Status Update on Mega Marathon X

So I have some unfortunate news.


I am not that good at Mega Man X. Traumatizing I know, but its the sad truth of the matter that I just don’t have it in me to die continuously while I try to binge these games to less than stellar results. I am trying to keep the content going, but unfortunately besides top ten ideas the steam is running out fast. I think I will be continuing trying to beat Mega Man X related content and post stuff well into the end of September, but it will be more in concentrated bursts like a Steven Bomb for all those who watch Steven Universe and its random release schedule.

Does that mean content may be stinted in the next few days? Yes it does as I need to think of what to do next in terms of a week of something as I wanted to do one more for summer and there will be regular content coming back shortly. But for the next few days at least I don’t think content will be returning unfortunately. I have to write the stuff and it may take a tiny bit, plus the Mega Man X games will still be completed so that may take up my time. But sadly that means the Mega Marathon X will turn into a Mega Man X Cluster from time to time.

Hopefully I will get back up to doing stuff in two days from now. To those who have followed those posts don’t worry they aren’t going away, just prolonged. I have some things planned and the next themed week will be coming up before the end of August so stay tuned. And like always don’t forget to have yourself a fantastic day!

One Year of Slight Commitment and a Lot of Messing Up, Anniversary Post

I don’t know how many times I have thought to myself that I wouldn’t be continuing this blog much, because I have technically owned it since December of 2014. Back then I had illusions of grandeur that I will be the next big thing and all that pizazz yet I never really understood that I wasn’t and may never be. Back then I joined up with a site called Popculturemecha and then Gamereviewpad, but in the end I had to leave both because one kind of faded from my mind during a time of potential duress and the other merely because it wasn’t meant to be I guess. To both I appreciate my times while working with them/for the editors and enjoyed making content there. It was a learning experience.


So now of all times I have technically been using this blog more seriously or at least more consistently over the past year. Even though consistency is not really my thing, noticeably about how many deadlines I make for myself and never keep and how many times I don’t post for an abnormal amount of time. I do feel like it has been long enough that over the course of three years that this was the first year that I tried to do something about this blog. It has certainly been a blast doing it more for this past year. Meeting new people, commenting on other people’s posts or even commenting on comments made on my post. I decided not to go further with commenting on comment’s comments because then that would be rabbithole that would make that one sentence go on for far too long, but you get the gist.

I have met some great people and continue to each time I post or look at another person’s post. I appreciate every time someone reads or even gives a cursory glance to one of my posts. It is this sense of not accomplishment or acknowledgement but rather a feeling of just being able to say you are here and here is my opinion. Even though most of my opinions at times can be a tad bit too harsh…sorry Resident Evil movies! I have a deep appreciation for the craft of film and I think anyone who tries to make it in the entertainment industry is someone to be respected. I always try to look on the bright side, or at least with a sense of optimism, when looking at anything. Yet that same optimism will not get in the way of me voicing my feelings, because if you don’t stay true to yourself and how you feel towards a work than is it really you anymore writing or what you want people to see you as?

I always want to stay true to myself, to take risks on things that out of my comfort zone and sometimes express my passion either negatively or positively. Those original visions of grandeur have dissipated, and a more realistic look on what I post has emerged in place (at least I hope). I feel happier posting that way and that is I think the best thing I could have asked for. To meet good people, to talk with good people, to still neglect to use social media, and to open my eyes to other opinions different than my own. I guess what this shorter than usual post is trying to say is:


Thank you for a great “first” year of blogging solo and here is to many more active years to all!

Oh and I am trying to get the last Ghibli week post up tomorrow! So yes while it has been two days I have not left that to the wayside. Time has not been on my side this week and will be back to regular soon.

Hunt for the Great Antagonist Guidelines and & Update Post

With the scary exam period almost behind me I thought an update post would be the best thing to say where I’m going forward with this blog. Where I want to go and let’s see if we can make it there. I appreciate every person who takes the time to read one of my posts and I take far too long to reply to certain comments because I always want to say the best thing I can. It is just nice to finally get the ball rolling.

