Resident Evil Degeneration and Accessibility in an Adaptation

Keeping in tune with my previous post about Resident Evil I felt the need to tackle one of the better films I have watched in regards to video game adaptations. Resident Evil Degeneration is a CGI animated film about the events in between the games Resident Evil 4 and 5. This is a film that takes pre-existing characters within the series and connects their stories to other canonical stories. Think of it as a bridging film of sorts, one that references elements within the franchise yet remains its own singular story. Whereas the live action film tried to blaze its own path and reinvent the franchise, Degeneration tried to remain relevant to the canon of the game.

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Resident Evil (2002) with 50% More Milla Stare!

Welcome to my new slice of pain for as long as I continue to blog! I have decided that I would start a regular segment on this blog and actually stick to it this time! Wow! That in and of itself is pretty insane I know. And instead of watching something great I decided to look into something that has plagued the entertainment medium for a while, video game adaptations. There is a surprising amount of video game adaptations out in the market today and every single one of them has been a critical bomb for the most part. We always ask the question, “Why did everything go wrong when everything was literally gift-wrapped to them?” Better understanding the essence of video game adaptations and their misgivings could reveal reasons as to why this topic is the hardest to get down pat. That is what I plan to at least attempt to do, to reveal some potential misgivings with specific adaptations and maybe somewhere down the line find something worth watching. Find a video game adaptation that often gets overlooked and could be perhaps a hidden gem, or the more likely answer being I’m going to watch a lot of bad films. My money’s on the latter, so without further ado let’s get Video Game Weekends underway!

To start everything off, I decided to watch the gatekeeper to bad video game movies. One that finally finished its long and confusing run in cinemas everywhere. Yes we are going to be tackling the very first in a franchise of films, Paul WS Anderson’s Resident Evil. This is usually one of the first film franchises that comes to mind when you hear the words “bad video game movie”, and that’s only because instead of staying a single film this long running franchise has spanned 15 years until it finally ended in 2017. That’s not to say this wasn’t a lucrative franchise, easily making 100 million worldwide when its first film debuted in 2002, Resident Evil however has never been a critically acclaimed series. Now why would that be? Well if you look into the source material and really peel back the ideas taken into the film, you can quickly understand why.

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