit. With some unfortunate luck I have went from writing papers to writing even more papers. That wouldn’t be a problem if I wasn’t also recovering from minor surgery. Yes I am fine, it honestly isn’t anything but it will make things impossible for me while working on my assignments and resting. Medication can certainly put a damper on things.

So what does this mean for the blog moving forward? Well I will be back at some point in the near future. I have planned out two new antagonists to dissect both involving minus and despair (hint hint wink wink). I will also be finishing my Mario Party Celebration as well. These unfortunately though have no set date to when I will in fact be able to put them up as I may need to go back to surgery if something is wrong (I seriously hope there isn’t that would be a downer XD).

I want everyone who reads my posts to know that I am thankful for every time you even look at them. Even if you don’t like or comment I still appreciate you at least looking at what I wrote. To those who like and comment however I cannot thank you enough for your support over my resurgence of this blog after randomly making it on a whim and turning it into something. I have enjoyed commenting, I try to do it as much as I can (but I get ahead of myself. I am my own worst enemy). I look forward to reading and commenting on your stuff in the future. Just thank you for all that you have done for the community, for other bloggers, for just being great people and for brightening up my day when reading and thinking about your posts. To which I will return to doing or may still be able to do a tiny bit while resting!

If I don’t post by Christmas, I’ll wish you a merry Christmas right now and may all your wishes comes true. Remember to dream big, to enjoy life and have fun with everything you do. Always remain happy and smiling and I’ll be back before you know it to be that random guy who talks about stuff! Smiles for all!

Oh and don’t forget!




Unique Blogger Award Nomination – This Time it’s Prompt!

I have completed this within a month! At the very least it was around a month in my mind. Here I shall answer questions from the gracious people who gave me awards to answer from. It may always take me a while to release these when I receive them but mark my words that I will always try my best to answer those that are brought to my attention! So amidst the Mario Party marathon of top 10s here is a little nugget of personality thanks to these two great people. I cannot thank them enough for the nomination.


Unique Blogger Award Rules!

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them 3 questions.


Irina from I Drink and Watch Anime (drunkenanimeblog) 

1. What post was your favorite to write and why?

Well there is one I am writing right now that I am deeply enjoying looking at deeper into an antagonist that I enjoy. It will be released on a later date but of the posts I have already made so far I would have to say the Tucker and Dale vs Evil post I made since it was tweeted about on Twitter by the official page of the film and also on its facebook. That certainly got me a bit teary eyed to see.


2. Is there a subject you would like to write about but haven’t quite figured out how to do it yet?

Oh definitely a lot of subjects like that, but I would have to say it was the big finale surprise for the end of my 12 Days of Halloween event. It is because I know I will get a lot of flack for it potentially with how I describe the series I will be talking about. Mostly because I don’t really like either of them and hoped more to have a bit of fun at their expense. One is a beloved series by many and to compare it to the other is a risk especially when it is to poke fun at the former. Who knows if I will actually go through with it and maybe tone it down a bit, but that is the one I am still struggling on how I want to do it. To not come off as hateful but merely to have a bit of fun for those who have experienced both or one.


3. What was the last random thing that made you happy?

Seeing my friends after a long break away from them. Enjoying good company, good wine, and just enjoying life for a solid evening of drunken marble race watching.


Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews

1) What is a genre of anime (or a series if you want) that you haven’t gotten into yet, but you really want to try?

There is no genre of anime I haven’t tried so far. Though of course there are genres I want to experience more thoroughly much like romance (which is not my forte, have you seen me trying to woo someone…it ain’t pretty). Being a hopeless romantic I love romance movies done right, I still adore The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Romance in anime however has bitten me a bit in how I couldn’t attach myself to the struggle or often got frustrated at what was going on. I should attempt more and see the full range anime has to offer.


2) What’s a hobby that you do, but not many of your blog followers know about?

A hobby I have that people don’t know yet. I think my biggest thing would be collecting a lot of different items in the entertainment medium and reorganizing them constantly. I am never satisfied for long of how I organize everything I collect and often restructure it every week or so. I surprisingly just enjoy doing it as a little hobby, a weekly routine that spawned from my hobby of collecting films, anime, etc. I mean I enjoy the search in bargain bins and closing sales, but there is something about the reorganization of my collection that puts a smile to my face.


