Summer Anime Round-Up 19-15

So it is time again! Even though it wasn’t that long ago since the last one…Hopefully I can finish this one halfway through the Fall season, but I already know that my lazy habits may keep me going back to my old ways…Why not start off with a good start this time though! I found Summer to be the most interesting season of anime this year so far. Winter, while still holding some of my favourite shows and picks for the best of the year, was far more inconsistent in my opinion. Summer on the other hand has showed me…that I should slow down and watch less anime so I don’t always spend half of it recollecting series I wasn’t particularly fond of.

Alright so last time I decided to do far too much in the way of anime. 27 plus dropped shows was too much for me to get done on time and therefore I am condensing both what I watched and how much I watch. Less obvious crap and more intriguing gambles. So I have calmed down on my watching habits (even though I started off with 30 shows…). Without further ado let us get on with the show!

  1. Rewrite

I couldn’t escape it if I tried! It kept on coming and…oh my goodness is that a second season?!

The one show I decided not to drop out of my uncertain ones. I am now questioning myself as to why I decided to follow the advice of others and try it because the supposed source material was good. Source material does not matter as much in my opinion so I don’t know why I followed the logic of 1 + 1 must certainly = 2. Rewrite is a mess of characters doing something in a world of hidden monsters born from humans. Some humans fight monsters others use them. Then we have a club room and stuff like that with a bunch of girls for a harem. I seriously was confused and had to look up some things in order to understand at times the enormous amount of exposition spewed at me. Not every character gets good introductions or even detail to themselves and that is disappointing. I found myself bored with the highschool hijinks turning into edgy fights with monsters. That being said, before the whole world was explained I wasn’t disliking as much as when the whole story decides to smack you in the face. Now the information stream to try to explain everything remains consistent with even worse comedic hijinks than before and it is grating. I actually didn’t mind the club events and found it at times charming in the beginning, but nothing could have prepared me for what happens after all that.

I did not guess though that the ending was going to be as bad as it is…and how confusing it is. I expect in trainwrecks like this to at least have some semblance of what was ultimately going on and what was the point of everything, yet in those final moments I found solace in nothing. They even said it was mostly anime original! HOW?! Usually anime original content tries to attempt to make a longer story consumable to a wider audience and to change it in a way that makes sense for a television series. I found myself dumbfounded for the most part with what was going on. Now there is a second season?! Curse my completionist tendencies…

  1. Battery

The snowball is the best thing you are going to get…just accept it.

Baseball…but with feeling! Essentially Battery loves to wave around how it is a much more realistic depiction of children going through baseball in adolescence. This would sound interesting if the focus wasn’t everywhere especially in its last episode. The melodrama spikes due to how non-cohesive the cast is and how unlikeable so many of them are. Usually you can have a few characters to want to enjoy, but most were antagonistic or just plain boring. I don’t have strong feelings either way though and often found myself saying the show is average. There was no wow moment or even element to the entire series. I still don’t know why half the series exists since it doesn’t really progress what the goal is. To play baseball as a battery is what Harada and Go want to do, and yes most times it focuses on them and their married couple routine. In the end however we get very vague and even no finality to the point of the show which leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. An average show, turned into a mess of focus and unlikeability with no finality to most of its characters.

  1. D.Grayman Hallow

Where was this beautiful imagery all of the time?

I do like D.Grayman, I really do. This is just my most hated arc in the whole series when I originally read it and I feel like the series took a nosedive after the whole Noah’s ark arc (redundant wording I know). The skimming over Timothy’s section of the story and honing in on Allen and the awakening of the Noah was a smart choice in slimming down the runtime to the more important moments (even though it was rushed). I also don’t mind the whole Kanda and Alma shenanigans, I actually find it quite refreshing. Apocrephos is one of the biggest shoehorned villains I have seen in a long time, and this entire season felt rushed and while I am glad they got through one of the worst arcs (in my opinion) content and consistency wise faster, it still doesn’t mean I will appreciate them making it arguably worse. The Noah are as bland and unmentionable as ever with the exception of the two main ones. Third exorcists, I often wondered why the heck they came to be and that about sums up my feelings for this arc.

This was the returning part of when the mangaka was taking a hiatus and when she returned to make this I was not so overjoyed and it showed to me how removed she was from the material. It is as if she is trying to shove in all of her ideas and trying to finish what she started. I commend that full-heartedly and will always remember everything up to this arc fondly as I did really enjoy most of it for being a unique supernatural shounen series that was far better than its contemporaries. That being said, I just didn’t care enough in the way they adapted this season to change my opinion at all on the material it was adapting I didn’t mind some parts and even enjoyed, visually, some segments even though the visuals were scattered in how consistent they were. Hallow was to me hollow and I just cared about as much for the content of its anime as I did when I read it.

