Merry Christmas to All!

Well its time for the Christmas post marking my return to blogging after my chaotic exam period. So many essays and exams cramping up my hands…and of course I go right back to it with even more writing. That being said to those of you who have stayed with me while I ramble on about shows and the like I thank you so much. Its always worth it when people take the time to read the posts you make and even if no one reads them i’ll still make them in the hopes that someday someone might. Sharing opinions about the entertainment medium as a whole is something we all should. Film, Anime, Visual art, Music, anything really should be shared and it truly is a Merry Christmas when we can all stand together and just be happy to be fans of something. To show who we are as people, to show what defines us.

That is what is truly special about blogging to me. I get to see so many different kinds of opinions different from my own that make me rethink my own thoughts, to see things from a different angle, or just make you smile about someone sharing their passion. It truly warms the heart, and I hope that you guys continue writing into the New Year and I’ll do the same. So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or just be happy celebrating what you want. There is something magical about the end of the year, and the lights truly create something special to behold.

Hope you are happy wherever you are!

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