My Heart Aches

(I wrote this post last year and it has taken me some time to actually get up the courage to post it. I feel like that time probably should be now. This is just to clarify if things said sound like it was talking about 2019 but in fact I am just talking about 2018.)

I think that title best represents why it has taken me a while to get back on the horse and start writing stuff again. Finding passion is difficult when you are just trying to piece together yourself after a year of forced self-discovery. 2018…is certainly a milestone in my life. The feelings, the fears, the ambition, the fragility, the everything! So many conflicting emotions that push my boundaries of what I am and still at the tail end of it all I am still looking for the answers. Yes this will be a melodramatic post, yes I am going to have some dark fun with myself, and yes I suppose one could say the title may be clickbait. Funny how sometimes the honest thing can feel the most dishonest when on paper or seen through a screen. But hopefully when this is done, something happens with this blog again but no promises.


Well first off I should probably explain me, since I don’t know who will be viewing this post. Those who have read my posts prior to this will certainly have an image of me, but while there is some truth to that I can’t honestly say that the lie is much greater. I am a circus of emotions, trapeze acts flying back and forth in my brain. That is both of my own volition and of course the actions that have created me. I remember being happy when I was younger, when life was all about Yoshi’s Story, or trading Yugioh cards. Simple things, as the cliché goes, that were just meant to spend my time. It was after watching Treasure Planet that I learned the harsh reality of the world and thus my life began to spiral. I hated life for what it was, I hated others for what they did in my own mind canon, and I hated myself for not being able to do anything. I learned at a young age that emotions just aren’t worth experiencing.

So for however many years I spiraled, putting up fragile fronts wherever I went. I destroyed things because it was fun, I played the douche and victim because I learned that both reap rewards. Yet I was never happy, the mask merely represented happiness at all times. I loved my family and thus to avoid them worrying about me I hid away and now I have a hard time conversing with them. It was like a game of hide and seek that never ended as I let it fester and spread throughout my everyday life. Family get-togethers became difficult to take part in because I just didn’t feel comfortable around others. I alienated myself not only within myself, but I did so in real life as well even snapping at people I cared about because the pressure got too much.


At some point I reached the breaking point and the start of a long path to recovery! But as soon as the mask broke, there I was already sculpting another one from the clay of the previous. I am forever happy, because happiness makes the world go round right? That is what I structured myself around, putting on a smile. Yet this year I learned that my progress never truly happened, I just created a new lie. I was on the road to recovery and everything is fine. But I just wanted to die, every day of uncertainty driving a nail further into my coffin. I’ve wanted this to be over for so long. It was only this year that I couldn’t prepare myself and thus for the first time in a long time I was not composed. Thus we finally reach what we were going to talk about.

My ambitions this year have been a bit derailed. The plan of doing multiple posts for my 100 Follower celebration slowly faded as my desire to do anything stopped. It was like looking at a jammed clock for a while. You can see the hand weirdly twitching in the corner of your eye and you say to yourself “I have every intention of fixing that” but you don’t. It is just a constant reminder of what you should do, of fixing something, that incessant ticking sound keeping the image of the broken clock in your mind. But your limbs feel numb, your mind feels bare and eventually you just give up. The intention to fix that clock is gone and replaced with an acceptance with what is broken, but easily fixable. Then it’s the IKEA furniture you bought on a whim that is gathering dust in the corner of the room as firewood. Followed by the pile of clothes growing bigger and bigger until you realize you no longer have clean clothes. You say you are going to organize your collections, but feel like what does it matter it’ll just get messy again. Heck even those old hockey bobble heads are just staring at you while you sleep and you don’t even want to turn them despite how creepy they are. At some point, there becomes an acceptance of things just out of place.


That is where I suppose I was for the brunt of this year. I realized that my formula wasn’t helping me through it and then after just another review, I stopped. I stopped because March/April came and following that month…came a month of being on pain medication. Horrid visions of my failures, people I feel I have let down, my crippling self-reflection, it all came in at once and haunted my days. Due to factors out of my hands, I felt my life slipping. The perfect island I had devised…it was eroding from my feet and I could do nothing to stop it, or was it that I no longer had the will to stop it? There was only some sort of void.

Wowzers that felt a bit too real! I feel like I got a bit of whiplash reading that back to myself. So of course I will take a chance to slow things down. Did you know pain medication stinks? I know right! Everyone who isn’t on it at the time will say that you are so lucky to be given this stuff for free, and then those who have experienced a similar experience will just stare at you and give a sad smile. It is this odd thing of feeling lost in your own brain that makes your mental state hell and at times your physical state Benny Hill! I became this big buffoon sometimes, where I’d say something stupid and I don’t even get to profit off it by retelling it to people. It is like this strange comedy channel that you want to watch, but unfortunately you are the TV screen. I feel like a new DLC character from Cuphead just bopping around with a TV as my head to some great music. Make sure everyone around you has a video recording device, you’ll thank me.