3) What’s your favorite style of music?

My problem is I am a variety listener, often never really settling on a specific style. I fall victim to never really attaching myself to the style but rather the need to listen to something while doing something else. A wandering mind can prove most fatal and distracting myself with whichever music is available is a way for me to not get in my own head (much like exams). If I had to choose a style of music I enjoy I would say an orchestrated soundtrack from a video game. There is just something soothing about retreading nostalgia through music that I find amazing and nothing does that better than a good soundtrack.



If you have received a nomination for this award before I am sorry for the renomination if you have expressed desire to not do another either at all or consecutively after the previous. I am not one to talk about responding to these nominations promptly either, so do with the nominations what you will. I hope you enjoy the questions if you do decide to answer though!

1. Karandi from 100WordAnime

2. Merlin from Merlin’s Musings

3. Chris from Peach’s Almanac

4. Jon Spencer Reviews

5. Remy from The Lily Garden

6. raistlin0903

7. Prattle from Seasonal Prattle

8. Two Happy Cats

9. The Otaku Judge

10. Ka-Chan from Ka-Chan Anime Reviews

11. Magnitude Reviews

12. Weekend Otaku

13. Inkling Infornography

Why not one more?

14. alfredopasta from Slice of Alfredo


If I forgot to put you in I deeply apologize. These upcoming questions can be answered by anyone if they feel so inclined. Just have fun with it! 🙂



1. What is your favourite antagonist in the entertainment medium and why? (Literature, Film, anime, television, etc)

2. You are making a film or television series and you have to come up with something to adapt, from what medium would you pick from and why would you choose that specific work to adapt?

3. Following the previous question, which visual medium would you adapt your work through and why? Animation or live action?


Let your imaginations run wild everyone! I look forward to seeing how people answer (of course only if you want to, don’t want to force anyone to do anything). As for me it seems like my role here is done. So I will bid you all farewell for a time in the hopes of seeing you again shortly. As always, don’t forget to have yourself a wonderful day!

I am the Worst at doing Awards! (Mystery Blogger & Sunshine Awards)

Yeah I am not timely at all for doing awards. I try to think about the questions far too long and lose track of time and forget to finally answer them. It is the worst feeling and if I have done that…forgive me it was never my intention. This post was finally made because I received 2 unique blogger awards and have decided to answer them this time in a timely fashion (in another post mind you)! I won’t be doing the nomination for the other two as to do nominations for three different awards is a bit overkill…I’m happy to receive blog awards but to be able to respond to them in a timely matter and think of questions to give out to other people and nominations of my own can be a bit difficult. So for these two awards I will unfortunately not be doing my own questions and nominations…I’m very sorry about that. The Unique blogger though I shall try my best to abide by it in its entirety. In the future I will try to be more timely and space it out, but I thought instead of letting these nominations just fade that I would pour my soul into each question! Since these great people have graciously decided to give me a nod. Well as much soul as I have, not sure how much that may be. Either way let’s move onto the questions!

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The 12 Days of Halloween…THE REVENGE!

So we are back once again with probably my favourite feature on this blog of mine, the 12 Days of Halloween! Where I watch something distinctly horror focused for the twelve days leading up to the grand event of Halloween where I will do a fun post that I have been planning to do for so long. This event is the one I was looking forward to most this year for the soul fact that I need more horror films to watch.

This year though I want to evolve the way I do things each time, because a sequel needs to up the ante somewhat. Last year I had a bunch of genres, subgenres and film techniques to have a specific topic for a day. This year it is a little bit different, this year I want to tackle other people’s choices! I want you guys to choose the films or shows I will be watching, mainly because I trust you guys to give me stuff that I will enjoy or writhe in pain over.

So I throw this over to you guys! Which films do you want me to see? Whether it be the gory styling of Miike, some classics, some modern flops worth seeing, I want to see it. Animated or live action! Films or television shows (short enough to binge fast)! So just leave up to two films down below and when deciding the line up, if there is not enough nominations then I shall be using everyone’s nominations. If there are more then I shall have to go by person to make sure enough people get a turn then return for others second picks.

