12 Days of Halloween

Alright guys time for a countdown! I am a big lover of the idea of Halloween, not that I aptly celebrate it though. I find myself more involved in the horror movie marathons or the terrifying atmosphere of it all. Hence why I thought to myself I might as well create some sort of event for this blog. What kind of event, well one that celebrates different forms of horror within the entertainment medium. Different monsters, actors, genres and even different takes on the same material, the whole gambit. Will be a bit of fun to do, especially when I love watching horror films and it will make this month pass by quite fast. It will be starting on the 20th all the way to the 31st of October. So this is the draft of each day in this event and what type of subject the film or show will be a part of:

1 – Vampire

Not the most terrifying thing in recent history which is a sad thing, but I want to be able to tackle something from this genre. And no it won’t be sparkly.

2 – Slasher

There are a lot of slasher movies out their creating arguably its own subgenre in horror. Some good, some absolutely terrible and a lot of meh it has a good range of material to pick from.

3 – Horror comedy

I wanted to have this category to give me some levity throughout this marathon of horror. I am often skeptical when it comes to most horror comedies, though I have my stride in the past with some that will stand the test of time to me.

4 – Vincent Price

One of the best horror actors to ever live, his filmography is substantial with a bunch of memorable classics. I’m using this primarily as an excuse to listen to his amazing voice again.

5 – B-Movie Horror

I have an affinity for B-Movie horror, ones that won’t so much scratch the horror itch but could become memorable in their own rights. Often this involves over the top action and a bad budget/idea so it will be fun to get creative.

6 – Anime

This will probably not be the only animated horror work on here, but it is a category to get worked up for. I have a hard time finding good horror anime as most in the medium lack the ability to chill me to my core. I look forward to seeing what I may come across for this day.

7 – Ghost

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story? More often than not these are the tales told the most, about lingering spirits who can’t rest. This often results in more atmospheric horror, with potentially a gothic setting but can certainly present some of the more interesting twists.

8 – Found Footage

The bane of my existence, I do not understand the hubbub about found footage horror. Most of the times it is poorly shot, and my last few ventures (The Gallows being one of them) into this type of style has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Hopefully I can find a film worth going through in this style where I feel I wasn’t giped out of my money.

9 – Home Invasion

These ones are often a mixed result for me most of the times. It is hard to make home invasion films at times unique as most follow the same trend. Yes it is a terrifyingly real concept, but one that needs more gravitas in my opinion to be special in its subgenre.

10 – Japanese live action

I’ll be honest I am new to the whole Japanese horror scene. Only seeing the original Ring in my Japanese horror compendium, this is a specific topic I am truly interested in trying out.

11 – Psychological Horror

Messing with one’s head can be fun in certain settings such as card games or in a fun atmosphere with particular games of bluffing. Psychological horror on the other hand can create some of the most trippy moments in horror. Well worth the wait I hope.

12 – Mystery Movie

This will be a film I specifically wanted to talk about for a long time. If I do this every year it will most likely follow a trend for a while, I do a bit of a roulette of a few films I would love to look over and whatever is chosen will be this day. Wouldn’t mind some suggestions to throw into the pile of films so far though.

Each film will be a mystery even to me until I roulette it. Hopefully I manage to find some good ones and not be tortured by the numerous bad rip-offs or terrible executions. Who knows I may find some good ones worth the scare this Halloween. If you have any recommendations to enter into each pool make sure to put it into the comments below and have yourself a great day!



2 thoughts on “12 Days of Halloween

    1. I may have more than one anime in these twelve days (I hope), but the anime day itself I am slightly dreading and I’m going to have a lot of fun with whatever gets chosen. Found Footage I made sure to choose some that actually look good, but its always a gamble. In essence every other film could just be another Most Likely to Die and while the notion is quite terrifying more than the film itself, could be good to get rid of some of them from my plan to watch list. Luckily it was only on Netflix so I didn’t go out and buy it. So happy for small mercies.

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