Alrighty back to the heavy stuff. I suppose my world has been restructuring this month. The mind is like a maelstrom and two ships are heading on in full steam ahead. Some crazy people are there too, I see probably an octopus guy and a monkey. Though I suppose that is the mind, a weird assortment of things and always difficult to decipher even if you think you have yourself figured out.

Let’s talk a bit about that maelstrom shall we!

Remember that void I was talking about, well it swallows up everything. It gulps down will, suctions out the drive and leaves you sunken in an immobile state. It’s like a shake sucked dry by thirsty lips of some odd force that doesn’t have a discernible face. I mean you can’t even figure out who or what you should be upset at for the void has no corporeal form. It is just…there with you. Every face you look at, everything you enjoyed in your spare time, all of it becomes the void. For the void eventually starts to resemble you, as it has absorbed you. That was me. and where I was for a while. Lost in my own personal void. Tears, sobs, cries, drinks after sobering drinks, it all just fell into nothing. They could still be falling for all I know. I don’t see the bottom of the void. I guess I began fearing that at some point I would be falling in it as well, or was I just unaware that I was in a perpetual state of falling?

I just left it the way it was. I left my world out of place and accepted it. I accepted the void and accepted the thoughts that followed. I guess that is where I am now, struggling with that void. Having taken a step to realizing my limitations and decided to see if there is a ledge I can finally grab. At least then I might become stable again and feel secured enough to feel like I can start trying to find a way out of this earthly purgatory that is my mind.

I still find myself slipping back into the pain. Back into my thoughts. But I guess I am glad that it has become less constant. I am working on myself to make sure I am around for those who care about me. Even if not all of them are here anymore…And that’s something I’ll have to deal with.

I have questions that will never get answered swirling around in my head. I have problems that I know will never be solved. But coming to the point where I can live with them, I think I am starting to work towards that. Looking at myself and finally wanting to know the depths and maybe find that boy from so long ago who was honestly happy. Maybe I’ll find him someday. It would be a nice reunion.

This was a post for me. A post to get my thoughts down. If it helps someone, that’s great and I’m glad it did but I don’t know if that was the purpose. This was me trying to find that wall holding me back from things. Trying to find some answers while writing or getting over the hurdles I have been facing with maybe an epiphany. I don’t know if I did, but I sure as heck hope that I did somewhere deep down. I write to get down my emotions sometimes and I want to be truthful with myself for once in a long while.

I don’t know if I will ever post this. Though I know one thing that remains a constant even if I start back up again…


My Heart Still Aches, but that’s alright. Pushing forward alone is something I stupidly did for too long. The only way forward is to grab hands, to accept the kindness of others and truly accept that you need help. I am not alone…it took me far too long to fully realize that. I have finally started taking the first step and stopped lying to myself. I’ve accepted that I don’t need a mask and that by lying to everyone I am merely hurting them. Now living with myself doesn’t look like an impossibility…because I have other roommates beside me in this house called life. Smiling with me, having fun and accepting me. That’s truly magical.

Wow that got a bit too schmaltzy! XD

This is Schizoidmouse signing off, I hope you enjoyed the Chronicle of me in 2018 as vague as that might be. And don’t forget to have yourself an absolutely fabulous day!

This post was a long time coming. I have finally decided to shove it out there into the world to finally try and lift the weight it has become off of my heart. I’m hoping this reinvigorates my will to write, finally having this off my chest and expressing myself honestly for the first time in a while. No mask to hide behind, nothing. I am still making that trek towards getting better, but maybe with this I can start talking again with all of you and have some fun again. Well that is if people would still read this old blog of course (it’s been quite a while). I will need to get back into the swing of things.

Lost in an Episode, Hanebado Episode 9

I haven’t made oodles of posts about this ongoing anime season (or many posts recently in general) but one show that I am forced to talk about twice before any other is my ongoing struggle with Hanebado. Now why am I swapping back over to Hanebado? There is a litany of shows I can talk about this season before retreading the same ground again. I mean we have Banana Fish, Asobi Asobase, Jashin-chan, Angolmois, and others I either have an issue with or would want to praise. Then came this week that finally decided to kick me out of my recent slump and just churn out something. Hanebado for all of the good grace I give it with a staff working hard to sell something even if not everyone is on board about it made their first huge mistake. They broke consistency.

Of course if you are afraid of spoilers about Hanebado up until episode 9, you have been warned (just a double warning since it is also in the title).

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Dark Cloud (PS4 Port) – A Skeleton of Gaming Potential

Level 5 is a game studio I have never been all too familiar with. I have played a game here and there, but of course never got around to their mainstay series such as Professor Layton or Nii no Kuni. Instead I grew up with one of their lesser known titles, Jeanne d’Arc. Yet I still remember the games I missed when I was a child and among those during the PS2 era was Dark Cloud. A 3D dungeon crawler action RPG that has an interesting mechanic of restoring the world through collecting the villagers and their houses in the dungeon. As a child I was deeply interested in the idea of this game, but of course as a picked up other titles for the PS2, much like Kingdom Hearts, I forgot about it. Come years later when a sale on the PS4 is on and I see it going for 4 dollars and I realize…the world is giving me a sign. “Play the game you idiot!” And play I did, I even 100% completed that sucker! But coming to it years later does it still manage to spark that same mystique and intrigue I had as a child?

