Top 11 Batman Films

There seems to be bat in the air! After Suicide Squad garnered interest in the Batman mythos after it was given a black mark with Batman v Superman, I have seen some people discussing the other related media regarding the Batman. I have seen the Otaku Judge review both the animated Suicide Squad film, Batman: Assault on Arkham and the infamously controversial animated retelling of the Killing Joke. That has got me kind of in the mood for talking about something related to the Caped Crusader and while I would love to wait for a month where I can just talk about superhero things in general I decided to jump the gun.

So Batman…arguably the one superhero over the course of both cinema and television who has become a famous pulp culture icon. Yes the others are too, but Batman has had some really stand out material over the course of its long cinematic lifetime both animated and live action. I never grew up with the comics, but I had my fair share of the television shows and the Burton films before eventually loving the caped crusader enough to go out of my way to watch his material. Batman is still, to this day, being put into fantastic movies that don’t have Zac Snyder helming them and taking gamers through the streets of Gotham to stop heinous plots. So I decided to make a list about my favourite films of his…brilliant segue.

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Red vs Blue Season 1 – Elbow Grease and Team Kills

Red vs Blue is a seminal part of original content being created for consumption on the internet. Created in the era of machinima shows and arguably one of the most predominant in terms of remaining one of the highest regarded shows of its nature. A show created from footage shot within a game? It sounds outrageous right? Something that would never catch on, yet with a surprising amount of comedic wit and originality managed to create a series that carries on to this day and age. Whereas today there is CGI animated sequences incorporated into the story, the original Blood Gulch Chronicles started with just footage captured in game. The question remains if the original season that started this whole franchise still stands up?

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My Pokemon Gym – Bringing on the Pain with Fighting!

Yes! It has been a long time since I have talked about anything Pokémon related. I play the occasional game, but besides a Nuzlocke I don’t delve much into the worlds. With the new games of Sun and Moon coming out, Magnitude Anime Reviews took this idea of creating his own Pokémon gym and turning it into a sort of challenge for others to do the same. Thanks to Two Happy Cats for the nomination! Please check out their cool gyms as well, the links lead right to the posts.

Fighting Type Gym

(but with a twist! M.Night would be so proud…)

Fighting Pokemon have been one of my most useful companions since the beginning of the franchise. Machamp, Primeape, Hitmonlee, are all Pokemon I still try to train and catch today. So I thought why not make my gym centered on one of my favourite types of Pokemon. I honestly don’t know why, but as a child I guess I just always thought Fighting Pokemon were cool and would always make sure to have at least one in my final team fighting the Elite Four. I guess a part of me still has that love for my nostalgic Pokemon, such as Machamp.

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