Webtoon Superhero Comics Contest Top 4 Favourites

There is a special contest going on thanks to Stan Lee and Webtoon, in which they are looking for aspiring artists to be mentored by the great Stan Lee and win money of course in order to be a featured artist on Webtoon! This contest is having submissions going on until the 13th of December and there are a lot of great candidates. Some unique styles, and some really unique presentations. All of these are based around superheroes of course, so don’t be surprised if they start to seem similar. I’ll go through some of my top favourites in the contest and you can hopefully come to understand why I think this is one of the coolest things. I just came across this while reading some webcomics and knew I needed to spread the word about these four great potential series in the making.




With great and unique visual design, Goathirteen’s Rhomphaia is certainly one of the ones to look out for. It reminds me of the visual style used in Tsutomu Nihei’s BLAME!, as well as the world. There are distinct differences though in the visuals as Goathirteen’s feels more inorganic creating a surrealist type of world that invites mystery. The main female character is Jessabelle, is a hard working member of the corporation Cocoon Security. It is a post-apocalyptic setting where she will discover a “forgotten peacekeeper known as Rhomphaia”. As of right now there are only two chapters out, but so far it has me quite interested in what is going to happen.




This is one impressive opening to a potentially great series. Resalan’s ZERO-G is something that feels directly out of a superhero comic. The style in how it introduces our main heroine as both a curse and a cure is interesting and how it affects her mentally. The imagery is everything, and the more you read the more you see why this is so fascinating. ZERO-G seems to have its own way of producing trippy visuals along with more subdued backgrounds. Here is the synopsis since it is far too large for me to want to thin and I think it perfectly shows why I’m interested:

Rei Rhymes is a superhero superfan, which makes living in Delion City even more exciting. Why? Because Delion City has an abundance of superheroes and supervillains! Granted, it’s all just for show–no one’s ever in any real danger because their heroes and villains are more celebrities putting on high-budget performances every month. But when a real supervillain arrives and starts to spread real superpowers across the town, Rei is (too) excited to become the real thing.


Scumbag Heroes


Design-wise, I love a good villains story. Cedric Caballes’ Scumbag Heroes is about two criminals who want to become superheroes. Now, this is always hard to do right. Suicide Squad did it right by creating compelling characters along with memorable cameos. It is all in the presentation and the characterization that draws you to series like these. Scumbag Heroes has what seems to be an interesting idea for a duo and the designs of the two are really nice and smooth. An apathetic swordswoman and an eccentric super soldier, what can go wrong right? Well hopefully a lot can go wrong as I’m expecting this to be a blast to see these two tear up the hero scene in an unorthodox way. I can’t be more excited to see this as I think it would be a fun ride.




Yet another piece by Resalan, ENSO is completely different from ZERO-G. It feels more like Guardian of the Galactic Heroes mixed with a bit of Nichijou like style here and there especially on some reaction shots. This is both funny and filled with a bunch of heart, which will most certainly bring some great moments as it already has. I actually laughed a few times and it is quite rare for me to do so while reading anything. It certainly has my eye, and seems like a frontrunner for the whole contest.

Nano lives in Enso, a city where a hole appeared in the sky ten years ago. Scientists have expertly concluded “whatever goes in doesn’t come back out.” One day an explosion bursts from the hole, along with the multiverse’s most infamous thief, Lucky Blue. Nano reluctantly ends up caught up in the thief’s life, who starts to relish in being viewed as a superhero by the people of Earth.


Now these four are at the top of my list, and I desperately want them to succeed. Each of these stories would be a fun read, and to have them as featured artists would make their job a whole lot easier to crank out chapters faster and with more ease. Resalan in particular is that artist to watch out for as both of her works are my top two favourites. That does not diminish the love I have for these other two works as all of them could easily win and be published, I’m just showing my cards quite early and saying who I’m looking forward to reading about in the future. This is a great contest, which I hope will have some artists seen more (HOPEFULLY THESE THREE WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE). Each of them are talented and I want to see them go places.


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