Danganronpa 3 Mirai-hen: Discerning the Remaining Suspects (Major Spoilers for Episodes 1-9)

With 5 people left, I don’t think they will pull a “dead character is alive” twist. It is more of a hope than anything that they don’t pull something that feels cheap this far in. It would ruin this one in my opinion since we have a decent batch of suspects who could each have motives. That means one of the five mentioned is the true mastermind. My thought process behind this has lead me around in circles. I did however want to get my thoughts down in order to have one shred of proof if I am in fact right! Well…I can hope right?


Munakata Kyousuke

Not at all the mastermind, but is being led around by the mastermind due to his forbidden action. I think his hidden action could be multiple things but the most likely is to either “be the last hope standing” or “You must stab all of your previous relationships” hence why he stabbed the dead Chisa. Sever your ties and become the false despair. Munakata is the unfortunate one throughout the entire killing game and the only one who knows the truth thanks to Tengan. Munakata is being lead to be the despair of the incident and this game will end with his death I am sure.

Mitarai Ryouta

The obvious choice due to the Zetsubou-hen storyline. After finding out about his connection to Junko it makes sense that he would be the obvious red herring. If he is the killer, that’ll be a bit disappointing but manageable. He wasn’t affected negatively by Junko’s video like Mikan was and didn’t react like a despair but rather a terrified human being which is understandable. Mitarai seems to be potentially be the final person Munakata kills on his rampage, that or one of the last people alive to spread hope to the people through his anime like he always wanted.

Aoi Asahina

Seeming more likely as the series goes on after that original scare of her dying. Asahina could be it due to her brother dying in Ultra Despair Girls. The Future Foundation were going to save Naegi’s sister, but not even attempt to save her brother. Her being such an emotional character would make sense as she has tried to kill them once before when she found out Sakura committed suicide because of them. There is also that notion of her being one of the only non-heads of divisions there, the others being Hagakure and Naegi. There is a shaky motive, but it could work as her being the mastermind. Then there is that moment where Munakata says in front of Naegi and Asahina “There you are despair” with the blade reflecting both of their pictures. Her purging the members who let her brother die would also tie into killing off potentially everyone but Hagakure, Naegi and herself to restart.

Makoto Naegi

Next to no possibility, but there still is a chance though it is ludicrous. What happens if Naegi was actually a despair? Thinking about the illogical as possible can bear fruit sometimes and if he has been playing this long game to truly stand on top of hope only to cause despair could be Junko’s last hurrah. It would mean the game series continues with more interest, the second game had you playing as one of the primary antagonists of the series. Why couldn’t the first game as well. I know this one is more ludicrous but it would, in some twisted way make a bit of sense. That sword bit by Munakata could easily mean the same for Naegi.

Yasuhiro Hagakure

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hagakure throughout this series has been a non-entity. In the first game he was a non-entity and this time he is outside of all the happenings.  Though…something has always worried me about Hagakure. Why? There is no reason to keep Hagakure around when he contributes to nothing. Then pieces started to connect for me, could Hagakure actually be the mastermind behind this whole incident? Thinking the impossible as the possible can bear fruit as I previously said.

Let’s recap on something Munakata said. The mastermind might want to keep Naegi alive as a means to spread despair as being one of the only pillars of hope left in the Future Foundation all the while removing those the mastermind saw as threats within the ranks of the Future Foundation. The only one not taking place in the killing game, but still considered a player is Hagakure. Why is that? A coward like him? The thing is, it is exactly why I think Hagakure could have done this. When Juzo enters the monokuma room he finds self-automating computers, the mechanics in the killing game can be automated!

The person doesn’t even need to be in the building for the game to work. How you may ask? Tengan told Munakata who he thinks the killer is and what happens if what he said was that the killer changes each time. If the mastermind wanted to stand by Naegi in the future, wouldn’t the killer want to be safe from the randomized killings? Hagakure is outside, and is safe but he can also save the day. He lets it all go down and turns up to be a saviour of the symbol of hope, everything becomes a happy ending. Why on earth is he alive and Togami could be stuck underneath all that rubble? Who was actually shooting at him in the helicopter at the beginning? Could it have been automated? Why in the opening is his portrait mixed in with thorns and vines? Hagakure is arguably the biggest enigma of the entire series.

You find out that Hagakure owes the mafia a debt. In Danganronpa If we find out in fact that the mafia he owes a debt to is in fact the Kuzuryuu clan. Therefore he has had the potential to meet Fuyuhiko. There are factors now tying him to the ultimate despairs. Hagakure is the oldest member of the first game due to being held back. Yet all we know is he was swindling people prior to the whole tragedy. He is a strange entity especially since he hasn’t done much of anything. I could easily be overthinking things, but it is not a far off assumption.


I think the mastermind essentially comes down to three people (without crap like people not actually being dead). Asahina is the most likely especially with everything said and done. Her brother was killed and the Future Foundation only wanted to save Komaru Naegi, gives her ample reason to hate. You know she is capable of it after the Sakura debacle in Happy Trigger Havoc. Naegi who is the least likely of the three but still a probable answer. Naegi was all along the ultimate ploy left by Junko Enoshima (unlikely but there isn’t many choices to choose from nowadays). Then of course my choice for a potential mastermind, Hagakure. It is more of a hope than anything as I want Hagakure to actually mean something in this series. This isn’t so much a game of despair, but a culling of people much like Munakata said. Hagakure does have the best spot out of everyone and the only person with a connection to the Ultimate Despairs. We know he has been shady in the past and his ability has been used to con people in the past.  While I do think Asahina is most likely going to be the mastermind or have a hand in everything, my guess is Hagakure is going to be the final mastermind! What can I say, I love to gamble.

So who do you guys think it is? Put it down in the comments below! And always remember that the weapon is always a steel pipe!


2 thoughts on “Danganronpa 3 Mirai-hen: Discerning the Remaining Suspects (Major Spoilers for Episodes 1-9)

    1. You hit the nail right on the head. I think it is more about my desire for him to make an impact upon the main series rather than only having an impact in a side story. I like the character design, I like the mystery behind him and weirdly he seems to make sense in a weird way. He as a character is more interesting to me than a lot of the others about how he reacts realistically to situations and is normally the coward looked down upon by others. I feel like so many people write him off as the useless character in Danganronpa and I want ammunition to prove them wrong.

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