Starting Off Right


I’ve always seemed to be an opinionated person people tell me. It’s either I’m too with the flow, or trying too hard to be what people call a “hipster”. You just can’t win in this day and age, with pure discussion on topics. The overwhelming stubbornness of some, to which I have been said to have myself, can often detract from an argument/discussion. That being said I wanted something that I can come to from time to time with interesting new outlooks or ideas on things.

My name is Schizoidmouse and well I guess this is my way of saying welcome to my “voice” so to speak. I want a place that I can be outspoken on topics that normally one would be ostracized for their offbeat or mainstream opinion. That being said, I’m not going to go into hard hitting topics like religion or politics here. It’s going to be more about nonchalant topics ranging from my various history courses for my university major to random hobbies like gaming and the like.

If something like this tickles your fancy, feel free to read and even comment along. Hopefully this type of open discussion and area of free speaking will be out of the naysayers path on the internet, but that most likely won’t happen. Hate is alright and you have to accept it when you do anything on the internet. That doesn’t mean its alright to accept hatred, its just you shouldn’t let it bother you the same way it won’t bother me. Wow…I told myself I wouldn’t try to be that serious but I guess some seriousness is alright from time to time.

I’m going to be starting up a number of segments, which will involve a number of topics and hobbies. Some will be seasonal like the ongoing anime season or history discussion from my daily classes. Others will hopefully be ongoing segments like Top 10s and reviews.

I’m going to be gone for a couple weeks and this is just the start up to an idea that just came to me. Hopefully when I get back this can start to pick up speed, especially with that new season of anime coming out! A lot of stuff to talk about and so little time. Well welcome to Schizoidmouse Squeaks and I hope you have a nice stay.


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