The Brilliant Use of Iok Kujan and Hate Watching

In Mobile Suit Gundam, often there is one character that garners hatred from the fanbase no matter what season. For this season of Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, we have that one central hated figure. Iok Kujan is undeniably the most hated character so far in the show and you can ask a lot of fans and they will give you multiple reasons why. Yet many do hate the life out of Iok, this type of character has been used before. Many people watch characters like these just for that moment in which they receive their comeuppance, aka hate watching. So as much as I myself hate Iok in a similar passion, I’ll be tackling the ways in which Iok Kujan is one of the best things to happen in Iron-Blooded Orphans.

This will be spoiling elements of the second season until episode 40, so you are warned if you haven’t caught up in Iron-Blooded Orphans.

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Character Spotlight: Jean-Jacques Leroy

While watching Yuri on Ice this year I found myself falling in love with the journey of its characters throughout the grand prix. Their themes helping to symbolize elements of what they desire and who they want to be. While the story is all about Yuri, Yurio, and Victor I found myself falling in love with other skaters that shone in the grand finals. One such person who has captured my attention in the end was the Canadian figure skater, Jean-Jacques Leroy, or better known as JJ. Yes that very same narcissist, and one of the least liked characters in Yuri on Ice.

I will be spoiling elements in Yuri on Ice that regards JJ, and others who directly impact him. You have been warned.

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Character Spotlight – Kanchome & Parco Folgore, the Lion & the Hippo

Probably not the best thing to start a new feature with a duo that is not the main duo of the series they are in, in a shounen that started in 2001. This is probably the series that set me down my path of enjoying manga or anime in general along with Gundam Seed. Now Zatch Bell is essentially about a 100 children being thrown out into the world with little else than a magical book in order to find their partners. These partners will help them both get situated in the world, teach them about life, but also help them fight a battle in order to discover the king of these Mamodo children’s world. The many children with books will all fight to burn each other’s books in order to be the king and control the fate of their world. What does it mean to be strong? What does it mean to be king? That is the interesting thing about this series is how you see the experience change both the human and Mamodo children alike. While there are a lot of partners mentioned, like the righteous Zatch learning about himself and wishing to be a selfless king to other children like Reycom who adopted his partner’s twisted world view of using his powers for greed. In the end, I decided to choose the weird duck child Kanchome and his Italian heartthrob partner Parco Folgore.

Watch out as there is spoilers nearing the end of the manga. I try to do my best in not having spoiled much, but read at your own risk.

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