Type:Rider – A Passion for the Written Word

This marks the first time I look at a video game on this blog! Such a momentous occasion can only be marked with such a classic title. One whose name is recognized wide and far. Alright I can’t take myself seriously when I talk like that. I hope to start up my video game playing again this summer, or at the very least attempting to play games more regularly. Ever since I talked about my favourite Kirby bosses back at the inception of this blog, I have always desired to do more video game posts. Either to recognize some classics, hidden gems, or just anything I think should be talked about in one form or another. So why not start it off with an indie title I just recently finished known only as Type:Rider.

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Ace Attorney (2012) – The Best Example of a Costumed Ball in the Courtroom

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is one of the more predominant visual novel adventure game series in gaming. The iconic poses, the objections, the distinct character designs and the over the top reactions, there is no way one who has come across such a series can really forget it especially when it has entered the pop culture space with memes and gathered quite the following outside of Japan. I have to be honest, I came into this knowing the first game in and out. I feel like for one to sometimes understand the adaptation, one must know the series well enough to see where the director or producer is coming from. Especially when that director is best known for his outrageous ideas and spectacle like Takashi Miike. The vision of Miike is clear throughout the film, but does this film have enough passion to make it a worthwhile movie worth viewing outside of the fanbase?

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Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva – The Gentleman Indiana Jones

The Great Detective is an archetype often found in classical mystery literature. Edgar Allen Poe’s Dupin, Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown are the few that pop into one’s mind when the topic comes up. Our fascination with those who feel like superior intellects has yet to wane over time as we still create stories or versions of these same detectives or adhere to the tropes they create. One of the best known Great Detectives of the modern era is surprisingly the video game hero, Professor Layton. An archaeologist with a penchant for solving puzzles and getting oneself into mysteries, Professor Layton has become a bestselling franchise that has appealed to all ages and so why not dedicate a film to the character? This would call for an adventure with an eye for the science fiction, mythological elements and the grandiose nature of something like The Phantom of the Opera known only as Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva. Will the great Professor Layton land the first good video game adaptation in my search, or will all these aspirations fall short and succumb to being a subpar adventure film that dabbles in a bit of mystery?


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Prince of Persia, Too much Sand not Enough Plot

To take a break from my ongoing battle with the Resident Evil franchise, I decided to check out the one film that many say is probably the best Video game movie Hollywood has ever made. Now I know that is not very high praise, but I even remember watching this film when it first came out and kind of enjoying it. There were some good action scenes, decent acting, some fun characters, and lots of sand. For what it is, Prince of Persia could very well be one of my best chances at enjoying one of these video game adaptations as an actually decent film. So it is time to see if this is decent popcorn fluff or just another disappointment in a long line of disappointments.

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Resident Evil Degeneration and Accessibility in an Adaptation

Keeping in tune with my previous post about Resident Evil I felt the need to tackle one of the better films I have watched in regards to video game adaptations. Resident Evil Degeneration is a CGI animated film about the events in between the games Resident Evil 4 and 5. This is a film that takes pre-existing characters within the series and connects their stories to other canonical stories. Think of it as a bridging film of sorts, one that references elements within the franchise yet remains its own singular story. Whereas the live action film tried to blaze its own path and reinvent the franchise, Degeneration tried to remain relevant to the canon of the game.

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Resident Evil (2002) with 50% More Milla Stare!

Welcome to my new slice of pain for as long as I continue to blog! I have decided that I would start a regular segment on this blog and actually stick to it this time! Wow! That in and of itself is pretty insane I know. And instead of watching something great I decided to look into something that has plagued the entertainment medium for a while, video game adaptations. There is a surprising amount of video game adaptations out in the market today and every single one of them has been a critical bomb for the most part. We always ask the question, “Why did everything go wrong when everything was literally gift-wrapped to them?” Better understanding the essence of video game adaptations and their misgivings could reveal reasons as to why this topic is the hardest to get down pat. That is what I plan to at least attempt to do, to reveal some potential misgivings with specific adaptations and maybe somewhere down the line find something worth watching. Find a video game adaptation that often gets overlooked and could be perhaps a hidden gem, or the more likely answer being I’m going to watch a lot of bad films. My money’s on the latter, so without further ado let’s get Video Game Weekends underway!

To start everything off, I decided to watch the gatekeeper to bad video game movies. One that finally finished its long and confusing run in cinemas everywhere. Yes we are going to be tackling the very first in a franchise of films, Paul WS Anderson’s Resident Evil. This is usually one of the first film franchises that comes to mind when you hear the words “bad video game movie”, and that’s only because instead of staying a single film this long running franchise has spanned 15 years until it finally ended in 2017. That’s not to say this wasn’t a lucrative franchise, easily making 100 million worldwide when its first film debuted in 2002, Resident Evil however has never been a critically acclaimed series. Now why would that be? Well if you look into the source material and really peel back the ideas taken into the film, you can quickly understand why.

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Top Ten Kirby Bosses (Spoilers)

Today I’m going to be talking about a classic series almost synonymous with Nintendo. Most Nintendo fans or fans of video games in general know that Kirby is a staple within gaming history. Arriving on the original Gameboy, Kirby has transformed through the ages but still retains his flair and round shape. They have generally been categorized as an easier type of linear platformer with a lot of ingenuity and heart. The music is phenomenal, the designs always breathe life, and the stages always will stick in your heads with that silly alliteration. But there is one more iconic thing that stays with Kirby fans, the bosses.

Throughout gaming history you always look forward to that confrontation at the end of your journey. The feeling of contempt or admiration for that last enemy you must take down in a final battle of pure will. Kirby is no exception to this and has some of the most unique boss line-ups in any Nintendo franchise. Samus has Ridley and Mother Brain, Mario has Bowser, Link has Ganondorf, and well Kirby has a boatload of memorable baddies you just love to tear apart. So let’s just dive into the top ten bosses in all the Kirby games!

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