Battle Girl High School: Battle Girl Project – First Impressions of the Curious Mishap

Let’s just say that this one is one of those “curious mishaps” everyone has at the beginning of a season. Where we are looking for shows to watch, only to sometimes find ourselves staring down the pit of anime despair. The title alone being Battle Girl High School: Battle Girl Project should have been a sign, or even the fact that it was a video game adaptation should have been a red light. Or maybe it’s the enormous cast of characters with one note personalities to help differentiate them because they have too many characters and not enough time to flesh them all out. Well whatever the reason I ignored it and decided to watch the first episode so here are my thoughts on it.

Battle Girl High School 2

This episode is probably one of the weirder tonally atrocious episodes I have seen in a while. I don’t really have a pin on the show yet. The first images we get propose some sort of interesting visuals involving a tragedy and it was in a dream sequence to open up to a girl sleeping in class. Jump cut to them now fighting monsters and the teachers explaining vaguely what is going on. The enemy looks like the rejected minion designs for Power Rangers and the way they are fought is too uninspired and uninteresting to even grab the viewer’s eye. You aren’t here for the fighting and the show won’t dissuade you from that fact.

There could have been one saving grace in this episode, its main heroines. Things can at least be watchable if we are able to connect with any character. We are given two plots going on in this episode, one where the student council president is threatening to close two clubs for inactivity and the main trio want to work better together. Two plots beyond the initial exposition the teachers talk about and the “shocking” reveal at the end that was baffling to me because it tried to act like it was greatly important when the show has yet to actually make me care for anyone. The sad fact is that the club plotline has more consistency than the main trio’s plotline. It has a beginning, middle and end that is visible to the viewer. We see the problem, the problem mulled over and the problem resolved even though it makes you wonder why this plotline existed in the first place since it does nothing for the show overall.

Battle Girl High School 3

The main trio on the other hand I have a hard time finding what I was supposed to connect with in this episode. Each character boils down to a stereotype, and each one does nothing to really stand out amongst the others. Even the characters of that other plotline had more defined character traits than the main three. We see them struggle in battle, realize they need to do better and then off screen get better in time for a skirmish with other students. We don’t even see them struggle to get better or the road they take to achieve said goal. Instead we are told they got better and even then they still lose.

Nothing in this episode really matters and that makes the entire episode disorienting for me. The starting visuals made the show feel completely different from what follows. Then the finale happens introducing another character and I was wondering as to why that was important because we are merely getting introduced to these other characters and for a new character to show up doesn’t really seem as important. Both plotlines resolve in this episode to a resounding “Why?” Simply because it decided that it wanted to hit certain quotas for its entire cast, explain the situation poorly and then expect us to care about the characters enough to be invested in the events of the episode. I for one am still processing the mess that I just watched.

Battle Girl High School 1

Now it sounds like I have nothing positive to say about this show, and that is mostly true. The music is interesting but random as the only song I remember from the episode is an idol duo singing something while the girls fight with no connection to what was going on. So even the music is still mixed. It just didn’t have anything to offer me as a viewer. Yes there is a cast and yes the plotlines were basic and were resolved, but looking for such a low bar is not what I watch airing anime for. Battle Girl High School: Battle Girl Project is something best passed on as it is just another average show with less to offer but cute girls doing nothing important.

And throughout all the pictures I have posted not one of them has the main trio…showing the overbloated nature of it all.

And so this was the first of potentially many discussions about this show to come. I plan on finishing this show and hopefully it grows on me or at least becomes alright enough to watch. I really do not wish to watch another Gunslinger Stratos or Isuca.

So have you watched Battle Girl High School: Battle Girl Project? What did you think of it? Feel free to leave a comment down below and don’t forget to have yourself a wonderful day!


2 thoughts on “Battle Girl High School: Battle Girl Project – First Impressions of the Curious Mishap

  1. Well, just checked to see if I can watch this one, but alas it isn’t available here in my region. So can’t really comment on this one, besides ofcourse saying that I enjoyed the read and am apparently at the moment not missing out on anything lol 😂 Hopefully it will get better 😊

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  2. You certainly are not missing out on this, but I think with a few drinks and some friends I may be able to make it through this thing. I always hope that something good will come out of something bad, but its not always the case and this seems like the latter. Its better to sacrifice oneself to warn others than to let others wander into shows like this unaware of the darkness within! XD


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