My Main Issue with How Not to Summon A Demon Lord

The isekai genre has certainly become almost like the big blockbuster tv anime genre of recent years. Each season is racked with a new isekai show, if not more than that, all in an attempt to capture the money making and popularity of something like Sword Art Online or Re:Zero. Why wouldn’t they? It has been proven to work. Yet with the influx of more and more shows within the genre there becomes an issue with quality control or rather coming up with a specific schtick to differentiate it from the crowd. Sometimes that means throwing in a smart phone, sometimes it is meta humour and sometimes it is taking a NEET and shoving them into a game world where they are all powerful yet lack any social graces. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord has an idea similar shows before (this year mind you) and decides to go for a more comedic route.

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The Hitman’s Bodyguard – That One Film You are Going to Watch Because it has Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson

I think it was inevitable that this film would be made. You have two of the most entertaining actors of the 21st century so far one who has been around for a while creating cult classics in cinema and the other blowing up right now (about time I might add). There was going to be no way that a studio would pass this up especially because of how bankable it is as a summer blockbuster. Now I love Ryan Reynolds, I think he has versatility, and I love Samuel L. Jackson whose instrument with which to express emotion is profanity but I was cautious of this film. I feel like this is a film that could be easily cashed in for a quick buck and disregarded as soon as the year is done. This is usually how these things end up unfortunately, but can the Hitman’s Bodyguard be that one obvious buddy action comedy team up that could stay around for a while?

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Dunkirk – Why Can’t I Love You?

I absolutely respect Christopher Nolan, he is one of my inspirations as a lover of film as many of his films are top grade. You look deeply into these complex films weaving together not only great plots and film techniques, but just a fascination with an entertaining/captivating ride. He creates living portraits turning characters into realistic depictions of humanity at its best and worst. I can’t praise the man enough and why it is my saddest displeasure to say that I did not like Dunkirk. Yeah right out of the gate I am going to say that this film did not resonate with me. Before the pitchfork of many a fan comes to attack me I just want to in this look at the film why I respect the experiment Nolan did and why even if I respect the craft it just didn’t work for me.

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Anime Round Up Winter 2017 – Overlord II

This is a series that has had me perplexed on my feelings in the past. The premise of following a villain in a fantasy world as he tries to conquer it is compelling especially in the situations that can arise from it. The problem arises when this overlord is merely a Japanese businessman from another world, offering an interesting balance between putting on an image for his subordinates and keeping his own morality intact. The first season focused heavily on Ainz (the poor sap who was stuck in the game) and his adventures of learning the land. I can’t say I enjoyed the first season so much as it boasted a large cast that grew in each event and incident without really offering us much behind any character besides fleshing out Ainz. This second season however takes the show down a different path of delving more into the world. Does this new focus in the show make it more watchable or will it still pale in comparison to more engaging fantasy contemporaries?

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Minions – It is Just Minions

I have done it! I have finally lost all sense of reason! I decided to put myself through the one film I told myself I would never tackle. Now I don’t have an issue with the Despicable Me movies, I am actually quite fond of the two that I have watched. The minions in those movies in small doses were tolerable pieces of merchandized entertainment. They were made for mass appeal and to sell and it worked. Merchandise galore popped up with minion faces everywhere! They even made a ride at Universal Studios in Orlando dedicated to the minions. I mean I can honestly say this was a phenomena that took a while for it to die down. So inevitably a spin-off was going to happen which prompted a big question. Can these little guys carry an entire movie on their own? Well unfortunately I decided to find out the answer to that question myself and one movie later I regret every choice I have made in regards to it.

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Green Hornet (2011) – A Good Idea Untapped

Superhero cinema has been predominantly Marvel and DC driven for a while now. We have numerous films from their roster of characters for a while now that other superhero films are kind of glossed over for the most part. Take a look at the Green Hornet’s revival in 2011. Completely glossed over and never talked about these days either in the bad or good superhero pile, it has kind of eluded the public eye after release. I mean it came and went, until of course Netflix put it up in my queue. Also seeing Seth Rogen in 50/50 and Steve Jobs have proven his dramatic talents to me, so I feel like he can play a superhero with this tragic and troubled background. So does Green Hornet deserve to be considered these days or is there a reason why not many people mention it these days?

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The Eyes of My Mother – I Will Never look at Eyes the Same Way

Horror is something I always find myself drawn to. As stated in many of my looks at the genre over a few dozens of films and two Halloween events, I am fascinated by its ability to chill us to the bone. It is like an adrenalin rush, but sometimes films try to be a bit more subtle with its terror. Not one that will have you screaming or really have you drenched in sweat, but one that tries to unnerve you at your core. The Eyes of My Mother is one such horror film that tries to not be your stereotypical shock factor horror film but rather one that wants to burrow under your skin. It takes on the whole black and white approach with interesting choices in both narrative and aesthetic, but does it manage to be just an interesting aesthetic or is the film far more chilling than the idea is interesting?

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