My Pokemon Gym – Bringing on the Pain with Fighting!

Yes! It has been a long time since I have talked about anything Pokémon related. I play the occasional game, but besides a Nuzlocke I don’t delve much into the worlds. With the new games of Sun and Moon coming out, Magnitude Anime Reviews took this idea of creating his own Pokémon gym and turning it into a sort of challenge for others to do the same. Thanks to Two Happy Cats for the nomination! Please check out their cool gyms as well, the links lead right to the posts.

Fighting Type Gym

(but with a twist! M.Night would be so proud…)

Fighting Pokemon have been one of my most useful companions since the beginning of the franchise. Machamp, Primeape, Hitmonlee, are all Pokemon I still try to train and catch today. So I thought why not make my gym centered on one of my favourite types of Pokemon. I honestly don’t know why, but as a child I guess I just always thought Fighting Pokemon were cool and would always make sure to have at least one in my final team fighting the Elite Four. I guess a part of me still has that love for my nostalgic Pokemon, such as Machamp.

Town & Gym

maxresdefault (1)The Gym itself is a rundown mess of a psychedelic looking gym. Giant crystal balls which look like Tesla balls flicker and adorn pillars in order to create some sort of mirror puzzle of illusions. There should seem to be multiple trainers, yet there is only one as the gimmick no longer seems to be in order. Only two challengers await you and at the long end of the hall awaits the gym leader with a big banner behind him with the letters “Put faith into your Pokemon and fight for your future!” Under it is a name, Sara, which is to signify the gym leader. Except there is only a man there with a Gardevoir and Gallade by his side.

Just a bit bigger than this.

This gym is the remnants of one that was only here a while ago. The past gym leader had passed away and now only the strongest trainer of the past gym and two others stand to protect it. She used to be kind and had the motto of putting faith into your Pokemon for a brighter future. It used to be a psychic gym, but has since adopted a fighting gym style. The gym is protected by its trainers and has thrown away the gimmick as stated by the new gym leader. Next to no one can make it to the gym leader and if they do they are squashed without a second’s thought. That is my gym, one shattered in ruin and holding harsh memories for all those who still stay.

One of my favourite elements of Pokemon is its ability to have some of the most dark and interesting tales. The obvious answer would be Lavender Town which is still something that to this day left an impression on me, adding a layer of depth to this series. I would say that has lessened in the coming years and I would love to bring that back into the series as I would totally incorporate something dark but still heartwarming into my gym. Of course I would make it either the seventh or eighth gym on the outskirts of a bustling town. The town still moves along, but since it isn’t the largest town everyone is affected by the loss of its past gym leader. I want the trainer to leave my gym feeling like they changed something, revitalize a person and a town. I want them to feel like they accomplished something more than just obtaining a badge.


Battle Quote and the style of dress (Oh also the Badge is Spirit)

Quote – “I remember the day this banner was hung. I remember the exact hour and the same smile I saw day in and out grow wider. Have faith in your Pokemon! Soar above the future in front of you! Ha…how foolish that seems now. You seem to think that your fighting spirit can overcome any wall in front of you. You seem to be strong, but allow me to be the voice of reason. Allow me to show you the limits of your ability. Come trainer, let’s see if you can withstand the weight of reality!”

Defeat – “You truly embody the words behind me…”

Final speech – “It has been years since I have taken over the gym…not once have I seen a trainer with your type of resolve. Sara would be proud of your performance as well. Your spirit has broken the wall in front of you! To commemorate your victory, I don upon you the Spirit Badge. I think it’s about time we remake this gym into something different, make sure you come back once it’s all done for another battle. We shall be waiting for you, and never forget to have faith in those closest to you.”

I wanted the dialogues to be cheesy, but to also hold some weight to them. It is just that even watching the third film and seeing where its themes could have gone and how well it managed to develop them without truly leaving the formula of it being a children’s show is what kind of inspired me to do this. I wanted the badge to be the Spirit Badge because of how much the quote goes into the fighting spirit and faith. I wanted to tie in not only the banner, but the resolve of those in the gym into one badge, as well as give a nod to the previous gym.Adult-Hakama-Front

I wouldn’t wear anything too flashy, maybe like a black vest with a white dress shirt.
Maybe some Hakama as well to signify that fighting spirit that once was there. Be a mix of what was once there inside and what the position of gym leader has now become. Something more formal and lacking of emotion hence the black vest and white dress shirt, but reminding of the past with the hakama.



I want there to be a mix of what the gym was before and what it has become, thus making one of the trainers the best trainer from when it was a Psychic gym and one from the present. Neither trainer has given up hope for the gym and its motto. I want to make sure that the whole gym tells a story. There is no gimmick to halt your progress you have earned that much, now you must show your power. This is not a clear cut gym of one type, but rather the conjoining of two much like the Brain and Brawn double team combo you see in later games with a psychic and a black belt. That was ultimately my inspiration for this gym in the first place, well that and listening to the song “Sara” from City Hunter. Curse my weakness for 80s pop!!!

Black Belt – Hariyama, Mienshao


Hex Maniac – Chandelure, Kirlia




I wanted to stay truthful to the fighting style, but I also wanted to use the Gardevoir to signify the bond still there. It’s a nice little change up to the always one dimensional line up and I do adore it when they change it up even slightly to catch me off guard in the games. This addition of Gardevoir shouldn’t shock you as you can see both the Gallade and Gardevoir on either side. It does force the trainer to not stack the odds only against fighting types, but adapt to something out of the traditional mold while not actually coming out of nowhere. I also wanted to take some creative liberties with this…soooooooo there we go.

Gallade Lv. 50 & Gardevoir Lv. 45

Abilities: Steadfast (Gallade), Trace (Gardevoir)

Move Set (Gallade): Leaf Blade, Double Team, Power-Up Punch, Close Combat

Move Set (Gardevoir): Moonblast, Imprison, Wonder Room, Psychic

Shout out to the awesome artist, Colordrake!

Pangoro Lv. 44

Ability: Iron Fist

Move Set: Parting Shot, Power-Up Punch, Crunch, Arm Thrust


Machamp Lv. 43

Ability: No Guard

Move Set: Power-Up Punch, Ice Punch, Revenge, Focus Energy


TM: Power Up Punch

I decided to go with Power-Up Punch since it kind of wraps up the theme of the gym. Always move forward and fight until the very end, its about learning and growing stronger to fight the Elite Four. Alright so in actuality it is one of my favourite moves in the game and I wanted to incorporate it somehow. I don’t know why it is one of my favourite moves, it is kind of one of those unexplained phenomena. Like Fan4stic.



Again this is all make believe so nothing like this has actually happened just want to preference that…I’m just a writer and therefore my crazy ideas often end in darker places than they begin. I love Pokemon and for me to get creative like this is something I would never have originally thought of so thank you yet again to Magnitude and Two Happy Cats! This has been a fun ride and something that has been an absolute joy to do despite the dark content may make it seem otherwise.

Nominations of course…hmmmmmmm….

Thank you again for joining me on this adventure through my Fighting Gym!


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