Well I’m finally making that transition into the new age designs of blogging! It is sparkling and pure!

That is besides the point, hello there person who I may or may not know. Name is Schizoidmouse, and welcome to the blog! I love to talk about video games, Anime, Manga, film, TV shows, pretty much anything. Hence, I will squeak about almost anything. I try to bring my honest opinion to anything, even if it means saying I thought something famous was bad or something universally hated was good.

I often look forward to finding new anime, or ideas for antagonists so feel free to send me recommendations via email of stuff at SchizoidmouseBlog@gmail.com.


Things to know about me is, I am a big fan of entertainment. Whether it is chilling on the couch catching the latest episode of Big Brother, binging the latest Marvel Netflix series, catching up on my obsession with Danganronpa, watching the latest seasonal anime or even going out to enjoy a good play or musical, my mind is always on entertainment. I love the material, even if I don’t have good things to say my respect goes out to those who put their heart into their work.

As you can clearly see from my picture above, I often use the character Yasuhiro Hagakure from Danganronpa as my avatar in anything. Don’t worry I find it weird myself, but it strangely fits me to a T. Hagakure is a strangely human character in a series of talented individuals and a character many could probably identify with in such an intense scenario.

I even made an entire post discussing why I use him which I will shamelessly plug here!

So that should be all for now, I hope you enjoyed my little blurb and I look forward to potentially communicating with you in the future or replying to posts! Have a great day anonymous reader!


I do not own any of the images used in my posts. All of those rights are retained by their original creators.



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