The Hunt for the Great Antagonist – General Chrome “The Charismatic Zealot”

It has really been a while since I have done one of these and I finally got the courage do one again thanks to a great game I have been playing, Iconoclasts. There are few times in which the zealot in video games actually seems like they are an effective force in how it plays out. Not act as the stereotypical megalomaniac who must be toppled or is deemed just a “crazy religious person”. It is difficult to correctly create any narrative that allows us to reason or understand the zealot type of antagonist. However I think Iconoclasts, a game created by Joakim Sandberg, could quite possibly offer us one in the form of General Chrome. He is the agent in charge of military practices but is not privy to the things others are, thus leaving him in an odd part of the system within the societal structure. His attempt at changing the world of Iconoclasts is it worthy of a high score or is he simply just another insignificant cog in the machine?

General Chrome 15.jpg

The Hunt for the Great Antagonist is a series that will spoil elements from the series surrounding the antagonist and most likely key points within the series itself. You have been warned. This time it is Iconoclasts.

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Kirby Star Allies – The “Easy” Kirby Game

One of my favourite Nintendo franchises that I still find myself replaying today is the Kirby franchise. It was even the topic of the first post (content wise) on this blog with the top 10 bosses from Kirby which I should update at some point. I find myself seeing this franchise as one of the most soothing gaming experiences I ever had. It helps when you have a stressful day to just play a simple platformer filled to the brim with charm. Now we come to 2018 and to the latest installment within the franchise, Star Allies. This was a more local multiplayer focused idea with a theme that was built on “friendship”. I found myself thinking that is strange since Kirby was always about friendship and playing with allies for a long time, but I don’t believe it ever was a main focus. How does this new game measure up within a franchise of simple, easy to play and complete games?

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Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King (Switch) – Princess Bride meets Link to the Past

I adore sidescrolling adventure games. Games of course like Link to the Past which revolutionized how those games are played are certainly high points of the genre, one in which Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King thrives on. This is an honest homage to the games of old with its own style and flair. With it also being on the Switch, the portability of this title and its accessibility in a library of games that has been minimal at best allows it potentially garner a lot of attention. Especially since it acts much like a flagship title from Nintendo’s past on their latest console. All this going for Blossom Tales aside, does it manage to stand out apart from being placed on the right console at the right time?

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Street Fighter II The Movie – IT’S A STREET FIGHT!

Oh video game adaptations how I’ve missed you! It has been a while since I have delved into this territory since I stopped doing the video game adaptation weekends. Now fighting game adaptations is something new to me. I often see fighting games try to incorporate a story into its arcade fighting mode yet often it’s more grasping at straws for lore than creating anything memorable. So if the game is a blank slate waiting to be rewritten, then the film can certainly go wild with its story and not be held down right? Well due to the fact that there is still some lore it needs to adhere to it, but besides that it seems like these types of adaptations should bring forth bombastic action with potentially good characterization. Street Fighter II has enough character in its designs and framework of a story to make a story interesting if not serviceable, but the scary question is will the adaptation feel like it needs to appeal to fans by shoving in all the characters or focus only on a few?

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Mario Party Celebration – Top 10 2 vs 2 Mini-Games

Mario Party

There are few times when teamwork is necessary in Mario Party. I mean this isn’t a game where teamwork thrives purely because of the competitive nature inherent in its standard mode of play. So asking two rivals to make a momentary truce is ludicrous but necessary.  That being said, these 2 vs 2 mini-games bring in that very element that escapes Mario Party often in its standardized game mode and that is co-op. Often if you are teamed with an opponent who is winning you can find one teammate try to “sandbag” the other thus throwing the game. When sportsmanship is in play these games come alive however creating fun moments of teamwork. By throwing away the desire to see the other lose, you can find new life in these games and some of the best are found in this very type of mini-game.

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Mario Party Celebration – Top 10 Duel Mini-Games

Mario Party

The fires of competition abound! Everyone who has played a Mario Party knows about the duels that take place in the final five turns. The dangers of losing everything to the underdog in one quick swoop whether it be a boatload of coins or a star. These mini-games spark a competition within you and should test your limits with everything potentially on the line deciding the victor of a game of Mario Party. Duel mini-games are often the defining moments of a single game of Mario Party and they need to be concise, simple and intense games to pull off a feeling of accomplishment that could come from a game defining move. Now without further ado let’s dive into my top 10 duel mini-games in Mario Party!

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Mario Party Celebration – Top 10 4 Player Mini-Games

Hello again after a break needed to work on my essays and prepare for my exams, which I still have a lot more in the coming weeks unfortunately. With that being said, I thought it was about time to gush about a game series that has always near and dear to my heart and the one the defined my childhood as “That one jerk who always wins”. I am of course (much like the title of the post suggests) talking about the icon of party games, Mario Party.

Mario Party.jpg

Coming back after the daunting workload and hearing about the new Mario Party: The Top 100, I thought it was time to return the roots of my love for a medium. To discuss a series that is near and dear to my heart and childhood whimsy I have towards gaming to this day (even if nowadays the series is fizzling out). Nintendo has made its mark on the map for creating family friendly experiences in video games, and Mario Party is probably the one reason why that’s so. A game designed to be played in a group, Mario Party is a part of that quintessential line-up of mini-game video games that overtake any party atmosphere I am hosting much like Mariokart and Pokemon Stadium 2. These games are designed to bring joy (and torment) to those who decide to pick it up and the sense of achievement when you are crowned the superstar against tough opponents is satisfying to say the least. So I thought to myself, why not describe my top 10 games from the five core mini-game categories Mario Party is known for and touch upon my two favourite games in the series for a fun little marathon meant for nostalgia in a time where nostalgia is needed. So sit back and enjoy the first part of my Mario Party Celebration with my Top 10 4 Player Mini-games.

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