Mega Marathon X (Yes I know its Corny)

Just a little announcement of stuff to come for most likely the next two months.

Alright so out of one stove and into another, hitting up this new event I will be taking more time to finish because this isn’t films or television we are talking about that can be binged. This is taking a look at one of the franchises near and dear to my heart as a gamer, and that’s Mega Man X. A franchise that was the start of my 2D platforming days and has even one animated special to its name. Everything under the name “Mega Man X” will be touched in this franchise to the best of my abilities. Even the more obscure Mega Man X Command Mission or Gameboy Colour installments. With some top 10s peppered alongside to spice things up. To help keep content flowing however I will try to keep this marathon going on for a while as sort of an ongoing and dedicated project since some of these games I haven’t completed yet and I know Command Mission will take me a fair amount of time. So I will be covering the same type of content, hopefully Mega Man related but not really holding to purely that, in order to keep myself functional.

Mega Man X.jpg

If you have any ideas for Mega Man X top lists, feel free to send them to me and I’ll see if I can squeeze them into the marathon! I will be going on with this marathon until Mega Man X8, which I am hoping is a lot better than X7 (not looking forward to that one). So until then prepare to see a bevy of Mega Man X content along with others of course. To start off I will be watching the one Mega Man X TV special that was released, The Day of Sigma. Expect that to go up tomorrow and then we dash forward into the series at large. I hope you all will enjoy it!


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