9 Bad but Fun Films

So I thought I’d make a few fun posts before getting back to the Spring 2016 Anime round up. I just got to finish some truly horrid films and well I only wish they had been funnier. Bad films are not a dreadful experience as they can be hilarious in how seriously they take themselves or how badly they are put together. Slogging through a bad film is something painful. Take True Story starring James Franco and Jonah Hill for instance. While not really that bad a film it is easily one I would never put myself through again for purely the factor that there was nothing interesting to watch besides that Franco smirk. You know that smirk, the same one from Spiderman 3. That is why I want to recommend some fun films that may be bad, but are fun experiences in their own rights.

Now if you enjoy the films I’m about to list that is alright, just these are universally panned films and one’s I have given low scores to. If you can find good things about these films good on ya, sadly I cannot.

Jupiter Ascending (2015)

You will find me a good film to be in…now leave me. GOOOOOOOO!

For: Those who love overdrawn sci-fi jargon, awkward dialogue and acting

Eddie Redmayne is an absolute gem in this movie, taking an otherwise slightly nifty looking borefest into a spectacle of confusion and laughter. Just coming off of his Oscar winning performance in the Theory of Everything, Redmayne manages to marvel by showing off none of that acting prowess but instead manage to wow with how much he can go from one to one hundred in an instant. Now Redmayne is not the only hilarious thing in here as both its leads, Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum, give equally bad performances. Some lines such as “I love dogs” are just so baffling in context that I can’t even make this stuff up. Stupidity makes for a good laugh especially when it is crafted in such a brilliant way easily making Jupiter Ascending one of the funniest films I have ever seen.

Jason X (2001)

Jason, darling, you need a new make over! How about some titanium finish and a mask that looks like a first grader’s art project?

For: Those b-horror fanatics who love good franchises’ black sheep

Jason in space? HOW CAN YOU NOT THINK THIS IS FUNNY! The Friday the Thirteenth franchise has been far too overdrawn for my taste. I would even argue that after 2 or 3 that the series had run on for too long and a trilogy could’ve worked better. Jason was actually not even as great as the first antagonist in the franchise, yes Jason was mentioned in the first but only made an appearance as the antagonist in the second. That being said why do we keep on thinking Jason is the main antagonist of the franchise? BECAUSE OF ALL THOSE SEQUELS! They are schlocky and rehash the same villain far too much to give him a fresh new feel. Then came along the most genius plan of all, shove Jason into space. Thus Jason X was born and easily makes up for the pain of the later installments as this film is horrible but in the best ways. Making almost a complete mockery of the previous films in the franchise revolving around our immortal sociopath with a goalie mask. That is what makes this a must watch as this easily stands the test of time with both its bad acting and over the top finale.

Catwoman (2004)


For: Those who thought superhero films couldn’t get worse than Spawn and Daredevil

I honestly can’t think of much that isn’t wrong with this film. Yes the previous Catwomen before Halle Berry weren’t really bad by any stretch, I never thought the character had enough to stand out on her own. I mean Batman Forever’s Michelle Pheiffer was good as a supporting villain, but I could never see it carry a film. They never proved to me that she can pull off a standalone film, so I never thought she should have been one of the first choices for the role. Maybe start off with a Wonder Woman movie first and work your way up to the femme fatale. Sadly they didn’t and we got this mess that you need to be out of your mind to think this is good in the slightest. That being said, it makes for one of the most hilarious one-off films of all time. The amount of cat puns/jokes they shove in along with the nonsensical villain plot makes this just too delightful a watch.

Devil (2010)

I swear…it landed JELLY SIDE DOWN!

For: The fans of a “good” Shyamalan film

Devil is this film that easily spoils itself right out of the gate. A mystery film where a killer is stuck in an elevator with four other people as they try to guess who it is before they all end up dead? Sounds great, right? WRONG! They named the film DEVIL, how is the main twist anything but the devil! This film, while making little sense, has a fabulously dark humour that makes you wonder how they could take this devil seriously. The characterized devil in the film has this morbid humour that forces you to think about each of the events in a way that you wonder why it wasn’t just a satire of the devil as a character in popular media. The ways the devil chooses to interact with the world along with this film’s stupid decisions much like the toast landing jelly side down make this a much better film to show how not to make a movie centered around the devil or overarching darker figures. It takes what you know is stereotypical Shyamalan such as the twist, the horribly awkward dialogue that feels unnatural, and a good idea that is inevitably ruined, and makes it one of the most entertaining films in his repertoire.

The Purge (2013)

Oh Mr. Bay! We have something we wish to discuss with you…

For: Those who love tropes and overblown themes in horror films

The Purge is just, to put it bluntly, stupid on all fronts. There is no way that this system makes sense and their reasoning as to why it works is….it just works. Ethan Hawke is so much better than this as well as Lena Headley, yet this movie works as arguably the funniest attempt to be serious in a thriller/horror film I have seen to date. It manages to give you Henry, a kid who knows just how to ham it up and is an absolute treasure to watch as his performance just hits all those sociopathic tropes you want in a dark comedy. He is so cute and adorable at times that it is hilarious. The action is nonsensical, the plot is predictable, and if you can stomach the long boring chase sequence through the house for the homeless guy than this movie is for you! Just don’t take this seriously as it will then just come off as pretentious about how we are so close to being just like this, when in fact we are nowhere close.

