Spring 2016 Anime Season Round Up (Dropped Anime + 27-25)

Well after a long hiatus I’m trying to get back into writing for this blog. It’s been that thing that I miss in between classes when I had so much time on my hand, luckily I have more time these days enough to start back up. So…Spring 2016 of anime, it’s been a thing right? I personally found less anime to grab me and keep my attention this season than the previous and that should be shocking when some of my favourite anime in Winter were carry overs. That being said for me it has managed to be almost a completely casual season with clear stand outs and clearer flops which is a good thing? I am going to go through my list of anime and unfortunately it is a long list so let’s get started! PS. These are merely brief opinions that are overviews and not in depth discussions.


Dropped – Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096


An unfortunate misstep on my part was trying to watch this before previously viewing the OVA series. The cuts between episodes never seemed to gel well with each other and the recaps slowly started to kill me. Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin has a recap because it airs with a six month break in between and not as filler. Therefore I slowly stopped caring about the additional scenes and decided to wait on this until I finish the OVA series it’s based on.


Dropped – Hundred


I lasted one season watching so many of these harem battle school anime and for once I gave up the masochistic tendency of finishing everything. Hundred after episode 6 is so painful and mind-numbing to me that I could not force myself to continue. Gakusen Toshi Asterisk is enough and executed far better than this trite generic mess that had lazy animation up the wazoo! Some scenes were ripped directly from the opening but with a different background! So if animation can’t even be a positive than what can for this mess?


Dropped – Endride


I wanted this to be a solid classical fantasy series, yet I was directly mistaken by how subpar it could be. Endride is the generic epic fantasy with all the cliché dressings you have seen in multiple shows or films better than it. Its inability to depart from the cliché has killed me as well as its inability to make it amusing in the slightest to watch. The amount of exposition spewed an episode is far too much for me to want to take the time to understand or commit to memory, primarily because of how bland our protagonists are. By episode three I only knew that our lead had a rock fetish, the prince is the stereotypical Hamlet, the scientist is the discarded scholar who was a mentor to the prince, and the girl…well I got nothing. Endride is a slow slog that makes me want to pull my hair out and hopefully I will never complete this travesty.


  1. Big Order (TV)


Unfortunately, Big Order was one of those extra special train wrecks you can see from a mile away. But it also is one that is just a baffling must watch! The pacing was rushed, making the ending and its awkward plot points beyond nonsensical and that is not only thanks to it being ten episodes but also the way of its content almost next to no sense. The characters are often bland or generic, with the females obviously only contributing to the plot in the way of fanservice or really weird romantic subplots. One with the sister, one with the Yuno wannabe who wants to kill our protagonist (it would have put him out of our misery), and then let’s not forget the fortune teller who just falls in love for next to no logical reason other than getting her pregnant by touching the ribbon on her head. Yes that last part makes no sense, but also shows you how off the wall stupid it can be. Despite being an interesting mess, Big Order is not worth the slog through boring dialogue and a plot that will continue to aggravate you.


  1. Mayoiga


What happens when you take the horrid director of Another and give him another shot? You get Mayoiga…and oh boy do I wish they never gave him another shot. Mayoiga has two camps, you either really don’t enjoy the insanity or you think this is just the director learning from past mistakes and making a more comedic take or a parody on a horror anime. Another was a B-Movie horror series that was like if Final Destination and the Grudge had a baby, but it turned out that the father wasn’t the Grudge but was in fact Wes Craven’s My Soul to Take. Another was stupid, but it was one of the most enjoyable horror experiences in anime for how much of a mistake it was. If Mayoiga was supposed to be a parody of that…then why was next to nothing funny, but rather more aggravating than its contemporary? Mayoiga shows promise with some interesting plot points and surprisingly decent b-movie horror atmosphere done right, but ruins it with an insane cast of whackjobs! These characters are supposed to be one note and despicable? Well good on him because he got the job done, I couldn’t laugh at these people because their mob mentality and overall thought process were so far off point that it would make bad horror films facepalm! This is probably one of the one’s I’m going to make a review about so I will stop there. BUT KNOW THIS! Mayoiga, if it is a parody, lacks any comedic wit to it or discernible satire regarding Another as Another itself was an already unintentionally hilarious piece. If it’s a parody it fails entirely, if it’s a horror or mystery show it also fails entirely, there is no way this show comes out clean in my opinion…For the people who enjoy this I’m glad you do, but I just can’t see it in that way at all.


  1. Seisen Cerberus:

    Ryuukoku no Fatalités


So if Endride was bad, Seisen Cerberus had to be a better fantasy show for me to finish it right? Well yes actually, Seisen Cerberus manages to at the very least not make me want to claw out my hair. Though it is far from passable. Seisen Cerberus is living proof that video game adaptations should be best left as the original material. It is a beat by beat predictable and otherwise soulless retreading of numerous fantasy clichés. It was like I was watching a shoddy anime version of Dragonheart, but the dragon has no character and there is no campy charm. Seisen Cerberus may be better than Endride, but neither are recommendable.


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