Top Ten Kirby Bosses (Spoilers)

Today I’m going to be talking about a classic series almost synonymous with Nintendo. Most Nintendo fans or fans of video games in general know that Kirby is a staple within gaming history. Arriving on the original Gameboy, Kirby has transformed through the ages but still retains his flair and round shape. They have generally been categorized as an easier type of linear platformer with a lot of ingenuity and heart. The music is phenomenal, the designs always breathe life, and the stages always will stick in your heads with that silly alliteration. But there is one more iconic thing that stays with Kirby fans, the bosses.

Throughout gaming history you always look forward to that confrontation at the end of your journey. The feeling of contempt or admiration for that last enemy you must take down in a final battle of pure will. Kirby is no exception to this and has some of the most unique boss line-ups in any Nintendo franchise. Samus has Ridley and Mother Brain, Mario has Bowser, Link has Ganondorf, and well Kirby has a boatload of memorable baddies you just love to tear apart. So let’s just dive into the top ten bosses in all the Kirby games!

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