Top Ten Kirby Bosses (Spoilers)

Today I’m going to be talking about a classic series almost synonymous with Nintendo. Most Nintendo fans or fans of video games in general know that Kirby is a staple within gaming history. Arriving on the original Gameboy, Kirby has transformed through the ages but still retains his flair and round shape. They have generally been categorized as an easier type of linear platformer with a lot of ingenuity and heart. The music is phenomenal, the designs always breathe life, and the stages always will stick in your heads with that silly alliteration. But there is one more iconic thing that stays with Kirby fans, the bosses.

Throughout gaming history you always look forward to that confrontation at the end of your journey. The feeling of contempt or admiration for that last enemy you must take down in a final battle of pure will. Kirby is no exception to this and has some of the most unique boss line-ups in any Nintendo franchise. Samus has Ridley and Mother Brain, Mario has Bowser, Link has Ganondorf, and well Kirby has a boatload of memorable baddies you just love to tear apart. So let’s just dive into the top ten bosses in all the Kirby games!

10. Flowery Woods

That's one colourful Tree!
That’s one colourful tree!

Now you can’t start off anything Kirby related without Whispy! Wait this isn’t Whispy?! Blasphemous! No, this is Whispy in his prime. Whispy is the iconic first boss in most Kirby games and has a set style to him that all Kirby fans know. He blows wind, he shakes his branches to drop apples on you, and he rinses and repeats. in several other games they change this such as the 3D Whispy in Crystal Shards or King Golem in the Amazing Mirror. While these versions of Whispy allow for a great new dynamic which does change this classic character a bit, Flowery Woods completely innovates him. With his plethora of new attacks and killing moves that made him a more difficult boss for once caught gamers off-guard. This was our beloved Whispy, but he’s finally getting his moment in the spotlight with a brand new design and one of the best moments in Triple Deluxe.

9. Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright

Please...just stop the pain!
Please…just stop the pain!

You’ve seen many iterations of the Sun and the Moon fighting in video games. In Mario Party 6 the main purpose of the party is to calm down the Sun and the Moon fighting. Well in Kirby you do the same thing, except this time you have to put them in their place. Arguably one of the toughest boss fights in Kirby, Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright try their best to make you rage. With them both attacking in tandem you are unable to single one out until they separate making this one hell of a fight. In their original appearance, you had no abilities to combat these two which forced you to constantly be on your toes to find an opening. This battle may not be the most memorable, but game design wise its one of the cleanest in a Kirby game.

8. HR-H

The Machine that wrecked your dreams.
The Machine that wrecked your dreams.

Almost all the people who’ve played Kirby: Crystal Shards will agree, this boss is hard as hell when you first play him! In a game of multi-leveled bosses this one stood out in a big way. The Shiver star boss was no joke, after you completed all those factory levels you had no idea this was the thing to await you. A boss that is both terrifying and ruthless, HR-H gives you little openings to strike without getting hit in his first form. With the constant swipes and short time slot to hit him for a Kirby game, he caused the player more anxiety than ever before. This only escalates in his last form, where he turns into a much larger version of the Metal Lobster from Kirby Superstar. Constantly causing you to run away and gives you no chance to get close, he renders practically all melee abilities useless unless you want to take damage. This well timed battle is what cements HR-H as one of the most memorable bosses in Kirby.

7. Fatty Whale/Acro

(Insert Whale joke here)
(Insert Whale joke here)

Now I know what you are thinking, “Why the hell are these two here?!”. I have a good reason for this so just wait before you try to take a swing at my face. In the Kirby universe, while many bosses may be memorable and full of atmosphere during the epic battle yet most seem quite easy. While looking through all the occasional bosses in Kirby I remembered these two in particular. Fatty Whale was one of the most time sensitive bosses in Kirby Superstar and it was really hard to not be damaged by him or even die. This simplistic game of tag so to speak made for one of the hardest battles in Kirby. Then came Acro. Now Acro is considered to many newcomers as “hair-pullingly hard” due to his time sensitive attacks. Beating him without an ability is probably one of the hardest thing to do in Kirby and he follows practically the same tactics as Fatty Whale. They both flip, maneuver, and swim through the stage making it hard to be one step ahead of them. With these similarities I couldn’t give this spot to just one of them. Fatty Whale and Acro are probably two of the hardest, most simplistic bosses in Kirby and it shows.

6. Computer Virus

Should've used a firewall...
Should’ve used a firewall…

Now this is where ingenuity takes precedence over cleaner game design. The Computer virus is by far one of the funniest ideas to come out of Kirby. It follows classical RPG turn based combat as it will only attack on its turn. It will also detail the fight as it is going on! While it may not be the toughest fight, its clever idea of integrating RPG elements along with a cool design sets it apart.

