Anime Round Up Winter 2017 – Overlord II

This is a series that has had me perplexed on my feelings in the past. The premise of following a villain in a fantasy world as he tries to conquer it is compelling especially in the situations that can arise from it. The problem arises when this overlord is merely a Japanese businessman from another world, offering an interesting balance between putting on an image for his subordinates and keeping his own morality intact. The first season focused heavily on Ainz (the poor sap who was stuck in the game) and his adventures of learning the land. I can’t say I enjoyed the first season so much as it boasted a large cast that grew in each event and incident without really offering us much behind any character besides fleshing out Ainz. This second season however takes the show down a different path of delving more into the world. Does this new focus in the show make it more watchable or will it still pale in comparison to more engaging fantasy contemporaries?

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9 First Impressions Anime Recommendations for Winter 2018 (Made by this Fool)

Here is my positivity post of the year! YAY POSITIVITY! Let’s not get used to positive Schizoidmouse since it doesn’t happen all too often. I am quite the sourpuss you know.

With that aside I didn’t think going meticulously through why you shouldn’t watch some shows like in the past would be quite interesting and too long-winded (my posts can become that). Then again with these days of recovery I don’t have time to recap and try to reason with myself (a fight I always lose) why after watching a bunch of shows I am only going to possibly recommend 10 of potentially 30. I don’t have time for that, you don’t want to see me ramble on like the lunatic that I am as cynical as always and we save a lot more time if I just comb over my top recommendations to give a shot. It feels better on me to not trash a few shows and instead praise or awkwardly recommend shows I either enjoyed, loved to dislike or just plain think I didn’t get it but some others might. So here are 9 shows I think you might like this Winter 2018 season based on the first three to four episodes of each.

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Summer Anime Round-Up 5-1

Please make yourself at home with Chef Fango! His brilliant cuisine will finally make your life complete…such genius! Summer seems to have bore the most top quality fruit of the year so far, and arguably one of the worst anime in recent memory. It truly is a rollercoaster and for once we have slowed down yet again. But this is like one of those repeating rollercoasters as I will be coming back season after season.

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Summer Anime Round-Up 10-6

Now we are into some deep water here. Is that…one of Fukawa’s steamy visualizations of Togami in the main image!? Yes as the trend suggests, this is going to be a tough top ten and one I never found myself predicting in the slightest. Most of these shows in particular have been close or in my number one spot for this season, yet all have found themselves further down the list because of some problems I had with them. Let the Togami roadrage ensue!

I will be discussing Danganronpa spoilers for the first and second games in the overviews of the two stories from Danganronpa 3. You have been warned.

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Summer Anime Round-Up 14-11

Quickly moving forward we come across the shows that I didn’t mind but had some crucial flaws or lack of interesting concepts/moments to me. Whether it be the series just hashing out more of the same, or a devolution of what a series has already set crumbling its own standards. Easily some of these series are watchable and even enjoyable, but due to this season having more interesting choices I couldn’t quite give myself the ability to pass them into my top ten.

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Summer Anime Round-Up 19-15

So it is time again! Even though it wasn’t that long ago since the last one…Hopefully I can finish this one halfway through the Fall season, but I already know that my lazy habits may keep me going back to my old ways…Why not start off with a good start this time though! I found Summer to be the most interesting season of anime this year so far. Winter, while still holding some of my favourite shows and picks for the best of the year, was far more inconsistent in my opinion. Summer on the other hand has showed me…that I should slow down and watch less anime so I don’t always spend half of it recollecting series I wasn’t particularly fond of.

Alright so last time I decided to do far too much in the way of anime. 27 plus dropped shows was too much for me to get done on time and therefore I am condensing both what I watched and how much I watch. Less obvious crap and more intriguing gambles. So I have calmed down on my watching habits (even though I started off with 30 shows…). Without further ado let us get on with the show!

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Spring 2016 Anime Season Round Up Top 5

The final five is here huzzah! This is my top five of the Spring anime season and some may come as a shock. Well it was a shock to me as only one of my originally predicted top five is actually in my top five. I didn’t think I’d end up liking some of these series as much as I did, especially since some have their fair share of flaws. Though not many series on this list will be memorable in the long term (looking at you Seisen Cerberus), I’ve certainly had more or less fun with most. Well I want to say most. Let’s finally put this undertaking to rest and go onwards and upwards…FOR JUSTICE!

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