ATM (2012)

They really want out of this movie, you can actually see Josh Peck acting! That’s when you know they are serious!

For: Those who enjoy the blissfully stupid decision making of b-horror casts

ATM has Josh Peck.

Oh you wanted more?

Usually Josh Peck just sells me on it right away, but ATM is bar none one of the worst premises for a horror film I have seen. Three people are stuck inside an ATM machine with glass walls and a killer outside is waiting to murder them since he himself cannot get in. Why can’t he get in? For some convoluted reason that made me not breathe due to laughing so much. Groups could easily beat this killer in a heartbeat, but the actions the three titular characters make are beyond mind boggling. Nobody is able to defend themselves against this guy and the only way to keep this entertaining, the writers thought, was to throw numerous single people at the killer. The thing is…Josh Peck is probably the best actor of the bunch. I never thought Josh Peck and “best actor” would be in the same sentence praising him but this list is pretty crazy as it is. Now I don’t dislike Peck, but it has been proven that films he is a part of don’t normally make it into the green.

Urban Legend (1998)

Loretta…you deserve better than this.

For: Those who enjoy rip-offs of already good films

Urban Legend happened due to the popularity in Scream. Therefore this Scream clone tries its hardest to roughly do the same thing as Scream, but not in a satirical sense. Scream worked off of horror tropes and its cast adapting to the new age of technology. Urban Legend has ham-fisted action/horror in the form of really trying its best to be a rip-off of Scream. It plays off of these urban legends and for what reason? Did they think Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark needed to be knocked down a few pegs? There was no reason, but it managed to make a spoof of Scream instead. It treads practically the same territory Scream does, but in a fashion that makes for a horrible horror film that Scream would use for its own humour. If you can find it and enjoy Scream, you may get a good laugh out of this.

Stage Fright (2014)

Sir? I think we broke Meatloaf.

For: Anyone who thought a horror musical comedy about a summer camp was a good idea

Stage Fright has this camp to it that I think is intentional, but I’m confused as to what in this film is intentional. A summer camp that hosts a musical where a killer goes around killing the cast can make for an interesting satire on that type of generic setting. That being said, those metal ballads they try and the killer themselves, coupled with the brilliantly terrible Meatloaf acting is just a tornado of wrong decisions. The comedy most of the time is unintentional and the intentional comedy more often than not is just painfully bland or like a high school musical. Albeit many of these kids are supposed to be in high school, it doesn’t make it any less painful. Besides the bad comedy, Stage Fright certainly has the ability to be a cult classic for how over the top it takes its tropes and the “brilliant” acting of Meatloaf.


The Happening (2008)

Mark…what have you done to yourself?

For: Anyone who loves any of the above reasons, well maybe not a musical.

Now I said to myself that I won’t put any easy targets onto this list, but The Happening is just too good to leave off of the list! This is the quintessential so bad its good film from the master of schlock himself in his heyday, Shyamalan. Of course Shyamalan makes it onto this list twice, but I do enjoy some of his films. The Happening is yet again the perfect storm of everything that made Devil so much fun to watch, only multiply that by ten. If Mark Wahlberg hates this film so much, then by George you should absolutely love it. For an actor to denounce a film, it must be a work of art and it truly is. The Happening is a film about people randomly committing mass suicide, and the twist this time will blow you away. I just don’t want to spoil this film for anyone, but it is a must watch. Anyone up for hotdogs?


Alright so those are 9 films that may tickle your fancy if you are in for a good laugh. Comedies are funny, but nothing beats the good thrill at laughing while watching films this universally panned. They are the special breed that must be treasured and surely watched. So do yourself a favour and go and watch any one of these films. Do you guys enjoy a hilariously bad film? Do you think something should be on this list that I missed? And believe me I know there is a lot of them. Put your thoughts down below I’d love to hear them.



3 thoughts on “9 Bad but Fun Films

  1. I haven’t seen Jason X or ATM but I’ve actually watched and enjoyed all the others (except The Happening, I found that one a bit tedious). I really like movies like Urban Legend and Catwoman that don’t really try to be amazing but don’t make excuses for that either. They are just doing their thing, take it or leave it.

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    1. I like that these types of films own how overdrawn they are and just go all the way with it. I found Urban Legend when I was on my horror binge a while back. It left that lasting impression on me that I had to watch the sequel and that would easily replaced the original, but I love that hammy performance from the main antagonist far more than the sequel’s. I debated between Catwoman and Daredevil for the longest time because of that Colin Farrell Bullseye performance. Each of these films are beautiful in their own right for that one quality that keeps you smiling, laughing and of course watching.

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  2. I’ve never heard of so many of these titles but definitely going to keep an eye out for a few of them now- it’s amazing how much crap film is lurking around the backpages of the internet once you start looking. My forte’s straight to TV films from Hallmark and Lifetime mainly because they stretch that limited budget for all it can take, oh boy.

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