Caught in the Middle on Being an Anime Fan

This is more of a response to a mentality I have seen in forums and just the darker and less accepting side of the fanbase more so than any individual. This will probably be a bit controversial and I may ramble from time to time through my tales, yet I felt a more stream of conscious approach to this post would fit it better. This is meant more to discuss generalities than specific people, hence the lack of names within some stories, these are just some of the experiences I have had over the years regarding the fandom. I’ve grown to meet and read articles from some great people on the blogsphere and in real life. So thank you for reading through this and let’s have some fun shall we?

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Top 10 Female Anime Characters in 2016

And so we come to a close on these character lists for 2016 with my favourite female characters of that year. Much like with the male characters, this was a hard list to compile with so many interesting and fun characters. Some that had exceptionally emotional moments and others that stand tall in front of adversity. Comedic leads that bring us to tears with laughter and even some of the best antagonists we have had in a while. There is this great diversity in the female characters of last year in so many surprising series that some are bound to be left out. So let’s put 2016 to bed finally on this blog with my final list!

Spoilers for the following series: Danganronpa, Flip Flappers. You have been warned!


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Top 10 Male Anime Characters of 2016

Moving on from antagonist to just my favourite characters in 2016, let’s tackle the male characters first. Both of these categories, favourite male and female characters, were far harder to place than the antagonists. None of the antagonists will show up on this list even though some deserve to be, I feel like they had their time and if need be after my top female anime characters list I’ll make a makeshift favourite characters of the year list. That being said, there really is no great segway to effectively transition into the below list. I guess…uhhhh…males that deviate from the occasional norm are hard to come by. Often the male character is limited to its scope by the many stereotypical personalities and beta existences given to them out of a need for the audience to have a hollow shell to be empowered by. So here’s to those who thankfully don’t fit that mold! I won’t have every character I liked in this list unfortunately, so if they are not there its not really because I didn’t like them more that I didn’t have room for them.

Spoilers for the following series: Danganronpa 3. You have been warned!


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Top 10 Anime Antagonists of 2016

So travelling back to things I still need to finish up about last year, I decided it was about time to finish my lists. I probably will do them in a more timely manner for this year, but who knows.

Antagonist is a very broad term. It could be the protagonist themselves, a villain, a rival, a force of nature, but the primary component of being an antagonist in a series is to be in direct opposition with the protagonist. The hardest thing to do though is to make the antagonist a worthwhile character in their own right rather than merely an obstacle in the path of the protagonist towards their goal. They need to have formulated enough personality and depth to be memorable, and sometimes the antagonist can easily walk away as the best character from their respective show. Char Aznable to this day is heavily considered one of the best antagonists by many people, mostly in the Gundam fanbase, creating tropes some still follow to this day in anime. The hero is only as good as their opposing force, so I am here to honour the top 10 antagonists I loved in 2016.

There are spoilers for the following anime: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2nd Season, Danganronpa, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, 91 Days and possibly some others. You have been warned!

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Kuzu no Honkai and Modern Anime Sexuality

I only recently decided to make this post because of the impact of a certain episode. While everything leading up to episode 4 may have been alright, episode 4 in my opinion culminates in a great explosion of sexual toxicity that is hard to look away from. Kuzu no Honkai is certainly one of the most risque anime that has been produced in a while, not for the fact that the saliva kissing happens in every episode or there is…GASP! NUDITY! No, Kuzu no Honkai merely uses sexuality as a vehicle for its uncomfortable takes on love that still to this moment make me uncomfortable. So I thought a post explaining the interesting notion of Kuzu no Honkai in modern anime seemed like a fitting thing to do. Well enough with the introduction! I want to dive right into this world of toxic relationships!

This will cover the series, Kuzu no Honkai, up until episode 4 of the anime series. You have been warned about spoilers!

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