Why You Should Be Watching Boruto

This is a post I honestly never thought I would make when I heard Naruto was having a continuation called…Boruto. I mean that naming sense alone gave me reason to worry. I had worries such as if the formula will change enough to give the show its own identity or will it forever be chasing the popularity of its predecessor. There are many reasons why this show is no longer in the mainstream as much as it used to be primarily because many watched Naruto and had a bad taste in their mouth because of the ending, the filler, or how much it seemed like they were milking the franchise. There isn’t a lot of positivity within anime fans who didn’t grow up watching the show and that’s quite understandable since Shippuuden was all over the place in terms of quality. It left Naruto off in a very problematic and tempestuous place that trying again with a younger generation only gave off the feeling of them still trying to metaphorically “beat a dead horse”.

Boruto 1

Boruto has a lot of ground to make up when most people look at the legacy of Naruto and that is where the indecision comes in. The character design is a bit too similar, it feels like the same shenanigans Naruto would have gotten in or maybe it’s that opening moment from the show that had an older Boruto looking edgy as all get out. There are many ways one could look at this show negatively from the outside, and in this day and age who wants to keep up with a long running show very often, especially one that is from a franchise that has a lot to prove to non-believers like myself.

So why am I advocating for more people to watch Boruto?

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9 First Impressions Anime Recommendations for Winter 2018 (Made by this Fool)

Here is my positivity post of the year! YAY POSITIVITY! Let’s not get used to positive Schizoidmouse since it doesn’t happen all too often. I am quite the sourpuss you know.

With that aside I didn’t think going meticulously through why you shouldn’t watch some shows like in the past would be quite interesting and too long-winded (my posts can become that). Then again with these days of recovery I don’t have time to recap and try to reason with myself (a fight I always lose) why after watching a bunch of shows I am only going to possibly recommend 10 of potentially 30. I don’t have time for that, you don’t want to see me ramble on like the lunatic that I am as cynical as always and we save a lot more time if I just comb over my top recommendations to give a shot. It feels better on me to not trash a few shows and instead praise or awkwardly recommend shows I either enjoyed, loved to dislike or just plain think I didn’t get it but some others might. So here are 9 shows I think you might like this Winter 2018 season based on the first three to four episodes of each.

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Evil or Live – First Impressions Mean Everything Sometimes and can Indeed (unfortunately) indicate quality

First impressions sometimes are very important. When going into an anime or looking for something to watch, there are particular things we look for in order to determine the potential of a show. The aesthetics are one thing. If a show is noticeably weak in its design scheme and overall art style, people will gladly pass over something that will be an uphill battle for affection from the get go. I mean look at the hill CGI anime need to climb in order to get recognition or even initial viewership. One of the other big elements I think plays into a show more than perhaps the synopsis is the title. A title needs to be snazzy or roll off the tongue so to speak. Something like Naruto is easy to say, easy to remember and quite simply nice to say. We can hear the punch of each syllable, Na-Ru-To. It makes us feel something on our initial viewing and can quite possibly stay in our mind longer because not only does it roll of the tongue it is also the name of the main character. A title needs to make sense while sounding nice so long-winded ones like “What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?” often come off more annoying to remember and hence why people shorten it. It feels dull because it doesn’t get to the point and roll off the tongue, plus it lacks coherency or directness with what it wants to portray (or perhaps a bit too direct…). Image is everything, and how we view something is very important. So what happens when we get a show like Evil or Live and how does its image help to cause problems for the initial viewership?

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Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom – The First “Naruto” Movie

As we trail further down the Naruto film train, we have reached the conclusion to the young Naruto film trilogy. This will be the last moment I get to have fun with the younger cast of Naruto and dive into the worst part of the franchise, the Shippuuden years. So far the stories have been…a rather mixed bag to say the least. The first one was fun in an unconventional way but was stepped on by convention and the second was far too conventional and unintentionally funny. This one…has yet another story about royalty except this time this one knows they are royalty and their family is alive! The small differences count I guess? Well hopefully this one manages to be the ace in the whole I have been looking for with this binge of Naruto films or will I be looking for that gem in the Shippuuden side of things?

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Riding Bean – Car Chases the OVA

What makes a film manly? Is it the intense action? Perhaps maybe the willingness to stand up to villains who spit on the essence of good morals? Maybe it is the quippy one liners? One thing is for sure, Riding Bean tries its hardest to try and be the manliest OVA around. A non-stop adrenalin rush that stops for literally nothing! Car chases, heads crushed like watermelons by gunfire, and police who just don’t understand what the protagonist is trying to do! Does Riding Bean’s commitment to making this OVA the “manliest” thing possible also equate to it being good though?

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Naruto the Movie 2: The Legend of the Stone of Gelel – Obvious Villain is Obvious and Dumb Character is still Dumb

 It is time for the second outing of Naruto in this movie marathon I am doing and this time we are promised an even longer runtime! Oh joy! I mean that non-sarcastically as I think with more time a proper story could be told. Well hopefully this time they learn from their mistakes a give us a great Naruto film. One can certainly hope right? I mean this time we have a magical McGuffin that an evil dictator like figure is hunting for and needs the royal family of a broken kingdom…Wait a second. This seems oddly familiar to the previous film. We are on the second film and we are already reusing ideas. Well that just means that they can refine it and most likely nothing is going to go my way. We shall see if this film manages to get itself out of this narrative similarity to the previous film, or if it will indeed just be a shallow rehashing with a new coat of paint.

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Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow – Naruto being clever?!

Well I have decided with my family (who will watch anime) to take a crack at the Naruto series of films. The series itself has been a big part of the Western fanbase since the 2000s and could be one of the pivotal series that sparked a boon in anime fans over here. For a while it was Naruto this and Sasuke that, to ad nauseum mind you. It was a series that was hard not to know in this sphere of influence and for the most part anime fans of the early 2000s have at least come across and shared fond memories with it. I have included shared my many fond memories with the franchise and certainly I have talked quite a bit about one of my favourite portions during my Hunt for the Great Antagonist post on Zabuza Momochi. Though my love died down for the franchise when Shippuden came around, I still want to judge the movies on their own merit. Do they stand apart and craft well told companion pieces, or are they merely trite to get people to buy more merchandise? Hopefully the first film, Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow, can offer a solid experience.

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