12 Days of Halloween…The REVENGE! – Evil Dead (1981)

The final day of the 12 Days of Halloween…about eight days after Halloween has ended. Well dates and deadlines for events have never stopped me from finishing something before! The final day of the last one saw me start my journey to eventually finish looking at all the Scream material, and I guess it is time to look at quite possibly another famous horror film franchise with a spin-off television show (weird how that worked out). Evil Dead is considered by many one of the origins of modern indie horror. Making a name for its creative gross out horror, it managed to become one of if not the biggest cult classic horror films of all time with a career defining performance by the ever charismatic Bruce Campbell. The boomstick, the chainsaw, the “Groovy” all started in this franchise. Horror has many iconic villains and some iconic heroes, but Evil Dead managed to make a name out of torturing Ashley (Bruce Campbell) back in 1981. Yet after all this time did the film age like a fine wine or is it dated upon watching it nowadays?

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12 Days of Halloween…The REVENGE! – Scream 3

A good final installment of a trilogy is important and often an elusive goal for many. We have seen time and time again where trilogies fall apart by the third film and there are few films that actually succeed. This infamous cycle has plagued almost everything in the entertainment medium, and the pressure to succeed is heavy. Scream 3 feels that very pressure, falling back on material that doesn’t feel as fresh as the previous ones relying more on Hollywood criticism than horror tropes. Stripping itself of its original identity, Scream 3 attempts to tie up the trilogy with grand meta spectacle. They are pitching to the fences, yet does that strategy offer up a satisfying conclusion to one of the modern horror classics?

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12 Days of Halloween…The REVENGE! – A Cure for Wellness

Our world is a traumatizing one. Unforgiving in its ability to tear apart decent humans and turn them into something monstrous. Ambition, money, power, all of these aspects is what A Cure for Wellness deals with. A Gothic tale immersed with a dreamlike reality that is completely a testament or homage to the Hammer films of old nearing its finale. Similar to the style of something like Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp. Though this style plays against the “realism” of the world in which the film presents itself with for the brunt of it. One idea clashing with another and creating two competing styles and tones. Akin to Shutter Island, but with a cheesier complexion. Does this mean Verbinski’s work was a failure from the start, or is there something within this mixture of styles worth watching for?

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12 Days of Halloween…The REVENGE! – Zombieland

The group setting in zombie series/television shows are always surrounded by an eclectic cast of characters. Walking Dead succumbs to the rotating cast of characters more often than not in order to spice up its environment. This is why we watch a zombie movie for the most part, because we want to see the group succeed in hard circumstances of facing off against the living dead. Though when it comes down to it what is really the right amount of survivors to focus on? What is the perfect number of characters to have fun with and be fearful for? Well one could argue any such number, but for me as a teen trying to find the next horror film to watch back in the day Zombieland answered that question for me. That this group of four characters had effectively grabbed my attention in such a way that I remembered really enjoying the film as a whole. Now six years later and a lot of other films under my belt including zombie films, do I still think that the film tickles my funny bone?

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12 Days of Halloween…The REVENGE! – Shaun of the Dead

So this was supposed to go up on Halloween…and unfortunately I fell asleep at my computer before posting it up. Well we do have a little bit left of the 12 Days of Halloween left so hopefully despite the time passing enjoy a few extra days of spooks.

I don’t know what to really open this one up with except for the fact that I think it is about time I watch one of the most famous zombie films ever made. Working my way back to the most important zombie films, Shaun of the Dead is considered by many to be one of the best horror comedies. Inspiring with many a love for the genre, Edgar Wright has never been one to shy from deconstructing tropes within genres much like his Cornetto Trilogy (which includes Shaun of the Dead). One could say that it ranks in a lot of top 5s for zombie films for many people making it quite prolific. So what is all the hullabaloo about then? Does this film stand out more than the films it gleefully deconstructs or does it fall into the trap of “it popularized it but that doesn’t mean it did it the best”?

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12 Days of Halloween…The REVENGE! – Final Girl

The revenge story, one of the classics in horror or just in narratives in general. A horror film designed primarily to be cathartic towards a sense of evil. I checked out a karmic revenge story in the last 12 Days of Halloween, it was Audition. There is a pure visceral sense in the notion of a protagonist being hunted or hunting someone else. It can cause very tense scenarios to arise, or cause some very grey moments much like in the series the Walking Dead where vengeance is always a part of the plot when humans are involved. Terrible moments breed a sense of revenge out of necessity, purely because what someone is left with is either a hole that eats away at them or a goal to set their wrath upon. Final Girl offers us a horror/thriller based on the same principles of something like Leon the Professional, instead with a hint of revenge rather than necessity. Yet how does Final Girl handle both a protégé story and a revenge story at the same time and do they both coalesce into a solid film?

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12 Days of Halloween…The REVENGE! – Scream (TV) Season 1

You know what I dislike more than midterms, the fact that it halted my continuation of this event! Curses! Well luckily it’s all over for a tiny bit, enough for me to continue. I will catch up on the days I missed and it will most likely carry over into November. Well without further ado let’s get back to the fun!

Scream is my defining horror film as a horror fan, primarily the very reason why I decided to enjoy what was horror. Discovering it young, it was one of the first films I had watched without my parents’ permission and the blood probably did give some frights. Skip to when I was about 15-16 and here it came up again. I didn’t remember it well, but I was still oddly excited by the prospect of watching it. I understood the meaning of it, and I enjoyed it. It was defining moment as a fan of horror and Wes Craven became an inspiration for me. Seeing this man create some of the more iconic horror films blew me away especially with the kind person he was searching for actors who were trying to start to make it. Now you probably understand why this Scream television series had a lot to overcome for me as there was no way I could not be heavily critical of it. Despite having high hurdles, is Scream still a show worth at the very least checking out?

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