  1. Tales of Zestiria the X

If only SHE was the protagonist…

Did you want ufotable to make another anime? Bright visuals, something that looks like it is on a better budget or on the same caliber as anime films? Well you got it! Tales of Zestiria is beautiful to look at, for the most part, yet completely bland as both a narrative and as a show. Insert generic fantasy plot here, then sprinkle some weak philosophical fantasy nonsense, add in a protagonist that makes white wonderbread the spice of life and then you have exactly what this is. I have seen this done to death, I have seen the characters done to death, and nothing is interesting about a cast whose main goal is to stop something evil. You know roughly what they are doing, except when they lounge about a few episodes or have the exact same battle structure appear twice. Agitating when they rehash the same enemy type as a grand battle one episode after the other. The main transgression I would say the series has made is through advertising the next game, Tales of Berseria, within the runtime of this anime with two episodes. Two episodes that surpassed any of the story found in the actual anime, Berseria’s story juxtaposed Zestiria’s and that was the bad thing. I wanted more of Berseria and found myself discontent with both the worse cast and set up that Zestiria had in comparison. Bland protagonist in Sorey vs interesting anti-hero in Velvet Crowe…I’ll take Berseria yet was left with Zestiria.

Though to me there is certainly one saving grace, which is the princess. Not particularly the most original take, but one that is done with far more vigor than our main cast with bland stereotypical personalities that I have a hard time wondering if there is depth to them. She acts upon a goal, and dedicates her life to said goal after the events she has experienced. These are both changes in the character and essentially a point the character wants to get to. The rest of the cast for the most part lack either of those two points which is why she is such a godsend with some actually well done scenes. If you are a fantasy lover, there are far better series that did roughly the same thing years ago or even films that do the same thing. Decide for yourself if you wish to engorge on this visual beauty, but remember it is as shallow as narratives/casts can get.

  1. Cheer Danshi

This is what I came to see! GO WATARU! Toe-Touch!

Why did I decide to do this? I knew Cheer Danshi was going to not be my cup of tea, but I did it anyway. To Cheer Danshi’s credit though, I was entertained up until episode 6 where everything after it falls apart. Episodes 1-6 show the group getting together and finding out their inner strengths and getting over their personal hurdles all the while keeping the show self-contained. Everything after it is far too messy to even consider to be the same show! Originally the group is seven people only to grow into an immeasurable cast of characters whom they try to give individual personalities to.

What becomes the problem is too many characters to focus on. It left many with just bland reaction dialogue and the one’s they focused on were either very annoying or…boring to watch. I mean broccoli guy…and Mr. Tryhard…you couldn’t have kept the focus on others? It is nice to see Wataru, Tono, and the protagonists of the series, Haru and Kazu, but then the overwhelming number of characters almost ruins the dynamic. There are certainly personalities in the group, yet those personalities at times dwarf the characters I found myself more compelled to. Plot lines were fruitless and the animation quality was getting noticeably bad to the point of hilarity. I mean was episode 6 really all they had time to put effort into? I found myself looking at faces in the foreground that were just hastily drawn and that never sat well with me because the series does deserve better I think. Cheer Boys though had me for about half of the season absolutely enjoying it. The problem was that it didn’t stop at episode 6.

Well the positives are I have put myself through less pain than the previous season. Scared Rider Xechs would have probably beaten me down to the point of no return, so I jumped ship harder than most series. There are some series I would like to try from this season, yet for now I’m going to hold off until I reach a season I am content with not really caring about or have less than ten shows to watch.

That being said, tell me what you think about the works down in the comments below. And have yourself a great day!


2 thoughts on “Summer Anime Round-Up 19-15

  1. Rocco B

    I actually like Zesteria xDD. Sure it follows the games narrative to a tee. Sorey and Mikelo do have that bro fist which is a plus for me. Yeah Alisha got more development in the anime than in the game, so I’ve heard. It’s pretty much a shameless plug with that two-special episode with Velvet. Though she just rocks!! so can’t wait for the game to come out. Good post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wanted to love the show, especially since I do enjoy its visuals, but to me I found myself tearing it apart more so then taking it in. Velvet Crowe to me was so much more dynamic a protagonist, even in two episodes she stole the show away from Sorey in my opinion who has been done multiple times before and a lot of them come off the same way. I have not played the game, but I’m far more eager to just play Berseria than continue Zestiria as an anime. I think the advertisement worked too well, which was a detriment to the series as a whole.

      Liked by 1 person

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