Midway Fall 2015 Season Review Part 4

Garo: Guren no Tsuki


I really enjoyed the previous Garo. Compelling characters that were interesting despite the stagnation of a monster of the week plot. That is Garo’s strong point, but is easily one of Guren no Tsuki’s weakest. Guren no Tsuki is a Japanese setting, which focuses on some tales from Japanese folklore like Princess Kaguya. The only problem is the lack of compelling protagonists to keep this interesting. Raikou and Kintoki are too bland and one-dimensional to be entertaining, and the only person so far that is at the very least interesting is Seimei. The problem is Seimei is not compelling enough to hold this episodic storytelling on her own and more often than not the badly written story overtakes Guren no Tsuki. You can watch this one without the first, but with the distinct lack of quality comparatively to the first season there is no point.

Decision: Fail


Noragami Aragoto


Noragami Aragoto is going to suffer from the exact same problem the last season did, but even more so. The first arc ends at the six episode mark and I have to say it is extremely compelling. The focus on Bishamon and her past with Yato made for the most interesting arc plot-wise so far. It managed to fit in an interesting and polarizing antagonist along with delving into Bishamon and her regalia which were well executed characterizations with some semblance of depth. The problem that will arise, is what they are going to do after this. Last season proved to me that the second arc is may be the weakest part of the series, but I’m optimistic this time around.

Decision: Conditional Pass (If the second half is far worse than the first, then it may be better to just read it and watch the first)


Haikyuu!! Second Season


Ah Haikyuu, you entertaining piece of sports fluff. It manages to be an above average execution on a standard plot, but all in all you are somehow mesmerized by what is on screen. The characters are all enjoyable and nothing seems too out of the realm of possibility. It is one of the easiest series to watch when entering the sports genre since it is hard to bash almost anything about it when you see Hinata fly through the air. The thing about the second season, is it is just more Haikyuu. The quality drops a bit in the beginning only to quickly pick up, but it is lacking any distinctive battles as of this point which I’m sure will change. While nothing brilliant or groundbreaking, Haikyuu 2 manages to be more of the same fun and strong characterizations that made people love the first season.

Decision: Pass (Despite being a second season, it gets a full pass for being one of the best entrance level sports shows out there)

Welp that is it for all the anime I am watching! Well plus some from past seasons, but these are all the new start ups. I will be trying to finish every one of these anime. I shall leave it up to the people who read this blog: which three should I write a review on at the end of this season? I’ll give the list below and if no one nominates them I’ll choose by random.

Comet Lucifer / Concrete Revolutio / Gakusen Toshi Asterisk / Kagewani / Kowabon / Noragami Aragoto / One Punch Man / Owari no Seraph: Battle for Nagoya / Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry / Sakurako-san / Attack on Titan Junior High / Subete ga F ni Naru: The Perfect Insider / Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai / Ushio to Tora (TV) / Young Black Jack



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