Samurai Month & Your Crimson Moon (Oh and other things too)

Your Crimson Moon

You stand there, looking out into the distance, feeling the gentle gust of wind dancing across the sea of grass. Their shadows comfort you under the cold winter’s moon. Silently waiting under a sakura tree budding, you feel at peace in its embrace. The moon blankets you, while the petals press against your skin. The pink holds you close, as you desire to prolong this moment. Yet like all of life’s great feelings, it cuts back to reality.

There are no sakura blossoms and no grass to whistle a tune. Just the empty void of a winter’s day, whipping against your cheek like a hurricane picking up momentum. The cold envelopes your breath, much like a ghostly visage warning you to turn back. You cannot as the pain in your chest crushes your heart, hitting it with the cascading fury of water. Your breaths turn into gasps as your gaze meets up with someone. Their figure, tall and sturdy, is hidden by that same moon you once loved. Turning passion into a slavery you simply cannot abide by. This person, whoever they may be is your emotional rival, your heartache, your fear. They are your desire, your hatred, and your calm. Your blade tingles with excitement in your sheath as your hands begin to shake. You now know what must be done, for the moon you once loved.

You unsheathe your sword, itching for movement by the figure. Who on earth is this figure you may ask yourself only to be met with the words, “The answer is as simple as the question.” Sweat begins to drown your face, as the moon begins to dance in the background. You must keep your sword raised or this brute will strike you down! Raise it higher than you ever have before, high enough for the moon to feel its sharpness! Cut through those very shadows you once adorned on yourself! Run at the figure, may your footsteps glide across the snow! Raise that blade! Reach for the stars that now glitter harder than they ever have before! Your very being, nay, your soul is beckoning for this senseless reckoning! You leap into the air as your blade slides through it with ease! Flowing from one side to the other, you slice through the figure! YOUR SWORD SLICES! CUTS! TEARS!

The crisp white snow is darkened by the crimson of blood. Your eyes look up, but why? There should only be the crescent moon, for it is no longer full. Your actions should have ended its reign over you, yet why do you look up? You realize you are resting on the ground, lifeless. Your body is broken underneath an old cherry tree, the snow now smothering you. The pain in your chest is climaxing, as you breathe a veil of mist around you. Clenching for life, you stare upwards and only see the sky. There is no cold light, there is no glittering stars, and there is no passion. Why won’t that moon come out? Why won’t it shine for you, does it not know how you yearn for it. You attempt to struggle to your feet, but something halts you. You were wearing black clothes prior, but now they are outfitting to red.

You knew this would happen, you knew exactly how this story would end didn’t you? You knew who that figure was, as ominous and hidden their appearance may have been! You knew this day would come, but you couldn’t stop your sword! You knew that the moon would no longer shine, yet you somehow felt the wanton desire to cleave! You felt that, not another, you felt that! Now you desire life? If the world were merely kind to those who want to escape their fate. Sadly you were not one of the lucky ones, for you desired the moon. You desired everything, but humanity cannot have everything.

A slight chuckle escapes from your maw as you looked down. Your eyes begin to glaze, as an eerie glow comes from the corner of your view. You dart up in the hopes that the moon returned, but alas that is not your fate. The light emitted, from the fate you took, from the fate you desired to take. The figure is what awaits you with open branches. They welcome you, next to the crimson moon. This is not the moon you desired, but something you knew was coming. Your tears cannot wash away the pain of this moon. No, its blue exterior would never radiate again for you wished that fate away. The red is you, you are the moon now. The crimson moon that drapes over the figure, who drapes over another. This is the cycle you have started, and have abruptly ended.

Reach for the figure, reach! If you desire to change than reach! Time means not for those who beg for forgiveness! Sadly, this is not that type of story. Your eyes softly rest together as the figure drops out of viewing with a fate worse than your own. You have caused this, all for the desire you desperately wanted to make a reality. Black and red, blue and red, red and nothing is all the same now. What use are colours to a person of your making? Pink, blossom, floats into view. Yet this time, you cannot feel them. You have to watch as the shadows of someone who blames you, blocks your view of the new moon coming into view.

Easily just an attempt to streamline some of my content, starting off my monthly themes is Samurai Month. What is the other things you may ask, well…I don’t know, but other things may show up so it is going to happen! Your Crimson Moon was a story I wanted to make in order to help the opening to Samurai Month so I hope you enjoyed it. Just think of it as a prelude to coming events in this samurai wonderland! I digress, samurai month will hopefully start on the 18-20 of this month as I have exams prior to that, but expect content primarily samurai-ish in nature from then until the 18-20 of the next month! Phew exciting isn’t it? If anyone has something they would like to request for a review of, then I shall welcome it. Anime, film, manga, novels, TV, just about anything can be covered in this month! In the meantime I have a lot of samurai and other stuff to watch and read!


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