My Top 10 Mega Man X Boss Themes

Ah boss themes…the climax of any given playthrough of a game. They become the rallying cry of your journey to vanquish your foe or the faint whispering in the back of your head that you may be out of your league. Boss music often leaves us with a sense of courage or dread as we enter into that moment where our skills will be tested like none before and Mega Man X is a series filled with bosses mind you. One could actually say that is pretty much most of what the formula for a Mega Man game is.  And what is pivotal in getting you into either a sense of dread or excitement when facing a boss? Well it’s true that the gameplay and pattern is a factor, but it’s also the music. The boss battle music to me is a crucial part of why some bosses are memorable and Mega Man X has a great selection of music for that very purpose. So let’s get to my top 10 Mega Man X Vs themes!

WARNING that there will be spoilers for the Mega Man X series. Even though these should be well known by now, might as well put out a precaution because I’d rather not get “Oh I didn’t know you fight “insert villain here””. You have been mildly warned.

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Mega Man X – Classic Platforming Perfection

Onto the first game in the franchise and the beginning of an era, for better or for worse! Mega Man X saw itself take up the mantle from the original Mega Man series, building off of the pre-established formula and tweaking it into something newer for the SNES. One could say it is one of the quintessential platforming titles, or even one of the more quintessential titles on the SNES itself. It brought Mega Man back to the forefront after a few lackluster installments of the original series and with said new coat of paint managed to receive a lot of critical acclaim. Really a game remembered fondly by many, yet it has been a while since I have played it. It wasn’t my first Mega Man X game so the nostalgic value while still there isn’t as high as some who grew up with it. So let’s dive right into the first installment of the franchise.

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Mega Man X: The Day of Sigma – Does This Even Constitute as Fan Service?

So starting off this Mega Man X marathon is the anime special that supposedly details the events prior to the first game. Aptly named The Day of Sigma, this special was a warm welcome for a fan of the franchise like me. I mean we get to see the events that led us onto that bridge with the burning landscape behind us in the opening stage of Mega Man X. They are going to give us well needed background to Sigma and X’s battle and why it happens in the first place! This is all so exciting! Then I realized that it was the only thing like it, only one episode. There is no sequel series, nothing after it to give a fan more to bite into and it leaves us on a rooftop overlooking the mayhem below while Sigma laughs triumphantly. I began to wonder whether or not a special like this is really necessary to have if its brief existence can be explained in a few sentences.

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Mega Marathon X (Yes I know its Corny)

Just a little announcement of stuff to come for most likely the next two months.

Alright so out of one stove and into another, hitting up this new event I will be taking more time to finish because this isn’t films or television we are talking about that can be binged. This is taking a look at one of the franchises near and dear to my heart as a gamer, and that’s Mega Man X. A franchise that was the start of my 2D platforming days and has even one animated special to its name. Everything under the name “Mega Man X” will be touched in this franchise to the best of my abilities. Even the more obscure Mega Man X Command Mission or Gameboy Colour installments. With some top 10s peppered alongside to spice things up. To help keep content flowing however I will try to keep this marathon going on for a while as sort of an ongoing and dedicated project since some of these games I haven’t completed yet and I know Command Mission will take me a fair amount of time. So I will be covering the same type of content, hopefully Mega Man related but not really holding to purely that, in order to keep myself functional.

Mega Man X.jpg

If you have any ideas for Mega Man X top lists, feel free to send them to me and I’ll see if I can squeeze them into the marathon! I will be going on with this marathon until Mega Man X8, which I am hoping is a lot better than X7 (not looking forward to that one). So until then prepare to see a bevy of Mega Man X content along with others of course. To start off I will be watching the one Mega Man X TV special that was released, The Day of Sigma. Expect that to go up tomorrow and then we dash forward into the series at large. I hope you all will enjoy it!

Castlevania – A Step in the Right Direction or Stumble on the Pyre of Videogame Adaptations?

Castlevania is a classic series, one that was born from a love of all things gothic and mainly for a desire to give gamers the chance to fight the hordes of Dracula. Starting off as a simple game on the NES, the series quickly became an instant classic still adored to this day if you talk about everything but the newest additions. A series beloved by many with a family that has been immortalized much like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Playing as the Belmont’s, as their allies and even as Dracula’s own son, these games have birthed a history that while it hasn’t been the most complex is still told through numerous installments. So after a long time we finally have ourselves a Castlevania television series released on Netflix of all things. Another video game adaptation, and potentially another missed mark in the long line of adaptation failures. Yet much like the family of Belmont, could it be the saviour we all have wanted to happen long ago?

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Silent Hill – Spooky Scary Stumbling Spectres with Special Guest Star Sean Bean

There is something to say about creating something that feels close to the game, yet also oddly unique to itself when one looks at adaptations. Looking back on the video game adaptations I have watched there is a surprising amount that have a sense of passion behind them, even if at times it’s misguided. There is a reason why we watch these films, we want to see the worlds come to life. We want to see the things we remember from our experiences in the game or even to show some people a taste of the game in the hopes of them trying it. Silent Hill is something that promises to be a recreation of the first game, yet also interesting in its own right by taking it from a different view point. It deviates just enough to not entirely be the same experience yet still feel like the world. In my mind that screams something worth watching from an adaptation stand point, it even has Sean Bean in a main role. It is even received as one of the better video game adaptations made so far. Yet does it still hold up years later or will its potentially dated CGI drag it down?

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Type:Rider – A Passion for the Written Word

This marks the first time I look at a video game on this blog! Such a momentous occasion can only be marked with such a classic title. One whose name is recognized wide and far. Alright I can’t take myself seriously when I talk like that. I hope to start up my video game playing again this summer, or at the very least attempting to play games more regularly. Ever since I talked about my favourite Kirby bosses back at the inception of this blog, I have always desired to do more video game posts. Either to recognize some classics, hidden gems, or just anything I think should be talked about in one form or another. So why not start it off with an indie title I just recently finished known only as Type:Rider.

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