Mega Marathon X (Yes I know its Corny)

Just a little announcement of stuff to come for most likely the next two months.

Alright so out of one stove and into another, hitting up this new event I will be taking more time to finish because this isn’t films or television we are talking about that can be binged. This is taking a look at one of the franchises near and dear to my heart as a gamer, and that’s Mega Man X. A franchise that was the start of my 2D platforming days and has even one animated special to its name. Everything under the name “Mega Man X” will be touched in this franchise to the best of my abilities. Even the more obscure Mega Man X Command Mission or Gameboy Colour installments. With some top 10s peppered alongside to spice things up. To help keep content flowing however I will try to keep this marathon going on for a while as sort of an ongoing and dedicated project since some of these games I haven’t completed yet and I know Command Mission will take me a fair amount of time. So I will be covering the same type of content, hopefully Mega Man related but not really holding to purely that, in order to keep myself functional.

Mega Man X.jpg

If you have any ideas for Mega Man X top lists, feel free to send them to me and I’ll see if I can squeeze them into the marathon! I will be going on with this marathon until Mega Man X8, which I am hoping is a lot better than X7 (not looking forward to that one). So until then prepare to see a bevy of Mega Man X content along with others of course. To start off I will be watching the one Mega Man X TV special that was released, The Day of Sigma. Expect that to go up tomorrow and then we dash forward into the series at large. I hope you all will enjoy it!


The Wind Rises – Fly High and Fly Higher Still

There is something to be said for Miyazaki as a filmmaker and as a director. That for all his works that feel distinctly Miyazaki, there has never been that one work where you could say “His soul beats off the screen!” His whimsy or feelings regarding flight and nature can be present, but never a sense of himself. That is not to say he doesn’t put every inch of his being into his work, his countless years of filmmaking is a testament to the man’s passion, yet this one film seems to be his poetry to the world of animation. His work of pure cinema in a sense, well more of a lax usage of the term, where visuals and storytelling go hand to hand. This is the one film that I can honestly say, “Miyazaki has finally made the film he has always wanted to make.” Every director has that one project that speaks to them as a master of their craft, no matter the director. Yet that very passion project some try to accomplish can fall along the wayside and they can be lost within their immense desire to tell the story they have always wanted to tell. Does The Wind Rises fall prey to Miyazaki’s very passion, or does it have enough lift to carry us to the clouds with him?

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One Year of Slight Commitment and a Lot of Messing Up, Anniversary Post

I don’t know how many times I have thought to myself that I wouldn’t be continuing this blog much, because I have technically owned it since December of 2014. Back then I had illusions of grandeur that I will be the next big thing and all that pizazz yet I never really understood that I wasn’t and may never be. Back then I joined up with a site called Popculturemecha and then Gamereviewpad, but in the end I had to leave both because one kind of faded from my mind during a time of potential duress and the other merely because it wasn’t meant to be I guess. To both I appreciate my times while working with them/for the editors and enjoyed making content there. It was a learning experience.


So now of all times I have technically been using this blog more seriously or at least more consistently over the past year. Even though consistency is not really my thing, noticeably about how many deadlines I make for myself and never keep and how many times I don’t post for an abnormal amount of time. I do feel like it has been long enough that over the course of three years that this was the first year that I tried to do something about this blog. It has certainly been a blast doing it more for this past year. Meeting new people, commenting on other people’s posts or even commenting on comments made on my post. I decided not to go further with commenting on comment’s comments because then that would be rabbithole that would make that one sentence go on for far too long, but you get the gist.

I have met some great people and continue to each time I post or look at another person’s post. I appreciate every time someone reads or even gives a cursory glance to one of my posts. It is this sense of not accomplishment or acknowledgement but rather a feeling of just being able to say you are here and here is my opinion. Even though most of my opinions at times can be a tad bit too harsh…sorry Resident Evil movies! I have a deep appreciation for the craft of film and I think anyone who tries to make it in the entertainment industry is someone to be respected. I always try to look on the bright side, or at least with a sense of optimism, when looking at anything. Yet that same optimism will not get in the way of me voicing my feelings, because if you don’t stay true to yourself and how you feel towards a work than is it really you anymore writing or what you want people to see you as?