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Hanebado! & Harukana Receive – The Two Extremes of Sports Shows for Summer 2018

I think it’s about time to have my second post about the Summer season and what better thing to talk about than SPORTS! This time it will be a double dose of shows as I unfortunately have a bone to pick with both. While certainly neither show deserves to be at the bottom of this season, neither show raises to the heights of things that must be viewed this season. Hanebado and Harukana Receive may have different tones and respective stylistic choices both end up middle ground for me. One tries a bit too hard to be sweeping and emotional, while the other feels like it needs a bit more energy with its bubbly cast’s love of the sport.

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My Main Issue with How Not to Summon A Demon Lord

The isekai genre has certainly become almost like the big blockbuster tv anime genre of recent years. Each season is racked with a new isekai show, if not more than that, all in an attempt to capture the money making and popularity of something like Sword Art Online or Re:Zero. Why wouldn’t they? It has been proven to work. Yet with the influx of more and more shows within the genre there becomes an issue with quality control or rather coming up with a specific schtick to differentiate it from the crowd. Sometimes that means throwing in a smart phone, sometimes it is meta humour and sometimes it is taking a NEET and shoving them into a game world where they are all powerful yet lack any social graces. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord has an idea similar shows before (this year mind you) and decides to go for a more comedic route.

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The Hitman’s Bodyguard – That One Film You are Going to Watch Because it has Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson

I think it was inevitable that this film would be made. You have two of the most entertaining actors of the 21st century so far one who has been around for a while creating cult classics in cinema and the other blowing up right now (about time I might add). There was going to be no way that a studio would pass this up especially because of how bankable it is as a summer blockbuster. Now I love Ryan Reynolds, I think he has versatility, and I love Samuel L. Jackson whose instrument with which to express emotion is profanity but I was cautious of this film. I feel like this is a film that could be easily cashed in for a quick buck and disregarded as soon as the year is done. This is usually how these things end up unfortunately, but can the Hitman’s Bodyguard be that one obvious buddy action comedy team up that could stay around for a while?

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Dunkirk – Why Can’t I Love You?

I absolutely respect Christopher Nolan, he is one of my inspirations as a lover of film as many of his films are top grade. You look deeply into these complex films weaving together not only great plots and film techniques, but just a fascination with an entertaining/captivating ride. He creates living portraits turning characters into realistic depictions of humanity at its best and worst. I can’t praise the man enough and why it is my saddest displeasure to say that I did not like Dunkirk. Yeah right out of the gate I am going to say that this film did not resonate with me. Before the pitchfork of many a fan comes to attack me I just want to in this look at the film why I respect the experiment Nolan did and why even if I respect the craft it just didn’t work for me.

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Anime Round Up Winter 2017 – Overlord II

This is a series that has had me perplexed on my feelings in the past. The premise of following a villain in a fantasy world as he tries to conquer it is compelling especially in the situations that can arise from it. The problem arises when this overlord is merely a Japanese businessman from another world, offering an interesting balance between putting on an image for his subordinates and keeping his own morality intact. The first season focused heavily on Ainz (the poor sap who was stuck in the game) and his adventures of learning the land. I can’t say I enjoyed the first season so much as it boasted a large cast that grew in each event and incident without really offering us much behind any character besides fleshing out Ainz. This second season however takes the show down a different path of delving more into the world. Does this new focus in the show make it more watchable or will it still pale in comparison to more engaging fantasy contemporaries?

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Minions – It is Just Minions

I have done it! I have finally lost all sense of reason! I decided to put myself through the one film I told myself I would never tackle. Now I don’t have an issue with the Despicable Me movies, I am actually quite fond of the two that I have watched. The minions in those movies in small doses were tolerable pieces of merchandized entertainment. They were made for mass appeal and to sell and it worked. Merchandise galore popped up with minion faces everywhere! They even made a ride at Universal Studios in Orlando dedicated to the minions. I mean I can honestly say this was a phenomena that took a while for it to die down. So inevitably a spin-off was going to happen which prompted a big question. Can these little guys carry an entire movie on their own? Well unfortunately I decided to find out the answer to that question myself and one movie later I regret every choice I have made in regards to it.

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Green Hornet (2011) – A Good Idea Untapped

Superhero cinema has been predominantly Marvel and DC driven for a while now. We have numerous films from their roster of characters for a while now that other superhero films are kind of glossed over for the most part. Take a look at the Green Hornet’s revival in 2011. Completely glossed over and never talked about these days either in the bad or good superhero pile, it has kind of eluded the public eye after release. I mean it came and went, until of course Netflix put it up in my queue. Also seeing Seth Rogen in 50/50 and Steve Jobs have proven his dramatic talents to me, so I feel like he can play a superhero with this tragic and troubled background. So does Green Hornet deserve to be considered these days or is there a reason why not many people mention it these days?

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