Hunt for the Great Antagonist Guidelines and & Update Post

With the scary exam period almost behind me I thought an update post would be the best thing to say where I’m going forward with this blog. Where I want to go and let’s see if we can make it there. I appreciate every person who takes the time to read one of my posts and I take far too long to reply to certain comments because I always want to say the best thing I can. It is just nice to finally get the ball rolling.

Alright so firstly the Video Game Weekend, hunt for a potentially good adaptation, will continue. It is one of the hardest things to do in cinema because I feel like there is this looming dread over an adaptation. You have to get it to sell, but you also want it to get a good reception. I’m wondering if I will find that masterpiece of a show or movie that will a shining example as to pave the way for future video game adaptations. So I’ll still be going along with that event.

Yes I will be covering the next of the Resident Evil live action franchise…I dipped my feet in and can’t seem to get away.

I will be trying to do more posts now that university is almost over and with only a summer course I should have some more time on my hands. Yes that does sound hopeful but I want to try and think of a way to make it happen, without running myself ragged. Also I will be posting up an email for this blog, in the hopes of potentially getting some interesting recommendations of things to either watch or write posts about. It is worth a shot.

Lastly I will be starting a new feature that will hopefully run at least once a week. That new feature is the Hunt for the Great Antagonist. Now one of my favourite things in any piece of media is the antagonist. A hero sometimes can be only as good as their antagonist forces them to be through standing in their way. Whether it be classic villains like the Joker or Darth Vader or that one kid from the movie where he bets another kid can’t eat worms (yes that was a thing), antagonists can sometimes steal the spotlight. Antagonists are the force of opposition to the protagonist. Meaning that we can have the antagonist be a good person to oppose the villain we are following, much like the critically acclaimed Death Note and its key antagonist L. I want to take a look at a wide variety of antagonists for fun, but then I thought it would be even more fun to potentially make a ranking out of them creating a personal encyclopedia on them.


Well of course there will need to be some ground rules set first:

  1. The antagonist in question must be a person separate from the protagonist. As much as I love character vs. self conflicts in fiction, it would be harder to create an arbitrary scoring system that would include it. The self is the same as the protagonist, and thus won’t have the same aspects individual antagonists have. The goals, accomplishments, personality, motivations all of those things would be complicated or even lacking making it harder to grade them fairly when compared to others.
  2. What the antagonist does, big or small, is all considered under the same rankings. Even if it is that one girl from Mean Girls, she can be compared with greats like Darth Vader. I want to grade them not on the gravity of what they do but what it means to them and how it affects others. Does the antagonist effect the way the story is played out, merely a cog in the machine, or a tool who thinks they are playing the game but is merely guided by an even bigger player? All these questions I want to ask.
  3. There will always be spoilers in these posts. It just comes with the territory.


And the scoring system will be each of these categories out of 10:

Motivations – Behind every good antagonist is a reason to clash with the protagonist. Does the character have clear and concise motivation as to what they do? Does their motivation evolve with the story?

Accomplishments – What do they accomplish within the time they are on screen or even off? What is their effect on the film/show at large? How does this mess with the lives of others, primarily the protagonist?

Characterization – What are the flaws of the antagonist? What makes them a three dimensional character worth sympathizing with or even rooting for?

Relevance – Within the story is the antagonist relevant at all or merely a side note? Do they plot from the background never amounting to anything or have a grand scheme waiting to be enacted? Do they provoke change in the protagonist? What do they mean to the story of the protagonist?

Screen Presence – How effectively do they use their screentime? Clear and simple, how effective are they within the movie? Do they do what is intended of them, are they intimidating towards us as an audience or counteract the anti-hero/villain in a satisfying way?

I hoped that these five categories will help to flesh out my choices, but who knows if these will be the final categories. Might do some more tinkering before then.


Well that is all for this update, expect (hopefully) that I have more material coming out shortly after the 23rd. Well that is all from me as of now, I have one more essay to finish writing. So like always feel free to leave a comment down below and don’t forget to have yourself a great day!


3 thoughts on “Hunt for the Great Antagonist Guidelines and & Update Post

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Yet there is that drive in me to find something that might stand out in a good way. I plan on tackling Danganronpa at some point down the line and even the Persona series of animated shows and movies, surprisingly there is three different versions. I think my best bet in finding something good in a video game adaptation is in anime but I’m not going to disregard films or even television series just yet. I am looking forward to seeing whether or not the Castlevania television series coming out this year can garner some positive attention.

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