I always want to stay true to myself, to take risks on things that out of my comfort zone and sometimes express my passion either negatively or positively. Those original visions of grandeur have dissipated, and a more realistic look on what I post has emerged in place (at least I hope). I feel happier posting that way and that is I think the best thing I could have asked for. To meet good people, to talk with good people, to still neglect to use social media, and to open my eyes to other opinions different than my own. I guess what this shorter than usual post is trying to say is:


Thank you for a great “first” year of blogging solo and here is to many more active years to all!

Oh and I am trying to get the last Ghibli week post up tomorrow! So yes while it has been two days I have not left that to the wayside. Time has not been on my side this week and will be back to regular soon.

The Cat Returns – The Embodiment of the Magic Studio Ghibli Possesses in Its Purest Form

The one and only rewatch I am forced to do during the Ghibli Week I have been doing, which is unfortunately going on longer than expected. I mean when you are watching anime with your family, sometimes not everything can go as planned. So I decided to personally rewatch one of the early works that I had fallen in love with when I was younger. The Cat Returns was my third foray into the magical world of Ghibli after My Neighbour Totoro and Spirited Away and the first Ghibli film I bought for my personal collection. The Cat Returns will always hold a special place in my heart, yet I decided when I was going to look at all the Ghibli films at some point to see them from a more critical lens. Hopefully it still holds up today about 10 years later, and yes it has been that long…and the more I dwell on that the older I feel. So does the Baron still have that kick in his step or will the endless swarm of cats put a damper on his dapper dandy deeds?

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From Up on Poppy Hill – Second Times the Charm

Ah the second film of Goro Miyazaki. I feel kind of bad that out of the two experience’s you can have with Goro as a director of a Ghibli film one of them is Tales from Earthsea. To not get a positive reception when starting out in the industry can be daunting for future projects. Especially when your own father didn’t necessarily think it was a good film or even that you should be given the film in the first place. To me there is baggage that I am expecting Goro to carry, but I am also hoping that this gives him the drive to make something great. From Up on Poppy Hill is the second film directed by Goro in the Ghibli library and unfortunately will be the last due to Ghibli not continuing. Tackling the post war era of Japan, Goro’s new film while shorter than the last one seems to be a more ambitious one moving away from the elements that his father usually uses in his films and try to find his own personal touch. The only thing is, does he find his stride with just his second film?

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American Gods Season 1 – An Interesting Unfettered Look into Neil Gaimon’s Mythology and Mind

Neil Gaimon sure can make some of the weirdest content in any medium doesn’t he? I mean he creates things like Stardust, a fantasy adventure story about a boy and a humanoid star, and then comes out of nowhere and creates one of the weirdest television series I have seen so far. American Gods is a show that will pull no punches, leaves everything out in the open for whatever reason and will leave you often confused after an episode finishes. Much like everything of Gaimon’s I have come across I have been pleasantly surprised at how different each of his works feel. Yet they always maintain this feeling of mystique that never fails to delight, but it is almost always hard to tell how effective they are. The absurdity can be a bit too blinding and if you get lost in an episode/film chances are you might not be able to explain your reasoning. So with all that said, is American Gods a brilliant homerun for team Gaimon or is it a bit too incoherent to effectively engage us in the brilliant absurdity?

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Castle in the Sky – Getting Lost in the Clouds of Adventure

Castle in the Sky is probably the most straightforward Ghibli film I have watched so far in this marathon, and heavily reminds me of my feelings towards The Cat Returns. The whimsy and sense of adventure are ever present and the action ever entrancing. I mean a lot of films that heavily rely on the sense of pure entertainment to sell their film usually end up being a decent time at least yet never manage to be memorable. Movies like Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Mummy (2017) and The Scorpion King really end up forgotten after you leave the theater unless you gain a deep disdain for them for ruining a property you originally enjoy. It is a hard line to cross to make a film that aims to be an adventure film to stand the test of time without much to really look behind or a style to enjoy that differentiates itself. Castle in the Sky is Ghibli’s first film they ever created as an official studio, and at times it can look a bit noticeable. Yet as far as adventure films go will Castle in the Sky be merely a decently entertaining film forgotten after watching or a timeless story that reminds you of a simpler time?

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