I will say though…no Human Centipede. Just straight up…nope, can’t do it. And nothing I have watched and done a post on in this blog.

The nomination period will be going until October 15. So let’s get the games started!

Why do I Enjoy Big Brother?

Now for all my desire to watch movies, anime, and television shows, there has always been one constant in my watching habits every summer and the beginning of a new year. My “obsession” (as some would like to call it) with Big Brother goes full on! While I may not be on the cameras watching them 24/7 or even paying attention to Big Brother After Dark, I have never not once stopped watching the series. Now after finding myself drawn back in for season 19 and that season finally ending last night, something dawned on me. Why am I so caught up in this show to the point where I feel like I am watching a Hockey match for my favourite team or even the Olympics and cheering on Canada?

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Where I Was and Where I am Going

I thought there really wouldn’t be this many of these types of posts coming around often these days but here I am doing yet another update. Primarily this is just a response to the lack of content that has been going up on my blog (though it probably isn’t that shocking an amount of days compared to my usual post pattern). This is to address where my mindset is and what I want to do going forward.


I’ll be honest and say first that I thank everyone who takes the time to read these things. But I have had some personal problems and gotten into a weird head space the days I have been gone this time. Having to write things on top of that was not going to make content I would be proud of and it was the first time in about 10 years that I started actively reading for fun. That was one of the oddest things I could have done. I had a lot of things cooking that I have left on the backburner because of this little stint of mine and hopefully over the course of the next week or even sooner I can start getting back to making more posts.

I feel like part of this stepping away for a bit and actually reading for a while reminded me of something I have been probably ignorant to admit about myself. I was getting bored with what I was doing and I moved away from what I started this blog for. I was moving into a conventional pattern of releasing post after post about a singular thing and attempting to shove myself into a rhythm that never worked for me. Don’t get me wrong, I stand by what I did but I felt it was another thing that I needed to do to understand what I wanted to do with myself and this blog going forward.

I want to return back to doing anime topics that I am passionate about. Going back and talking about airing anime or doing the antagonist hunt again because while those took a while to sit through specific series I enjoyed doing them. Maybe do the opening analysis again and some top 10s. What I want to do is to get in the rhythm of releasing every other day to allow myself a sense of calm rather than constantly scrambling to find new stuff to talk about. I was forgetting why I started this blog in the first place, and I need to get back to it. Which is why this week may be a bit barren for me as well but I hope to return shortly.

I think I just want to be able to make my posts more diverse or else I don’t know if I will continue to have the drive to make things. Not to say I will stop doing these film reviews, but rather I want to move back to more opinion pieces or different stuff to make me feel more invested in what I am doing. Luckily I have got my head back in it, and this post was just my way of not only letting you know I am back but to myself as most likely this post has been waiting a while to be posted since it was finished.


So I am happy to be back and like always, don’t forget to have yourself a fantastic day!


Status Update on Mega Marathon X

So I have some unfortunate news.


I am not that good at Mega Man X. Traumatizing I know, but its the sad truth of the matter that I just don’t have it in me to die continuously while I try to binge these games to less than stellar results. I am trying to keep the content going, but unfortunately besides top ten ideas the steam is running out fast. I think I will be continuing trying to beat Mega Man X related content and post stuff well into the end of September, but it will be more in concentrated bursts like a Steven Bomb for all those who watch Steven Universe and its random release schedule.

Does that mean content may be stinted in the next few days? Yes it does as I need to think of what to do next in terms of a week of something as I wanted to do one more for summer and there will be regular content coming back shortly. But for the next few days at least I don’t think content will be returning unfortunately. I have to write the stuff and it may take a tiny bit, plus the Mega Man X games will still be completed so that may take up my time. But sadly that means the Mega Marathon X will turn into a Mega Man X Cluster from time to time.

Hopefully I will get back up to doing stuff in two days from now. To those who have followed those posts don’t worry they aren’t going away, just prolonged. I have some things planned and the next themed week will be coming up before the end of August so stay tuned. And like always don’t forget to have yourself a fantastic day!