12 Days of Halloween – Audition

Day 10

Aha! I have made it! As much as I have not seen many films from Japanese cinema, Takashi Miike is a name I know all too well after being forced to view one of his more auteur pieces. I seem to have been talking about auteurs more often than not during this marathon, but out of all of them Miike is the only one who has been acclaimed as such. Miike’s extreme violence as shown in films like Ichi the Killer is certainly what forces him into a more niche audience, and I would say after Ichi the Killer I just wasn’t that audience no matter how absurd and well-acted it was. Many say Tarantino is the master of violence, and that may be true for action films, but Miike has proven time and again horror violence and psychological horror is his forte. Yet it is hard to argue that point when he is so well rounded with films like 13 Assassins also in his filmography. Day 10 has given me yet another one of his films to view, and I am just mentally preparing myself for the shock that will most likely be Audition. Continue reading “12 Days of Halloween – Audition”

12 Days of Halloween – Hush

Day 9

Home invasion films have a sense of just utter terror to me that is kind of primal. I’m a paranoid fellow at times and I often worry about certain settings or scenarios because of my long history of love with horror. The idea of a home invasion is terrifying, specifically if you think about how terrifying some of those situations can be. Yet with such an easy subgenre to give me thrills, I often find myself at a loss when it comes to the craft or overall execution of those films. There are so many flops in this genre it is staggering, and I want to find one that finally brings to me a tale worth raving about. Luckily, Mike Flanagan’s Hush could very well be that film. I was previously impressed by the visual trickery Flanagan used in Oculus and I feel like he is certainly a director that could become an auteur of horror films down the line. Will Hush just prove the point more or is this the first film that shows the cracks in his armour?

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12 Days of Halloween – The Visit

Day 8

M. Night Shyamalan…we meet again! Something always brings me back to this guy one way or another, and it will always be a neverending struggle for me to want to see him hit his stride again after consistent flops. He even has my most hated film in his repertoire and it quite hard to forgive that slog, you can probably guess which one it is. I do enjoy some of his films in the whole, “it’s so bad it is good” kind of way. Though I have heard a lot of positivity regarding M. Night’s latest film, The Visit. I thought why not put it into the pool and perhaps see what happens and sure enough, like destiny, I managed to get this one. I’m not too optimistic about this one, as more often than not I am burned by both the director and the particular style of horror so this doesn’t seem to be a great combo. Who knows, for once in a long time I could be singing the praises of M. Night.

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12 Days of Halloween – The Others

Day 7

Ghost stories are the bread and butter of campfires. That twinge of fear, the ambience, burnt marshmallows, the fire burning bright, and yet to me that means nothing when you see a ghost story done right on film. The funny thing is that it is slightly harder to choose which ones are better, when so many have an atmosphere down pat. The Others is no exception to that. It uses its gothic mansion and unique lighting situation to create a constant air of suspense. The thing that makes it so unique is its circumstances. The circumstance of the children’s photosensitivity to light, the new help arriving who seem a bit odd, the husband going off to the war, then of course strange noises and weird figures being seen all through the house. Does the narrative however give its setting and scenario enough time to breathe into a story worth sitting through this slow burn is the main question to me though.

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12 Days of Halloween – Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

Day 6

Now we have finally hit that anime portion of this marathon. I have quite a few other anime films/series in other brackets, but this is the only time I know for certain that I will view one. The thing I have the hardest time being sold on in anime, is often horror to me. I have watched numerous horror series or ones that have a tense atmosphere throughout due to its horror roots. It would be too easy for me to put in Shiki into the pool, since I already really enjoy it. Can’t review anything I know I like for this marathon, right? So instead I have yet another vampire film to watch, and hopefully Vampire Hunter D does not disappoint.

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12 Days of Halloween – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Day 5

Ah B-movie horror…one of my true vices in life. I do love at times watching some entertaining “horror” fluff. Though B-movie horror is not limited to only cheaply made knock-offs, oh no sometimes B-movie horror does include a bit of a budget. Enter Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, a name such as this fits the B-movie horror mold I considered for this day in particular. Over the top action, stylish but obscene and goofy when looked at seriously, a plot filled with ridiculous clichés and ultimately the gall to take itself seriously. This is B-horror even if the budget is more substantial and the style more appealing. It’s easy to want to watch an Uwe Boll movie and talk it down, but I’m gladder I got something more substantial in the long run.

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12 Days of Halloween – House on Haunted Hill (1959)

Day 4


Day 4 and what a day to enjoy! Vincent Price has the largest resume of acting credits to horror films than any other actor. His voice is absolutely breathtaking and his acting, for a lot of his cheesier films, amplifies them beyond what they should be. While the film, 1959’s House on Haunted Hill, may fall ultimately into the cheesy non-scary category, it manages to be tense despite the age. This ultimately falls upon the performances

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12 Days of Halloween – Hausu

Day 3


Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…well I don’t know how to introduce this one. For day 3, I decided to pick horror comedy as the topic since I like finding unique satires or takes on different genres. I did not expect to find this film, and I have been left absolutely baffled. For once I was left speechless after a film, and still to this moment I am speechless as to what I have watched. I thought I would have it relatively calm and handle either a bad parody or quite possibly a more easily discernable film like Tucker & Dale vs Evil. Instead I got director Nobuhiko Obayashi’s 1977 horror comedy, Hausu. Really? I just had to experience this one now? How do you top this absurdity?!

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12 Days of Halloween – Most Likely to Die

Day 2

Slasher films have become a cult phenomenon having created its own sub culture within the horror genre. With such classic hits like Friday the 13th and Halloween in their roster how couldn’t it? Scream revitalized the interest in slasher films in the 1990s and to this day Western horror has at times managed to obtain a strange fascination with it. I say strange because we haven’t gotten many good slasher films in the 21st century. More often than not they are either good ideas with poor execution…or schlocky and cheaply made write-offs. Most Likely to Die had that type of write-off vibe to it that when I came across it I needed to add it to the roulette for this section. Of course Hostel, Eden Lake or The House of the Devil were in there as well, yet fate decided to deal me this hand. I quickly came to realize how wrong I was for including it.

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12 Days of Halloween – Fright Night (2011)

For the first day, it seems I will be watching a vampire flick. Not just any Vampire flick though, we aren’t talking about an Interview or stalking born from teenage angst. This is a remake of a cult classic, about a vampire being a guy’s neighbour. You know nice neighbourhood BBQs, enjoying each other’s company, having a bite to eat off your neck, the average stuff. Fright Night is not exactly the most terrifying horror movie of all time, but enough to begin to whet the appetite towards the trek to Halloween. In the era of bad horror remakes, Fright Night manages to sneak by most people. Nightmare of Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Halloween, all of these films attempt to revitalize their series to no avail failing to capture what truly terrified its original audience. Fright Night on the other hand understands that it was very niche to begin with. It understands the lowcuff humour, and how over the top the scenario is and has a lot of fun with it. Despite being true to its original base premise, does Fright Night (2011) manage to make a lasting impact?

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