Character Spotlight: Natsuo Ishidou, Superiority or Inferiority?

Here is a piece that I have been debating about releasing for quite a long time. It was a little stream of conscious look into a character I have recently been fond of for the past few years. How she struggles to find herself through a sense of superiority over others and her desire to win as well as her inferiority that struggles with this sort of sado-masochistic tendency to want to lose. It may seem like gibberish in moments, but hopefully this post can springboard into another post about her and see where it goes from there with people’s interests.

This time in the spotlight is a weird more obscure one, one based on a manga that I had much interest in last year. Natsuo Ishidou is definitely one of the more confusing and intriguing anti-heroes I have seen in anime/manga. You will at times despise this girl due to how she looks down upon those who work hard to achieve something. Her taller body and strong mentality allow her to succeed in more sports than most, yet whenever she is at the height of her powers she quits the sports team leaving them without a star player. She takes all the attention only to let it fall apart when she wants, essentially you would think she is a drama queen yet she is more reserved in her thinking only allowing snide remarks to be let out instead of grand gestures of extreme arrogance. Of course she has her fair share of bullies, yet due to her prowess in the field of martial arts, she is never deterred and always defeats her opponent. Then one day that all changed when she met the one person who could defeat her in something. Teppuu is the journey of Natsuo Ishidou trying to find the beauty within hardwork and trying to ultimately crush her rival into the dirt (in a loving way of course).

I will warn you there is some spoilers about Teppuu, none that spoil the overall outcome though or the complexity of the final fight. Read at your own discretion.

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