Ace Attorney (2012) – The Best Example of a Costumed Ball in the Courtroom

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is one of the more predominant visual novel adventure game series in gaming. The iconic poses, the objections, the distinct character designs and the over the top reactions, there is no way one who has come across such a series can really forget it especially when it has entered the pop culture space with memes and gathered quite the following outside of Japan. I have to be honest, I came into this knowing the first game in and out. I feel like for one to sometimes understand the adaptation, one must know the series well enough to see where the director or producer is coming from. Especially when that director is best known for his outrageous ideas and spectacle like Takashi Miike. The vision of Miike is clear throughout the film, but does this film have enough passion to make it a worthwhile movie worth viewing outside of the fanbase?

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Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva – The Gentleman Indiana Jones

The Great Detective is an archetype often found in classical mystery literature. Edgar Allen Poe’s Dupin, Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown are the few that pop into one’s mind when the topic comes up. Our fascination with those who feel like superior intellects has yet to wane over time as we still create stories or versions of these same detectives or adhere to the tropes they create. One of the best known Great Detectives of the modern era is surprisingly the video game hero, Professor Layton. An archaeologist with a penchant for solving puzzles and getting oneself into mysteries, Professor Layton has become a bestselling franchise that has appealed to all ages and so why not dedicate a film to the character? This would call for an adventure with an eye for the science fiction, mythological elements and the grandiose nature of something like The Phantom of the Opera known only as Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva. Will the great Professor Layton land the first good video game adaptation in my search, or will all these aspirations fall short and succumb to being a subpar adventure film that dabbles in a bit of mystery?


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The Hunt for the Great Antagonist – Zabuza Momochi “The Demon of the Hidden Mist”

Next up on the Hunt for the Great Antagonist is one of the antagonists from the cornucopia of characters that is Naruto. Zabuza Momochi is bar none one of the most impactful antagonists of my childhood. I remember still starting out watching anime when I came across Naruto and started on this arc. I was used to two dimensional antagonists or monsters of the week, but I was surprised to see one with nuance. One that could make me cry. Zabuza Momochi is a one off antagonist in Naruto only being used at the very beginning of the series for one full arc. A menacing first opponent for Team 7 and considered to be one of the most dangerous rogue shinobi in the Ninja World. That huge sword isn’t meant for show. Is Zabuza one of the greats however? Is he able to stand the test of time or is he best forgotten as a footnote in the spanning generational story of Naruto?

The Hunt for the Great Antagonist is a series that will spoil elements from the series surrounding the antagonist and most likely key points within the series itself. You have been warned.

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My Favourite Naruto Shippuden Openings, The End of a Generation

This is my final openings post on the Big Three and taking this journey back through my childhood as an anime. Naruto is something that gave me one of if not the most touching moments I have seen on television in my youth. It is one of the moments that helped propel me to where I am today attempting to be a screenwriter because I want to be able to do just that. Maybe touch the heart of someone watching, even if its just one. So to have Shippuden, the latter half of Naruto, end…it just feels like the generation is just about over since Bleach already ended and One Piece is past its halfway point. It is about time to say goodbye to a generation, and welcome the new one. The Big Three was a part of my start, but new fans may find their start with something new like Boku no Hero Academia. It was great to take this little trip back to my childhood, but sadly all good things come to an end and I couldn’t think of a better ending than with my favourite Naruto Shippuden’s openings.

Just a reminder that I will be spoiling a lot of Naruto Shippuden, or key moments in Naruto Shippuden so be warned.

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Prince of Persia, Too much Sand not Enough Plot

To take a break from my ongoing battle with the Resident Evil franchise, I decided to check out the one film that many say is probably the best Video game movie Hollywood has ever made. Now I know that is not very high praise, but I even remember watching this film when it first came out and kind of enjoying it. There were some good action scenes, decent acting, some fun characters, and lots of sand. For what it is, Prince of Persia could very well be one of my best chances at enjoying one of these video game adaptations as an actually decent film. So it is time to see if this is decent popcorn fluff or just another disappointment in a long line of disappointments.

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My Favourite Naruto Openings, The Start of a Generation

I was a part of the generation that deemed three shounen anime under a grand title due to their popularity. They were called the “Big Three”! DUN DUN DUN! It is not as impressive as it sounds as many denounce the quality of all three anime quite easily these days, more of a contrarian fad to dislike them. I covered One Piece and Bleach already, but the leader of the pack that I have yet to cover is the “Believe it” poster-boy himself Naruto! I have a history with Naruto, I mean in my generation of anime watchers who hasn’t. It has become almost a mainstream pulp culture icon recognizable by those not in the anime sphere even to this day even if they can’t pronounce it correctly. Naruto was a phenomena for a while, and still continues to be (to a lesser extent) today. So why not travel back into the past on one of the more controversial of the Big Three and dive into Naruto’s openings! Because you better believe that I am going to enjoy just another added dose of nostalgia.

Reminder that yes there will be spoilers about Naruto. Obvious ones nowadays, but still might as well put the warning up just in case. You have been warned.

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Why Grimoire of Zero is My Ideal Fantasy Setting in Anime

There is one show, besides sequels, that I continuously enjoy week in and week out and that is Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho also known by Grimoire of Zero. This seems to come as a surprise to me as so far I have not been convinced on anime in a fantasy setting. Why is that? Well let’s take a look at an example of what I consider bad fantasy settings and what I consider a good fantasy setting by examining two series, before tackling why Grimoire of Zero could be one of the hidden gems of Spring 2017. For the bad portion (and this is my opinions and not in a general context) let’s take a look at Drifters and its faults and for the good portion let’s take a look at Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis. This won’t be a “WHY GRIMOIRE IS THE BEST THING EVER!” type of post, but rather trying to explain the potential of what this series could become. Explaining what I think an effective fantasy setting within anime should be and how Grimoire of Zero has the makings of being one of the better fantasy anime. Also it gives me a good chance to talk about Drifters…because I haven’t taken my shot at that series yet and this could be a great chance to finally let out some of my feelings for it in a more productive manner.

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