Writer’s Journal Entry Numero Uno – What the H E double hockey sticks to write (Not sure but it most likely will be non-sequitur)

Well here is a regular segment I want to start up, just to try and keep myself continuously writing yet I have no idea what to write about on this segment. Being counterintuitive is my special trait. With the subtitle “What the hell to write” being the major driving point of this first entry I guess I should just explain what this segment will be. Well it’s me just trying to express ideas if I can. Yes that sounds like what my blog was in a nutshell anyways, but I’m not really inventive with new segments for this blog anyways so why drop the trend right? It adds spunk and personality I guess.

I want to take my hand at expressing my skills a bit more with random short stories or the like that I don’t mind just shoving off every now and again. Guess that means I have to keep up with it this time and under my own schedule…I AM MY OWN BOSS! WHOOT! Maybe start brushing up and fleshing out ideas for stuff. That is always interesting to do I guess, go through the brainstorming process one does to create a character or world. Or perhaps about the process of emotions I feel while writing about said characters. Perhaps this segment will fade to obscurity like some others, I’m looking at you ANIME SQUEAKS! May you rest in peace as being something I never saw through, not the first time I guess?

This first post is going extremely non-sequitur. Well I guess this is what it will be from time to time. Non-sequitur pieces of material I go through more often than not. Go crazy with it when I can’t go to sleep and stuff like that. Perfect. Just GREAT. I know exactly what I am doing, everything prior is pure rubbish! Wow I can’t lie even in stream of consciousness…I have to control my stereotypical Canadian urges.

Guess I can discuss what I’m thinking about the new thing I am working on, but I probably won’t talk about more recent things I’m working on. Old and nostalgic baby that is my motto! I am this good at writing journal entries especially ones divulging my inner thoughts.

Well whatever this entry was honestly it was fun I guess? Nice to just throw words onto the page. Get these fingers moving for more than just…what? What did you think I was going to say? Writing down notes was all I was thinking about. Wow even in my rant I still think I’m talking to someone, interesting. Very interesting indeed. Well that is about it for the introduction to this random segment. I promise the next entry will be more meaningful than this, but who knows I’m not actually the most streamlined type of guy when not on a timer or goal set by a higher up. Should be fun!

Also why does this need a picture? Who knows…Oh yeah I’ll start slowing going back to regular posts and stuff like that soon. Whoot.