9 Bad but Fun Films

So I thought I’d make a few fun posts before getting back to the Spring 2016 Anime round up. I just got to finish some truly horrid films and well I only wish they had been funnier. Bad films are not a dreadful experience as they can be hilarious in how seriously they take themselves or how badly they are put together. Slogging through a bad film is something painful. Take True Story starring James Franco and Jonah Hill for instance. While not really that bad a film it is easily one I would never put myself through again for purely the factor that there was nothing interesting to watch besides that Franco smirk. You know that smirk, the same one from Spiderman 3. That is why I want to recommend some fun films that may be bad, but are fun experiences in their own rights.

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Spring 2016 Anime Season Round Up (24-20)

Don’t you just LOVE that smile and the amazing English! He always manages to bring a smile to my face. I advise you to look up his amazing English compilation, its short but worth it. It is time for the second section of my list and this one may step on some toes regarding some favourite anime of the season from groups.Hopefully I can survive another weak and remember these are not in depth reviews but rather my thoughts about each series. Redd White please! START US OFF!!! “WHATSYANAMEEEE!?”

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Spring 2016 Anime Season Round Up (Dropped Anime + 27-25)

Well after a long hiatus I’m trying to get back into writing for this blog. It’s been that thing that I miss in between classes when I had so much time on my hand, luckily I have more time these days enough to start back up. So…Spring 2016 of anime, it’s been a thing right? I personally found less anime to grab me and keep my attention this season than the previous and that should be shocking when some of my favourite anime in Winter were carry overs. That being said for me it has managed to be almost a completely casual season with clear stand outs and clearer flops which is a good thing? I am going to go through my list of anime and unfortunately it is a long list so let’s get started! PS. These are merely brief opinions that are overviews and not in depth discussions.

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