Anime Squabble #1 – The End of a Generation, Naruto


Here we have the introduction of a new segment called, “Anime Squabbles”. This segment will often refer to something anime related which may seem like a large shock to most. I’ll either try to keep things simple with a brief discussion/statement about something that interests me in the field at this time, or try and have a more in depth discussion about something bigger which will be rare. Hopefully I will try to upload this and another one every Monday and Thursday, may need to scratch off one of those days once classes start.

Naruto…one of the longest modern day manga/anime series today and one of the illustrious “Big Three”. Many people, even if they are not into anime/manga, have heard of this Japanese cultural icon if not all three. Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are considered to be either the most popular or most controversial series in the craft. Fans love every nuance of the characters detailed in every fight, while some people just can’t like something so generic and predictable. That being said, we can’t deny the impact they’ve had on the industry.


Naruto is considered to be the most popular of the Big Three throughout all the years they’ve been considered as such. Being at the forefront of Shounen Battle manga, Naruto had a lot of watchers and many were surprised to see this poster. Did mangaka, Masashi Kishimoto, truly intend to end such a long series? This was met with a lot of confusion as to if it was actually the end or just the start of a long hiatus.

This news did in fact spell the end to this 15 year journey that helped define a generation of anime lovers and possibly one of the biggest pulls for anime in North America. Naruto is a beloved icon for many, and despite their love for the series many came to the conclusion that it needed to end at some point. This news marked the end of the 21st century boon in anime. Back in September 21, 1999, Naruto was first published in the Shounen Jump with nobody knowing how big it would grow. With its success came the adaptation that spawned the new wave of anime watchers in 2005 within North America. And now here we are today, saying goodbye to such a titan in the industry and christening a new era of anime.

Such as all things with such popularity, there came a lot of criticism. This helped to spark the anime reviewers in North America as it opened the way to their  views finally being heard by a larger audience. Naruto has been criticized by even its fans for some of its moves, especially with the animation studio, Studio Pierrot. They garnered a lot of confusion and criticism from viewers of the anime as 85 episodes were not derived from the original cannon and thus was concluded to be useless filler. That is until the announcement that shook the fanbase, Naruto has aged. On February 15, 2007, people will be able to watch the next arc in Naruto’s life, Naruto Shippuden.

Roaring with praise from many, Naruto’s popularity skyrocketed until this day. With Naruto ending many of the fans needed to find new outlets for their addiction. This opens doors for anime like, Attack on Titan whose popularity is soaring in North America. Naruto was the birth of a great audience of anime/manga lovers in North America. With that generation finally ending, it left a mark that to many may not be satisfied. Love it, hate it, Naruto was a large leap for the culture.


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