Creating an Intimidating Antagonist in One Episode, Bondrewd in Made in Abyss

Most people have been praising Made in Abyss since its finished airing and all of it is well deserved. To me this is a show that offers a very realistic take on what a fantasy story should be, never unflinching in its depictions of the fierce Abyss and its inhabitants. To offer us a touching story of friendship between Reg and Riko and those they meet along the way. Made in Abyss could easily be called one of my favourite shows in recent memory, easily capturing me and admitting me to a rollercoaster ride I was not prepared for and needed off to finally fall asleep. The last thing we leave off on is nothing short of an impressive 48 minute showing off everything this show does well. Many of the characters were terrific in this show, but there was one character that I felt was well executed and almost a masterclass in introducing a villain. How does Bondrewd work as an antagonist with merely one episode of relevance?

This will cover major spoilers in Made in Abyss so please I do beg you to watch the show before reading this post. It is well worth the watch without spoilers.

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The Hunt for the Great Antagonist – Juzo Sakakura “The Ultimate Boxer”

It is about time I return to this feature, but I always have a hard time deciding which antagonist to focus on. Most times you believe you have a clear candidate because of the noticeable complexity, much like Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam, but for reasons of not doing the character enough justice in simply a one-off post I pass over some of the greats. I have dabbled in figures like Hisoka, Gilgamesh, and King Bradley, yet I enjoy the thrill of delving deeper into antagonists often disregarded for the standouts. This is a hunt after all, and how exciting can a hunt be if you only focus on the easiest of targets? Instead today we will be looking into one of the more undiscovered antagonists of 2016. Juzo Sakakura was a secondary antagonist in the entirety of Danganronpa 3’s air time with small roles in both Mirai-hen and Zetsubou-hen. His tone was brutish, his actions often despised and his reality torn by a sense of loathing. Juzo’s short time on the trilogy’s final arc is marked by an interesting tale of tragedy that leaves a mixed taste in the viewer’s mouth. Yet at the end of the day does Juzo’s tough exterior and emotional problems create a complex antagonist worth investing into, or is he merely another brutish henchman?

The Hunt for the Great Antagonist is a series that will spoil elements from the series surrounding the antagonist and most likely key points within the series itself. You have been warned.

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The 12 Days of Halloween…THE REVENGE!

So we are back once again with probably my favourite feature on this blog of mine, the 12 Days of Halloween! Where I watch something distinctly horror focused for the twelve days leading up to the grand event of Halloween where I will do a fun post that I have been planning to do for so long. This event is the one I was looking forward to most this year for the soul fact that I need more horror films to watch.

This year though I want to evolve the way I do things each time, because a sequel needs to up the ante somewhat. Last year I had a bunch of genres, subgenres and film techniques to have a specific topic for a day. This year it is a little bit different, this year I want to tackle other people’s choices! I want you guys to choose the films or shows I will be watching, mainly because I trust you guys to give me stuff that I will enjoy or writhe in pain over.

So I throw this over to you guys! Which films do you want me to see? Whether it be the gory styling of Miike, some classics, some modern flops worth seeing, I want to see it. Animated or live action! Films or television shows (short enough to binge fast)! So just leave up to two films down below and when deciding the line up, if there is not enough nominations then I shall be using everyone’s nominations. If there are more then I shall have to go by person to make sure enough people get a turn then return for others second picks.

I will say though…no Human Centipede. Just straight up…nope, can’t do it. And nothing I have watched and done a post on in this blog.

The nomination period will be going until October 15. So let’s get the games started!

In Defense of Alessand (From Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul)

Hatred towards a character, usually the weasel type of character, is common. Most often this character creates hate watching much like one of the previous antagonists I made a post about this year, Iok Kujan from Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans. The weasel doesn’t necessarily need to garner a lot of hate, but often in a series it is quite easy to point to a singular point and say that they are the main cause of so many problems within it. Often these characters, because of a spike of emotional outrage over either a very daring (sometimes stupid) choice of the writer, make a decision that changes the landscape of the anime. Alessand from Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul is purely another example of this, but often the hatred of his character comes from both his actions and how people saw him being built up. This post isn’t to excuse Alessand for his actions nor for how he was used in Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul, but rather to offer another interpretation or viewpoint to just the blanket hate that pervades him now. To see Alessand as potentially one of the bigger missed opportunities in Virgin Soul because of the lack of focus on him.

This post will spoil a lot that happens in Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul. You have been warned.

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Why do I Enjoy Big Brother?

Now for all my desire to watch movies, anime, and television shows, there has always been one constant in my watching habits every summer and the beginning of a new year. My “obsession” (as some would like to call it) with Big Brother goes full on! While I may not be on the cameras watching them 24/7 or even paying attention to Big Brother After Dark, I have never not once stopped watching the series. Now after finding myself drawn back in for season 19 and that season finally ending last night, something dawned on me. Why am I so caught up in this show to the point where I feel like I am watching a Hockey match for my favourite team or even the Olympics and cheering on Canada?

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Character Spotlight: Natsuo Ishidou, Superiority or Inferiority?

Here is a piece that I have been debating about releasing for quite a long time. It was a little stream of conscious look into a character I have recently been fond of for the past few years. How she struggles to find herself through a sense of superiority over others and her desire to win as well as her inferiority that struggles with this sort of sado-masochistic tendency to want to lose. It may seem like gibberish in moments, but hopefully this post can springboard into another post about her and see where it goes from there with people’s interests.

This time in the spotlight is a weird more obscure one, one based on a manga that I had much interest in last year. Natsuo Ishidou is definitely one of the more confusing and intriguing anti-heroes I have seen in anime/manga. You will at times despise this girl due to how she looks down upon those who work hard to achieve something. Her taller body and strong mentality allow her to succeed in more sports than most, yet whenever she is at the height of her powers she quits the sports team leaving them without a star player. She takes all the attention only to let it fall apart when she wants, essentially you would think she is a drama queen yet she is more reserved in her thinking only allowing snide remarks to be let out instead of grand gestures of extreme arrogance. Of course she has her fair share of bullies, yet due to her prowess in the field of martial arts, she is never deterred and always defeats her opponent. Then one day that all changed when she met the one person who could defeat her in something. Teppuu is the journey of Natsuo Ishidou trying to find the beauty within hardwork and trying to ultimately crush her rival into the dirt (in a loving way of course).

I will warn you there is some spoilers about Teppuu, none that spoil the overall outcome though or the complexity of the final fight. Read at your own discretion.

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ParaNorman – Can a Kid’s Zombie film really Work by Playing off Trope?

Studio Laika is one of the new premiere studios for stop motion animation these days. I mean with academy award nominations for each of their four films, one could say that while they haven’t won they are batting one hundred for potential quality recognized. No film has had a mixed reception by critiques besides potentially Boxtrolls and it is easy to consider them one of the more unique animation studios out today. Though I have only started watching their films last year with Kubo and the Two Strings, I have always been confused by one of their films in general and that is ParaNorman. It is a kid’s film that strives off the perceptions of zombies in today’s media, where it dissects what a zombie should be into a relevant theme about mob mentality and perception. With such a great goal in mind, how effectively does the film go about it and can it be whimsical enough to dissuade people from writing it off as a cheap way of making zombies kid friendly?

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