OVA Corner: Video Girl Ai and Proving to me that Ecchi Romcoms can actually work!

I found myself on a little OVA binge as of late! So I thought…why not make a little miniseries on OVAs. Not going into every single one of them of course, but ones that stood out to me or I feel like talking about.

The most surprising anime I have ever had the pleasure of watching was the little treat by Production IG back in 1992, Video Girl Ai. I think the first question that needs to be addressed when one watches this six episode OVA, “what is a video girl?” Well to make a long story short, it is a video of a girl pretending to be the viewer’s girlfriend in order to comfort them from numerous problems they have in their life. Or, as best said by Bennett the Sage on Youtube, for simpler terms a loneliness aid. That is exactly what the protagonist Yota is buying. And this is how this crazy romcom starts off as, but it is not even close to how it ends.

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Character Spotlight – Kanchome & Parco Folgore, the Lion & the Hippo

Probably not the best thing to start a new feature with a duo that is not the main duo of the series they are in, in a shounen that started in 2001. This is probably the series that set me down my path of enjoying manga or anime in general along with Gundam Seed. Now Zatch Bell is essentially about a 100 children being thrown out into the world with little else than a magical book in order to find their partners. These partners will help them both get situated in the world, teach them about life, but also help them fight a battle in order to discover the king of these Mamodo children’s world. The many children with books will all fight to burn each other’s books in order to be the king and control the fate of their world. What does it mean to be strong? What does it mean to be king? That is the interesting thing about this series is how you see the experience change both the human and Mamodo children alike. While there are a lot of partners mentioned, like the righteous Zatch learning about himself and wishing to be a selfless king to other children like Reycom who adopted his partner’s twisted world view of using his powers for greed. In the end, I decided to choose the weird duck child Kanchome and his Italian heartthrob partner Parco Folgore.

Watch out as there is spoilers nearing the end of the manga. I try to do my best in not having spoiled much, but read at your own risk.

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Spring 2016 Anime Season Round Up Top 5

The final five is here huzzah! This is my top five of the Spring anime season and some may come as a shock. Well it was a shock to me as only one of my originally predicted top five is actually in my top five. I didn’t think I’d end up liking some of these series as much as I did, especially since some have their fair share of flaws. Though not many series on this list will be memorable in the long term (looking at you Seisen Cerberus), I’ve certainly had more or less fun with most. Well I want to say most. Let’s finally put this undertaking to rest and go onwards and upwards…FOR JUSTICE!

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Spring 2016 Anime Season Round Up 10-6

Time for the beginning of the end! PHEW! About time! I am glad I made time to actively finish the shows from the Spring season and come to at least a consensus on what I feel about each of them. Unfortunately this is where placing the shows actively becomes a problem to me and why this list took so long to finally finish as I myself didn’t know where to place most of these works. I had to come to a decision and with a wing and a prayer let us move onward!

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Spring 2016 Anime Season Round Up 14-11

We are finally rounding the bend and close to my top ten at last. Been quite a while, why I decided to do my opinions on twenty something others is beyond me but it most certainly has been fun! I have never been too crazy about the Spring season of the past few years, yet it is the one season I find myself watching the most shows. I see potential often in Spring, yet more often than not I’m let down. Here we are closing in on what I consider to be the ones that are potentially worth a watch, but these next few are potential shows I feel others may like if they are looking for specific niches. We are almost finally done and it is about time to move on in the hopes of me not rambling on for too much.

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Spring 2016 Anime Season Round Up 19-15

Darn it has been a while since I have done one of these. With the Summer season coming to an end I know I’m too far behind on recounting the Spring season. Maybe next time I will be smarter and shorten my overall list…or I just won’t learn from my mistakes and end up doing the same thing. If people keep reading my thoughts I’ll keep posting them, simple as that. It has been fun picking this back up again and hopefully that lull of laziness doesn’t find me again anytime soon. No matter how entrancing the pull is…

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Danganronpa 3 Mirai-hen: Discerning the Remaining Suspects (Major Spoilers for Episodes 1-9)

With 5 people left, I don’t think they will pull a “dead character is alive” twist. It is more of a hope than anything that they don’t pull something that feels cheap this far in. It would ruin this one in my opinion since we have a decent batch of suspects who could each have motives. That means one of the five mentioned is the true mastermind. My thought process behind this has lead me around in circles. I did however want to get my thoughts down in order to have one shred of proof if I am in fact right! Well…I can hope right?

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