Resident Evil Apocalypse – An Uncomfortable lack of Alice Stares

I have no idea why I want to continue with this franchise of films. I wasn’t a fan of the first live action WS Anderson Resident Evil film, yet one could agree that the cheesiness and b-movie dialogue can at times make it watchable (even if I did give it a D). In a way one could have a good drink with friends and simply slip into a film franchise like this, yet I only do that with the movies that never seem to be worth their salt at all. Resident Evil for all its movies feels like a missed opportunity and creating something unique apart from the property, yet in the past two films I reviewed that had “Resident Evil” in the title they both had problems that just consistently undermined a fun franchise about the horrors at home and things that feel intrinsically terrifying. So my thoughts going into this film were “Let me open up my bottle of raspberry vodka (yes I do drink that and yes it does taste like crap by itself) and just enjoy myself.” Problem is I lacked the vodka and therefore was left watching Resident Evil Apocalypse sober. So let’s indulge in just a little bit more of my pain and take a look at WS Anderson’s sequel to his box office hit.

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My Favourite Bleach Openings, Looking back on a Childhood Anime Touchstone

Almost every anime fan knows about Bleach and make that now cringe-worthy joke of saying “not the cleaning supply”. It was a phenomena back in the early 2000s, much like One Piece and Naruto. One couldn’t escape it if you watched anime on television like I had to do back in my younger and simpler times. I used to watch Bleach religiously as a kid, next to my obsession with Inuyasha, Gundam Seed and Eureka Seven. To pay homage to something that was so important to my childhood, I was trying to think of ways I could honour the memory of Bleach as I knew it. Even though I give it flack today for how it ended…that entire last arc, I still hold true that its opening are visual splendours. From a pop art style to monochromatic to even just transitioning fight sequences, Bleach’s openings were superb in order to get you pumped for the episode to come. Each felt distinct, most felt memorable, and some…were best left forgotten compared to others. So here we are, ranking each Bleach opening to my own personal opinions on them. What better way to send off the past than by starting off with an opening?

There will be spoilers touching on some of the stuff that happens within each of the openings. You have been Warned!

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Hunt for the Great Antagonist Guidelines and & Update Post

With the scary exam period almost behind me I thought an update post would be the best thing to say where I’m going forward with this blog. Where I want to go and let’s see if we can make it there. I appreciate every person who takes the time to read one of my posts and I take far too long to reply to certain comments because I always want to say the best thing I can. It is just nice to finally get the ball rolling.

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Kore wa Zombie Desu ga? – A Necromancer, Magical Girl and Vampire Ninja walk into a guy’s house one day…

I was kind of baffled when I came across Is This a Zombie? and read its premise. It seemed to me like a mash up of a bunch of different ideas that read more like a lead up to a joke rather than an actual story. A lot of comedies use a sense of variety in order to keep its episode to episode basis interesting to an audience, and something that uses elements never really thought of in the same sentence before certainly sparks intrigue. Usually we see shows and films travel along this path to less than stellar results, often creating a mess of ideas that never mesh together leaving an incoherent mess in its wake. Films like The Amazing Spiderman 2 and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice suffer from being bloated messes overstuffed with too many ideas. Now what does that mean for a show like Is This a Zombie? and its attempt at creating a comedy from mixing in elements randomly?


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One Room vs Hand Shakers

When I originally thought of summing up my feelings with both of these series, I decided to do individual looks into why both of them are some of the worst television series I have seen in years. What perplexed me though was after putting myself through 12 episodes of the best both shows had to offer I still didn’t know which one was worse than the other. So instead of dedicating my time to two posts where I will just state that the respective show is not worth the watch as a general recommendation, I thought it might be more fun to compare and contrast what each show did right and wrong. Finding out which show can hold the coveted mantle of my least favourite show of Winter 2017 and a great contender for my worst show of 2017. This will be a biased take on both shows, I will try my best to highlight anything potentially positive but remember that I will be discussing my two least favourite shows of the season. Which one is arguably worse than the other? Which one can I find more positive elements in than the other or will it boil down to, which one can we stomach more?

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