5. Magolor

And who crowned you king?
And who crowned you king?

Now we are getting down to the nitty gritty bosses. To start it off we have possibly one of the coolest designed boss in all Kirby, Magolor. Throughout your journey in Return to Dreamland you assist this little space traveler to get back to his home planet. Little do you know, that he is only using you to obtain the ultimate power of a crown. With it he can finally do whatever he wants and this calls for one of the most epic Kirby boss fights in atmosphere. Travelling after him via scrolling shooter, you take him on multiple times. First with his ship, the Lor Starcutter, then you fight Magolor himself. His battle may be the easiest ending boss battle in Kirby, but it makes up for it in the most epic visuals in a boss fight. When you see him enter his final form, you will feel complete as that final sword swing ends his evil intentions!

4. Meta Knight

Ferocious enemy, valiant ally
Ferocious enemy, valiant ally

The rival of Kirby, Meta Knight ranks in at 4 on this list for several reasons. This is your rival/sometimes ally with whom you hold a grudge with. Meta Knight is probably one of the strongest Kirby characters because of his experience in swordplay. Constantly on guard, you can only damage him once his guard is down and make sure you can avoid those powerful attacks. When you see the sword in the middle of the room in Kirby Superstar, and you pick it up to duel with Meta Knight you now hold a sense of conviction with you that carries throughout the series. An icon for rivals, Meta Knight is only this low because of his constant reuse without anything new being added to him with different variations popping up everywhere with little change such as Galactic Knight.

3. King Dedede

Kirby's Eternal nemesis is a penguin? No wait...what is he?
Kirby’s eternal nemesis is a penguin? No wait…what is he?

King Dedede is the self-proclaimed ruler of Dreamland and Kirby’s long time nemesis since his conception! Dedede is a signature among Kirby games as he is always placed with it. When you face off against him with that iconic theme and the hammer in hand you know you are in for a great duel. The reason why Dedede tops Meta Knight is that whenever he is re-envisioned its always a unique battle with a powered up Penguin. With Dedede being the penguin he is, its obvious to see his constant failures and his progression. He doesn’t merely come back time and time again, he comes back with a vengeance either gaining more power or a different fighting style. Dedede holds a certain place in Kirby lore and nobody can take that away from him.

2. Queen Sectonia

Elegant...but deadly
Elegant…but deadly

This may be a shock to most, but my favourite Kirby game of all time is Kirby Triple Deluxe. One of the primary reasons why I love this game is this final boss fight. A beautiful but deadly duel against queen of a legion of insects whose only wish is the conquest of all the worlds. While this boss idea may have been rehashed, this fight has not. With some of the best OST in Kirby, Queen Sectonia’s fight is the best visually and conceptually giving you a brilliant fight worth your time. Her fast pace and unique fighting style among the Kirby bosses certainly keeps you on your toes even more so then past titans like HR-H and Fatty Whale/Acro. While at the same time being the most beautifully designed Kirby boss, you can see the care and effort put in. The second stage of Queen Sectonia is if not the most satisfying moment in any Kirby game as soon as you hear that OST start.

1. Miracle Matter

Everything you've learned...has brought you here!
Everything you’ve learned…has brought you here!

Now many of you Kirby and the Crystal Shards fans know Miracle Matter. This was the final boss of the game, if you don’t count the secret boss for the completion bonus. Miracle Matter is one of the best bosses in gaming for me. It’s style is derived from Kirby’s ability design utilizing almost every ability you’ve used before into a long battle of attrition. Constantly keeping you on your toes you must use all that you have learned to defeat your own abilities! This by a game design standpoint is hardly seen in gaming nowadays as the final bosses often involve newer tactics to defeat them and not relying on the plethora of ability you gained from across the game. Miracle Matter, despite not being the most iconic boss, certainly is one of the best Kirby experiences one would ever want even if you’ll rage a bit dying a lot…

As Kirby has had so many epic boss battles its hard to make a finite list of the best. Kracko, Marx, Nightmare, 0², Drawcia, Daroach, and many more are still great bosses and experiences in Kirby. With Kirby still going strong today with Triple Deluxe and possible additions in the future, it is nice to sit back and look at some of the moments that made Kirby such a lovable series.


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    1. Galacta Knight was such an awesome twist in Return to Dreamland! I was debating on whether or not to place him in fourth instead of Meta Knight because I remembered him giving me such a hard time in Kirby Superstar Ultra.


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