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Caught in the Middle on Being an Anime Fan

This is more of a response to a mentality I have seen in forums and just the darker and less accepting side of the fanbase more so than any individual. This will probably be a bit controversial and I may ramble from time to time through my tales, yet I felt a more stream of conscious approach to this post would fit it better. This is meant more to discuss generalities than specific people, hence the lack of names within some stories, these are just some of the experiences I have had over the years regarding the fandom. I’ve grown to meet and read articles from some great people on the blogsphere and in real life. So thank you for reading through this and let’s have some fun shall we?

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Happy New Years!

Ah yet another post ranting on about something! It seems like most holidays I will do something like this, first it was Christmas, now New Years and next may very well be St. Patrick’s Day. It’s interesting how I have had this blog for 2 years now and I’ve only felt like I’ve been making a run at it in 2016. It shows how much drive one has I guess, but if I still keep on going strong in 2017 then I guess I can be content with my inability to stay on schedule. XD

I think I need to rework my blog to fit into a certain groove I can work on with an effective pace. Not scheduling much, but allowing myself to be more loosy goosy with how I handle my posts. Comment more, enter the Fujinsei Blog Carnival (I’ve been meaning to but I want to put in something I feel absolutely proud of and I feel like I never make something in time for it), maybe actually review an anime or manga on this blog. Yeah surprisingly enough I have been so preoccupied with seasonal lists that I have lost sight on talking about what I wanted to talk about, the things I want to share with people. No wait! I did look at a few anime…how could I forget about Video Girl Ai!

I guess what I am trying to say is, this year has been rough. Figuring out life certainly isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. Even the smallest things are never particularly the easiest. My mindset is too perfectionist and cookie cutter half of the time that I don’t post as much because of it. I need to cut down on that particularly or else I won’t even finish the event I’m doing at the moment.

Besides the changes I need to make for this blog, I have to say I’m exceptionally glad to have talked to the people I have and seen comments from people. I take joy in replying, and the reason why I take so long is purely because I love to write back in paragraphs that take too long to make. Everyone who reads this blog, I really do thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you come and read I’ll keep on posting, well even if nobody reads something I’ll still post. It’s just I prefer the former. I hope you all will join me into the New Year and I wish you all the best of luck with your own endeavors!

I hope you all have a fantastic and wonderful New Year!

Every star is a dream just waiting to be explored

Merry Christmas to All!

Well its time for the Christmas post marking my return to blogging after my chaotic exam period. So many essays and exams cramping up my hands…and of course I go right back to it with even more writing. That being said to those of you who have stayed with me while I ramble on about shows and the like I thank you so much. Its always worth it when people take the time to read the posts you make and even if no one reads them i’ll still make them in the hopes that someday someone might. Sharing opinions about the entertainment medium as a whole is something we all should. Film, Anime, Visual art, Music, anything really should be shared and it truly is a Merry Christmas when we can all stand together and just be happy to be fans of something. To show who we are as people, to show what defines us.

That is what is truly special about blogging to me. I get to see so many different kinds of opinions different from my own that make me rethink my own thoughts, to see things from a different angle, or just make you smile about someone sharing their passion. It truly warms the heart, and I hope that you guys continue writing into the New Year and I’ll do the same. So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or just be happy celebrating what you want. There is something magical about the end of the year, and the lights truly create something special to behold.

Hope you are happy wherever you are!

Liebster Award Nomination!

Well it is time again for another award nomination post and as always…I am late in doing so. I truly thank the kind Yahari Bento (Go and check out their Oregairu analysis posts for a great read, but be warned spoilers) for nominating me for this award and I’m glad to receive my second nomination. I’m not as new as I was before…well still a bit inexperienced in the blogger awards as a whole. It is nice to get experience though and who knows maybe I shall finally adapt one of these days! One can wish right? So without further ado let’s get into the task set before me.


Post the award in the post.

Thank the person who nominated you.

Answer the 11 questions they’ve written for you.

Nominate 11 people (give or take) and give them 11 different questions to answer.

These are the questions I have been given and at the end I will give my own list of questions.

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